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T.S.H Chapter 324: Speed

The moment they saw Naito’s figure, whether it was Minato, the Fourth Raikage, or the others, they all took a step back.

They didn’t recognize that it was him yet. They all looked surprised, how did he catch them out of their guard without any of them noticing him!

When they identified that he was Naito, the surprise changed to a shock, and the atmosphere in the place changed.

Minato felt surprised, but he also felt relieved, since Naito has finally joined the battlefield, the pressure can finally be eased.

The Fourth Raikage has felt surprised in the beginning, but those feelings quickly turned into unlimited hatred and anger.

“It’s you!”

The tone of the fourth Raikage had a touch of coldness and anger in it. For a moment, the Chakra that was surging out of his body seemed more violent. His aura became terrifying, and in an instant, it spread in all directions.

On the other hand, Naito seemed calmer, he was more interested in watching Minato finally meeting the Fourth Raikage and the others.

After getting the final research results from Orochimaru and deduced the method to enhance the Soul with pure Chakra, Naito went directly to the nearest Village in the Land of Bears.

It’s basically the same method that has been explained in the Original. If you want to open the second stage of the Soul Art, you will naturally need to go through the actual operation.

The Hoshi meteorite that descended from the sky contains an extremely powerful Chakra. Of course, that amount of Chakra is nothing to Naito. What is really important that he gets his hand on a pure source of Chakra that doesn’t have any Soul.

Only a free Chakra can be used to nourish and strengthen the Soul.

The ninjas in Roran are incomparably weak. They use the chakra-enhancing radiation from the meteorite, but they can’t even bear its power. Even if they get ten times stronger using the Hoshi, it’s nothing to Naito.

As Naito knows, this Chakra can even distort time and space!

Of course, since this is just the beginning of the Soul development, its better of his uses weaker Chakra. Thus, Naito set Hoshi as his first goal.

Hoshigakure’s ninjas are too weak compared to Naito, there wasn’t any kind resistance. It’s just a joke that they want to make their Village as strong as the Six Major Villages.

Moreover, they use the Mysterious Peacock Method to enhance their Chakra. However, the disadvantages of this technique are far greater than the benefits. This is one of the reasons that none of the Major Villages is using that technique.

If Hoshi Metreon can really improve the ninja’s strength without side effects and makes a small village become one of the majors, the others would already take it away from their hands.

After he acquired the Hoshi Metreon, Naito wasn’t far from the Cloud battlefield, so he continued developing his Soul Art Technique while rushing over toward this place.

Unexpectedly, he saw this scene where Minato and the Fourth Raikage were facing each other.

He could also see Kakashi bellow, who was also watching him with a hint of surprise, and a trace of respect revealed in his eyelids.

On the side, Rin and Obito were looking strangely at Naito. They didn’t feel anything special about him. However, somehow, he made both their Sensei and the Fourth Raikage stop.

“Hey, Kakashi, who is this fellow?”

Obito couldn’t bear it any longer and whispered to Kakashi, even Rin on his side looked curious.

Kakashi turned at him with a trace of awe on his expression and said: “He’s Yuu Naito-Dono.”

“Yuu… Naito?”

Obito couldn’t believe what he heard, and with an incredible look on his face, he looked up again to see Naito.

This guy who has nothing special about him is actually the legendary God of Shinobi?!

Obito was still in disbelieve, although he saw Kakashi and Minato’s reactions.

This guy doesn’t seem any special.

When Naito attacked the Uchiha Clan, Obito was still a child.

After that incident, the Uchiha Clan has finally understood the gap between them and Naito. If he wanted, he could even destroy them at that time.

Thus, they decided to leave all of that behind. The Uchiha Clan concealed all the information about that incident, even the fact that Naito has killed their former Head Clan was covered.

Just like the Village decided, they claimed that they were attacked by some mysterious enemies.

The Uchiha Clan has completely abandoned the idea of considering Naito as an enemy. They knew their level, and how weak they were compared to Naito, nothing they can do will shake him and making him an enemy will just end up with them destroyed.

In fact, the moment he stepped to the peak of the world, even Naito has forgotten about it all.

Except for Madara and other individual members, the other Uchiha Clan are just passers-by.

“What with this arrogant attitude, you bastard!”

The Fourth Raikage couldn’t bear the way that Naito was standing on the treetop so casually, the fact that he didn’t even look at him made the former angrier.

Naito was still looking at Minato even though he screamed at him, the Fourth Raikage became furious, suddenly stepped so hard on the ground and rushed toward Naito.

Covered by lightning over his whole body, the Raikage thought about attacking Naito to make him land on the ground just to ease his anger.

“So fast!”

Kakashi looked shocked by his movements.

He was a Jonin and the best at using the Lightning Release and speed. However, he could barely see the Raikage’s movements.

Moreover, even if he could see it, he doesn’t have the speed to react at the time!

If the Raikage decided to attack him with such an attack, he would get hit directly, he wouldn’t even have the time to use a Subtitusion technique!

The only person here, who can face the Fourth Raikage in addition to Naito, is Minato.

If Kakashi can barely see the Raikage’s movements, then, he’s entirely invisible for Obito and Rin on the side.

The way they saw this scene was quite different, they didn’t know when did the Raikage move, but he suddenly appeared in front of Yuu Naito!

“What is this terrifying speed!”

Both of them looked like they got struck by a lightning bolt!