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T.S.H Chapter 337: The Undercurrent Surges

“So, what are we gonna do?”

Naito looked at Kushina firmly then said: “You’re doing nothing, you go back to the Village first, I will clean up the mess here, then come back soon.”

Kushina nodded gently.

Konan, on the side, felt slightly envious of how Naito was worried about Kushina’s safety, but the smile didn’t leave her face. She was happy that Kushina is safe; thus, she couldn’t help but smile at Naito.


Naito let go of Kushina’s hand, then flashed away after the two pointed out the direction that Nagato has took to retreat.

Using his full speed, Nagato, who was forced to leave the battlefield before Naito’s arrival, was still struggling to hide his killing intent.

However, even though he could feel that killing intent, Naito couldn’t find Nagato even after he reached the borders of the Land of Rain.

Standing on the edge of the Land of Rain, Naito looked around, then shook his head slightly.

It seems that the battle with Madara was still a bit long, and Nagato managed to run away.

However, Nagato cannot hide forever, he will appear again.

Even if Nagato kept hiding forever, at some point, the scope of his Ultra Perceive would reach the entire world!

But currently Nagato is gone, and Naito gave up the search and turned back to Land of Fire again, and precisely to the Cloud front line battlefield.

Because of the sudden situation, Naito rushed toward the Rain Village at full speed without thinking and missed one thing, that is, White Zetsu and Obito.

The Sanbi has already been caught. That event from the Orginal didn’t happen, but somehow Madara ended up kidnapping Obito in mysterious circumstances.

Of course, Obito is not the last thing that Naito is thinking about, all that he wants is to find Black Zetsu, this guy didn’t appear once since the start and Naito didn’t have any idea what he was doing now.

In the Original, Madara though that Zetsu was created from his will, but in fact, Zetsu, is Kaguya’s third son, and he’s Hagoromo’s brother.

All the wars in the world of Shinobi can be followed back to him. The purpose was to enhance the power of Hashirama and Madara, and to open the Rinningan, then finally resurrect Kaguya.

Madara thinks that everything is under his plan, but it’s actually all calculated by Zetsu. That’s the reason why Naito has called Madara a loser.

At full speed, Naito has crossed the Rain Land and reached the vast Land of the Fire, then came to the Cloud battlefield.

At this time, the war has reached its final stage, the cloud got ultimately defeated, Naito didn’t pay attention to them, then went directly looking for Obito.

It was a pity that after he crossed all of that distance, he didn’t find any traces for Obito, nor Black or White Zetsu.

“Forget it.”

Once again, Naito couldn’t find his target.

Naito was tired of playing hide and seek games with these guys who only like to stay in the dark.

No matter what is their plan, as long as they dare to appear, Naito will be there to crush them!

All calculations in the face of absolute power will end in vain!


At the edge of the world.

A shadow was standing there comfortably in the dark.

“How did that guy know?”

Zetsu whispered while thinking. Since the beginning, he felt something strange about Naito and paid him more attention.

He once thought about manipulating things to get Naito to his side, but he immediately gave up the moment he saw how dangerous Naito is; he felt that he was even more dangerous than Madara.

As Naito’s strength was getting stronger, Zetsu felt grow with feeling more uneasy about him, and more uncertain about if he could ever manage to get rid of killing him.

There was a time when he could kill him, but failing to let Naito grow to such a degree, even with the help of the Gedo Mazo, Madara couldn’t stop him.

Zetsu has come all the way from Hagoromo’s era, he witnessed everything and recording the history of this world, but he never saw anything like Naito’s ability.

Naito’s power seems out of this world, it’s extraordinary and keeps on surprising him every time.

Fortunately, he finally brought Madara entirely on the right track.

“The next thing to do is to guide Nagato and the talent of Obito, but I need to be careful. It ever discovered us, things might get wrong…”

The moment he thought about Naito again, jealousy burst in Zetsu’s heart.

As Kaguya’s third son, Naito’s strength is not enough to scare him, even if he’s twice stronger, he will not be afraid, but the mystery around Naito is what he feared.

Everything in this world was evident in his mind, including Madara, only Naito felt strange and unknown, which made him fear to approach him.

“It doesn’t matter who will catch all of the Bijuu. As long as the Juubi appears, everything will work out fine, but the danger is so great…”

Zetsu didn’t talk for a long time and kept thinking about this matter.

After a long time, he looked like he has made his mind, then he’s body slowly sunk into the ground and disappeared.


The news of Clouds falling reached the entire world, but this time it didn’t cause the usual storm because Naito has already managed to defeat three major villages before.

This news was the type that makes people extremely scared to even talk about it!

What was surprising for people at this point is why would a Major Village want to pick a fight with Naito!

The situation in the world made everyone panic, however; it was because of the other news that reached the world as a whole instantly!

Even the four Major Villages, including Konoha, Sarutobi, Danzo, and everyone felt terrified.

The fact that the Rinningan alone has appeared once again in this world can cause a Fourth War when this one wasn’t over yet. But when they heard that Madara, who once was the rival of the God of Shinobi has appeared again, the entire world fell into chaos!

Especially those who have witnessed that era, such as Sarutobi and Onoki does really know what kind of a man is Madara and how strong he is!

No one knew that Madara has faked his death and hidden in the dark until now, which made them all ask the same question, “What is he planning?”

Before they could even think about the answer, they head the following news that Madara is currently outside of the Rain Village and has launched a world war that was ended by Naito.

Which once again shocked everyone’s minds.

Those who have seen that battle couldn’t translate it into words. Those who saw the battlefield after couldn’t understand what kind of fight could change the topography of a land nor its weather!

For a time, the whole world seemed to be in chaos!