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T.S.H Chapter 335: The Complete Susanoo


The moment that fist fell, the space in front of Naito suddenly showed a terrible distortion, and made the form of a huge fist.

looking closely, the fist seemed to be composed of countless slender white cracks, the power of the Shock Force was enough to bend the space!

It’s apparent but only for a moment.

When Naito’s fist fell, a huge fist printed on the space, then it suddenly rushed toward the complete Susanoo.

The stare on Madara’s face was cold, he controlled the complete Susanoo and moved the broken sword in front of him to block Naito’s shot.

However, the power of this punch was shockingly even stronger than what he imagined!

The ground started trembling for the power of this punch, and the broken sword that Madara’s used to block Naito’s attack instantly turned into countless pieces.

Then, Susanoo’s two arms followed!


This all-out punch completely shattered the Susanoo’s upper body.

After the destroying of the Sasunoo, the power of that punch got slightly weakened, but it didn’t stop and flew to the sky; once again, the dark clouds in the sky got blasted!

Susanoo’s upper body was gone leaving only the lower body behind.

At the last moment, Madara moved from top of the Susanoo’s head to the lower body, because he knew that he won’t be able to block this enormous power.

Although he didn’t get directly hit by this attack, Madara was stunned.

If Naito’s golden sword made him a little surprised, then this punch has shocked him.

A punch that can destroy the complete Susanoo is simply out of this world’s logic!

Even Hashirama will need his most powerful technique, the True Several Thousand Hands, and even then, he won’t be able to break the Susanoo’s defensive.

But Naito has actually done it with a punch!

“It seems that I’ve underestimated you, but from now on, the real battle will begin!”

Seeing how horrifying is Naito’s strength, Madara felt shocked, but he didn’t have any fear. Instead, he actually felt excited!


Because he didn’t have to think of whether his body can withstand it or not, the Chakra within Madara’s body was surging madly to recover his Complete Susanoo back.

Upon doing this, even his middle-aged appearance that he regained before got lost. And once again, he looked very old. Madara was drying his body out of energy to the point that even his blood has drained out in the process!

He was on the verge of dying, but the look in his eyelids was fascinating, full of killing intent and the excitement that was long-lost after Hashirama’s death.


With this last warcry, the complete Susanoo draw his sword once again, preparing for the next round.


The blade suddenly turned out to a blue dragon that was rushing from the sword’s scabbard toward Naito, who was also in the direction of the Rain Village where Konan and Kushina have retreated!

Upon seeing this, Naito’s stared at Madara coldly.

“So, I can’t dodge then, huh?”

The last time he took Susanoo’s attack head-on, he broke the sword, but the power of that confrontation has caused a massive disaster to the field behind Naito.

In other words, if Naito wants to stop this sword, he will need to block off all of the after-effects too.

“Show me how you will stop this one!”

Madara was barely standing, but the pride in his eyelids was evident as he looked at Naito below.

Even when he’s old again, his momentum was as strong as ever!

Proudly overlooking on the world!

“Since you want me to get it head-on, then… How about this?!”

The look in Naito’s eye was similar, with the idea of ruling the world in his mind, and stopping Madara’s attack, Naito suddenly extended his hand in front of him.

The Golden Kusanagi instantly melted then covered both of his hands, then just when the sword was about to hit Naito, two large transparent hands appeared in front of him and caught the sword.


A loud sound emitted along with the chaotic explosion of Chakra, with the edge of the blade that seemed to be able to tear everything unable to move any longer under the huge shock force hands!

Naito was using all of his strength to stop this attack from reaching the village, suddenly, the Shock Force burst out widely.

Under this enormous power, the Susanoo’s sword stopped moving, then suddenly cracked!

This crack spread to the entire blade in an instant, then it got shattered into countless pieces under the pressure of the shock force!

“This kind of power… It seems to be more than a simple Bloodline Limit.”

Madara couldn’t help but feel that something was different with Naito’s strength, it seems more flexible, and even stronger than his complete Susanoo.

“Even with the Sixth Paths power, he could still defeat it, that power can compete against the power of the Sixth paths… No, the feeling it gives me is very similar to Hashirama’s, it should be the Sage Mode power.”

Madara had some doubts and wanted to find out more about Naito’s strength, but when he tried to attack again, he couldn’t find any strength inside him. The power in his body has already been consumed!

He couldn’t even stand, he was entirely relying on the power of the Susanoo to carry on.

“You’re the first to make me this excited after Hashirama, it’s a pity that we can’t continue.”

Sensing the situation in his body, Madara whispered in his heart, then he slowly shook his head, revealing a disappointed expression.