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T.S.H Chapter 331: Gedo Mazo

“You’re also a member of the Uzumaki Clan, you’ve experienced the downfall of your clan, you should understand pain.”

Nagato made a gesture of binding and calmly said: “People who understand pain should also yearn for peace. Which makes me feel like you’re understanding of pain is not profound.”

Suddenly a small black ball appeared on Nagato’s fingertip, then it rose into the sky.

“Chibaku Tensei!”


A horrible spurt of force, spread in all direction, directly shattering the thick black clouds in the sky. Even the raindrops that were falling to the ground suddenly stagnated in the air, then their path got deflected toward the center of that black ball.

Even the sun’s light could no longer spill on earth after it got entirely obscured by the black ball.

The ground began to crack, and countless stones started to fly into the sky as they were attracted continuously by that black ball. This repulsive gravitational force also affected Kushina’s body, pulling her to its center.

“Not good!”

As an Uzumaki, Kushina, who is proficient in all types of seal, noticed, from first glance, that this was some kind of Seal Ninjutsu once you get sucked in it, It will wrap you inside sealing you, and it will be tough to break free.

Without hesitation, Kushina instantly opened Kurama Complete Mode, then gathered and condensed a vast amount of Chakra, and turned it into a Bijuudama.

The Bijuudama flew directly to the sky, and suddenly it collided with it.


At this moment, it seemed as if the sun itself got exploded. The whole world got covered with white light. Which made the Rain Shinobis in the Village couldn’t help but close their eyes.

When everything stopped, ruins from all types were falling from the sky like raindrops; apparently, that black ball got entirely smashed by the Bijuudama.

Looking at this scene, everyone else’s beside Kushina, and Nagato felt powerless; the gap between them is too high. Obviously, the two of them have the power to easily wipe out the entire Village along with them.

When Konan saw how Kushina stopped Nagato’s attack, she felt slightly relieved. Then when she looked at Nagato, and how he looked, she couldn’t help but clench her fists.

“Nagato… Why it has to be this way.”

The explosion of the black ball made a big hole in the center of the clouds above Nagato and Kushina. The sunlight poured down from it on both of them as if they were the center of the entire world.

However, the black clouds in the distance were slowly filling in, and that massive hole in the sky gradually disappeared, and that depressed atmosphere from before begin to pervade.

“Is this the power of the Kyuubi?”

Nagato didn’t even take a glance at the sky, but calmly looked at Kushina.

“I didn’t expect that you have the power to destroy that one. In this case, I will just use a bigger one.”

The next moment, Nagato did a hand sign with both hands in a try to release a stronger Chibaku Tensei.

But at that moment, his expression stagnated, and suddenly, he changed the seal.

“Summoning Technique! Gedo Mazo (Demonic Statue of the Outer Path)!”

Puu Chii!

The white smoke suddenly spurted out, and a monster more significant than the Kyuubi appeared in the field. It’s the Demonic Statue and the vessel of the Juubi!

When the Demonic Statue appeared, the Kyuubi’s expression suddenly changed and screamed.

“The Gedo Mazo! We’re in trouble!”

“No, the real trouble is that guy…”

Kushina shook her head, then severely, she looked at the figure above the Gedo Mazo.

That person wasn’t Nagato, he seemed extremely old for him.

Black pipes on his back were connecting him to the Demonic Statue.

However, his eyes looked deep and sharp, gave him an evil, dark aura that makes you feel like if he’s the center of all sinister events in this world.


Although he was old and weak, he stood there in an imposing manner.

“You still didn’t catch the Kyuubi yet?”

Madara, who was standing on the Demonic Statue, faintly opened.

Nagato looked confused. Obviously, he didn’t expect Madara to appear like this “The Kyuubi’s Jinchuriki is unexpectedly strong, but it’s only a matter of time.”

“You’re too slow, leave it to me, you can leave. Otherwise, that man will show up, and you’re apparently not strong enough to deal with him.” Madara said.

Although he didn’t mention his name, Nagato knew whom Madara was talking about, which revealed a hint of jealousy in his eyes.

“But your body…”

“It’s nothing, I’ve been holding back for a long time. Now I need to do this last thing before my death.” Madara said calmly.

Nagato took a deep breath, then nodded and squinted away.

Only Madara and Kushina were in the field. The moment he looked at her, Madara’s eyes flashed with a glimmer.

No wonder Nagato couldn’t finish this quickly. He didn’t expect this little girl to be able to control the Kyuubi’s Chakra perfectly.

“You’re really a worthy descendant of Mito. You can even control the Kyuubi’s Chakra.”

When she heard these words, Kushina finally confirmed his identity.

Mito Uzumaki, the wife of the First Hokage, and the Kyuubi’s previous Jinchuriki.

This man talked about her as if he knew her, so there’s no doubt about it.

He’s Uchiha Madara!

Naito has told Kushina everything about Madara and how he’s not dead.

“However, the Kyuubi is not something you should keep for yourself, so… Give to me.”

Madara gazed at her with a glimpse of coldness and arrogance in his eyelids, he was confident, even though he was facing a Jinchuriki who could perfectly control the Kyuubi’s Chakra, and his current state was so bad that he must rely on the Demonic Statue to barely stay alive. His expression was as arrogant as ever. As if everything in the world was in his hand.