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T.S.H Chapter 338: The Research of The Soul Art Technique

If it was said that Naito has used his own power to suppress all the Bijuu and the Major Villages, killed the seven legendary swordsmen, then defeated all of the four Kages combined. People will put Naito in the position of the God of this world.

But if Naito has killed Madara, who only has been defeated before by the First Hokage, this makes him in the eyes of everyone no different to the man himself.

Although the war wasn’t over yet, the Major Villages have not yet started peace talks, everyone was thinking about the aftermath.

Naito has played a crucial role at the end of the second war, but in the third, he played a decisive role!

The moment the news about Naito defeating Madara reached the world, everyone dropped the Demi-God title and started calling him the God of Shinobi!

As Madara admitted in the end, this era belongs to Yuu Naito!

His power is above the entire world. Even if the five major villages will have to bow their heads in Naito’s face.

His power is out of this world. Even the five Kages are like ants compared to him. This what it means to be the God of Shinobi!

The third world war was reaching its end. The Cloud Village were guarding their borders against Konoha’s attack, the Mist returned back to Land of Rain, and the Rock was holding its troops. The only side that remained was the Sand but they only were defending against Konoha’s direct attacks.

Because the Ichibi was earlier caught by Naito, Sakumo led Konoha’s forces to press more on the Sand, which made the Kazekga with no choice but to go personally to participate in the battle.

Four big battlefields, there have retreated, and the only one remained was on the Land of Wind borders, similar to the end of the Second World War.


Rain Village.

In a quiet and elegant room, Naito was sitting there meditating.

In front of him, there was a strange black ball floating. The ball had a small hole in the middle and felt very powerful.

This is was the meteorite that Naito took from Hoshigakure.

“It’s easy to come out with great theories, but it is not easy to turn them into reality. Sure enough, Soul is far more mysterious than the body.”

Holding the meteorite in his hand, Naito whispered while sensing the Chakra contained in it.

He couldn’t find White Zetsu nor Obito, so he returned to the Rain, and began to explore the second stage of the Soul Art. And the way to do that was to find a soulless Chakra.

It’s essential to study new techniques and continue to improve one’s own strength. Naito was too lazy to play hide and seek with them. He only seeks to push his power to the extreme.

If he can open the Eight Gates of the Reverse Hachimon Tonkou, he believes he will have the power to even defeat Kaguya, then all the conspiracy and calculation will be meaningless in the face of absolute power!

After he got the final research results from Orochimaru, Naito, in fact, has relatively completed its concept and also inferred with its method of operation.

But infers is an aspect, and translating it into reality is another aspect.

Learning a Ninjutsu is not a simple matter of knowing its concept, but every detail is needed to actually use it.

The lack of these details is what might cause the release of Ninjutsu to fail.

The mystery that is wrapping around the Soul Art might cause more than just failing. No one knows what will happen.

If it were Orochimaru, he would definitely keep experimenting on others until he successfully does it, he will never try it on himself before that.

“The problem is not the devouring of the Chakra itself, but rather how to build a space fo the soul.”

Falling into deep meditation, a scene emerged in Naito’s mind.

In fact, this Soul Art Technique is very similar to the first half of Orochimaru’s Living Corpse Reincarnation Technique, but there are still some considerable differences. The most important things are that the user needs to trap the other in a soul space where he envelops the mind of his victim, then the user’s Soul dominates the body.

And that’s precisely what Naito needed to figure out, is how to create that soul space.

“This is troublesome, should I go to find Orochimaru again?”

Naito revealed a helpless expression, Orochimaru is way better than him when it comes to researching.

After all, if it weren’t for Orochimaru, Naito would never have been able to reach this point.

However, although he found it troublesome to deal with these kinds of situations, Naito could overcome a lot of difficulties before with this research, after all, its only a bunch of theories.

Finishing half of the process alone, then go to Orochimaru again won’t do him good, Orochimaru shouldn’t have come with anything new in such a short period.

Stretching a little, Naito stood up, then left the room of cultivation.

“How is the research?”

Kushina came over with a smile, then gently put her hands on his shoulders.

“I haven’t done it yet, but there’s still some progress.”

Naito took the back of her hands, then wrapped her arms around his neck.

Putting her head on his shoulder, Kushina said: “Well, you shouldn’t always expect everything so easy as developing the Reverse Hachimon Tonkou. Progress is good too.”

Listening to Kushina, Naito couldn’t help but smile.

Indeed, the difficulties that encountered Naito are really few, especially at first, when he developed the Reverse Hachimon Tonkou; he didn’t encounter any problems and directly succeeded.

Thinking about it, the shock Force was unexpectedly too suitable with the Hachimon Tonkou, as if the two are meant to complete each other.

For Orochimaru to ultimately develop the Living Corpse Reincarnation, it took him years of experimenting.

The developing of the Second Stage of the Soul Art is at the same level of difficulty of that technique, and it took him only a few months to complete half of it. This progress is actually outrageously fast.

Still, he’s not satisfied, Naito has always been this greedy.

Kushina was hugging Naito from his back with her head leaning on his shoulder, her small cheeks on the side made Naito with no choice but to feel eager to kiss her.


During this period, in addition to studying the Second Stage of the Soul Art, Naito also applicated the operation of the first and the second stage of the natural energy enhancing on Kushina, which made her reach the same level as Anko.

I don’t know if its because Kushina is physically unique or because the Kyuubi can help her control natural energy, Kushina’s progress was even faster than Anko.

After completing the first and second stages, with Kurama’s help, Kushina could carry on and successfully reach the third stage.

Then the progress became very slow.

Just after she reached the third stage, things became slow, Naito could only help her with the first two after that, and a long-term practicing process was needed.

She needed to reach the Fourth and Fifth Stage before she could reach Naito’s level, the Perfect Sage Mode.

Although she only completed the first two, Kushina’s skin has become more crystal clear. And her body became full of vitality and energy.