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T.S.H Chapter 336: I’ll Kill You First

Looking at the Naito in the distance, although his body was on the verge of collapsing, he smirked proudly.

Madara knew that all that Naito wants is to kill him with his hands, but even if he was in this state, he wasn’t gonna give him the chance to seize that wish!

He’s Uchiha Madara, he wasn’t gonna let a kid kill him, even Hashirama wouldn’t kill him if he didn’t let him, it was all part of his plan, the man who can kill him, is none but himself!

Suddenly, he gathered all the strength left in his body and tried to directly explode along with his Complete Susanoo, leaving a last gift for Naito before leaving.

“Even if I’m in such a bad state, it’s not easy to kill me… Sorry, but you will have to wait until next time…”

“Is that what you think?”

Naito’s figure suddenly flashed and appeared in front of Madara, and whispered these words, which made Madara’s eyes open wide!


Madara’s heart got filled with disbelieve.

Naito was far away. This is like teleportation. If this is not the case, then how did he cross all of that distance in a second!

Although he knew that Naito’s speed is very fast, still, this kind of movement is totally unexpected. He almost made him think of Tobirama’s Flying Thunder God!

However, this is a space technique, and Naito is only using his pure body speed!

His pure physical speed is almost the same as the Flying Thunder God, even Madara couldn’t help but feel shocked.

Floating in the air, Naito seemed calm, which made Madara feel like he was being overlooked.

“I guess I’ll pass… I’m gonna kill you now!”

Naito knew that Madara has used all of his power, and will definitely die at any moment.

But he wants to commit suicide?

“Sorry, but I’m faster!”

At that moment, Naito whispered, then he clenched his fist and slammed it in front of Madara.


When Naito’s punch directly bombarded the body of the Complete Susanoo, a repulsive force suddenly broke out. It looked as if a star has crushed on the ground.

Endless white light was coming together, glowing in the middle of the battlefield!

That white light suddenly penetrated the Complete Susanoo reaching Madara, who was in the middle.

Under this force, Madara’s body instantly turned into ashes, but the white light didn’t stop, once again it penetrated the Susanoo’s body from the back, but only this time it got broken into countless pieces!


The white light rose to the sky, then burst open in the dark clouds. It kept spreading far away, covering the entire sky.

It didn’t take it a second before it also shattered all of the clouds in the sky together with the rain falling from it.

After a long time, the blues sky appeared again in everyone’s eyes, there were no traces for those black clouds as if they weren’t there in the first place!

Even the clouds that were covering the entire nation will need a long time before it fills this area again.

The sun shone on the muddy ground covering it with a golden glow.

The Complete Susanoo disappeared along with Madara, if it weren’t for the messy battleground that they left behind, no one would believe that this has just happened.

The battle between Madara and Naito, in fact, didn’t last only for a few shots, but each one of them showed another level of strength.


Naito landed on the ground, with two golden gauntlets covering his hands, suddenly they melted again around Naito’s finger, and turned into a golden ring.

Naito’s loose white cloak suddenly waved gently by the wind.

Although every single living thing inside the village was looking at Naito none of them could wake up from their shock, not until he gazed at them, at that moment, all of them showed their awe.

How could they not feel this way, this battle wasn’t between two mortals, but a battle of two gods.

They felt that the battle between Kushina and Nagato was barely believable, but this one has already broken through the limits of logic.

Some people could no longer talk, and other people couldn’t even breath, this is how shocking watching this battle was!

Kushina and Konan felt worried when they saw the complete Susanoo and wanted to help, but when they felt Madara and Naito’s momentum, they could no longer move.

The reason why Kushina was worried about Naito is that she fought against him several times, and they were even close in terms of strength when she was using the Kusanagi Armor.

But what she has just seen was beyond her imagination, she’s way far from being close to Naito, he could destroy her with one punch if he wanted!

This is incredible!

Finally, when Naito reached her, Kushina woke up, and with a lovely look on her face, she whispered: “Does this mean, you’ve finally mastered the Perfect Sage Mode?!”


Naito looked at her and smiled, then he said: “I’ve figured it out after I left the village. Otherwise, it would have been tough to kill Madara.”

Kushina naturally knows all about Naito’s strength and the sage mode. She even knows the Reverse Hashimon Tonkou, and with this, Naito’s power is really way stronger, which made her feel happy for him.

Konan, on the side, jumped with a smile, then said: “Congratulations, Naito-Sensei!”

Naito nodded at her, then smiled and turned to Kushina again, he pinched her cheeks from both sides, then whispered: “Did Nagato show up here before Madara?”


Kushina nodded, although she had just experienced a life and death situation, the moment she saw Naito, she felt peaceful again.