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T.S.H Chapter 346: The Death Of Danzo

“Damn… Damn this, I can’t do Izanagi anymore, I don’t have any choice but use…”

As he was taking his last breaths, a crazy thought flashed into Danzo’s mind.

He had Hashirama’s cells transplanted on his right arm. If he uses all the Chakra remained in his body, he can use the Mokuton Release.

However, the range of that attack will undoubtedly cause significant damage to the Village above once it’s performed under it.

However, without wasting time, Danzo made his decision, he was gonna sacrifice Konoha!

“As long as that old man keeps his life, everything is worth sacrificing!”

Suddenly, Danzo injected all of his Chakra into his right arm!


Suddenly his arm showed a weird distortion, then a thick tree suddenly extended out, rushing toward Naito and getting bigger and bigger!

It looked like its attacking Naito, but in fact, it was attacking everything that comes in its way, it filled the entire base, spreading in all directions, even the ninjas and the civilians above felt this.

The previous battle between Naito and Danzo didn’t cause a lot of damage to the are. Thus, not many people noticed it, but this attack made the whole Village tremble above!

“What is happening!”

“It seems… There a battle going on underground!”

The Shocked ninjas reacted immediately.

Underground, the thick filled every corner in the Root’s base, to the point where Danzo could no longer see Naito.

However, the scope of this attack was enormous; he didn’t worry that Naito can avoid it.

“This is the power of the true God of Shinobi… Even if people gave you the same nickname, you’re not compared to the true God!”

Looking at trees spreading madly, Danzo’s seemed pale.

At that moment, countless thoughts flashed through his heart, even Konoha suffered a massive blow because of this, yet Naito also got killed, it will be worth it!

Even the Village itself can be sacrificed as long as it’s on the right way to unify the Shinobi world, and this was the case for Danzo!!

Suddenly, a voice emitted and interrupted Danzo’s fantasy.

“So this is your last answer?”

That cold voice made even the mad surging of the trees completely freeze for a moment!

Naito, who was standing in front of these trees, suddenly stretched his arms, then gently crossed them against his chest.

Suddenly a white halo light emerged on his fists, distorting the space around him, then he slammed them on both sides!


The cracks instantly spread toward the trees, cracking the first one, the second, the third…

In a second, those trees that were madly spreading crumbled inch by inch from the edge, then instantly, the cracks spread to the middle.

Suddenly, it all shattered!

If this release was made by Hashirama himself, Naito might have taken it seriously, but this one was weak to the point that it’s a disgrace to call it Mokuton Release!

Naito didn’t feel sorry for Danzo, in fact, his heart was filled with endless coldness. Although he hated him, he respected one thing that Danzo had before, that will to do anything for Konoha.

But now it seems that all of that was simply mere words!

All of that talk about Konoha unifying the Shinobi world was to cover his true disgusting will to seek power no matter what is on the stake!

Sure enough, it was the same as the Original, he watched Pain destroying Konoha, people die, and didn’t do anything because he wanted to become the next Hokage!

Seeing how his last attack got shattered before his eyes, Danzo’s felt desperate.

Even the Mokuton is vulnerable in front of Naito, how could he be this strong! Why is he so strong?!!!

With that, Danzo took his last breath. Naito didn’t even need to finish him, he used all of his Chakra to use the Mokuton Release, and died.

Even at that last moment, Danzo felt nothing but regret.

At that time, when Naito was still a weak kid, he should have forced Sarutobi to use him. If that happened, perhaps the world would have been in now in his hands…

Naito stared coldly at Danzo, who was lying there on the ground. In his opinion, Danzo is nothing but trash, Sarutobi is a way better person than him.

This trash… Should have been dead a long time ago!

Suddenly, Naito’s heard rushed footsteps coming from the distance.

In a few seconds, a few Anbu rushed into the Root’s base, followed by other Konoha Shinobis, and finally, a large group of Shinobis surrounded the place.

At that time, the base was empty, everything got destroyed, even those pillars that were initially supporting the Village above disappeared. And the Village seemed that it might collapse at any time.

Only Naito was standing there, with Danzo’s body on the ground.

“This… What’s going on?!”

“Isn’t that Danzo? Danzo-Sama…”

The ninjas were shocked, and when they noticed that Danzo was already dead, they got terrified.

All of them were looking at Naito with some doubts. Since Naito was the only one standing here, there’s no doubt that he’s the one who killed Danzo; still, they didn’t want to believe it.

Of course, although they had some suspicions, they still looked at Naito with awe. Naito’s aura was all over the place, which made them so quiet, they couldn’t even ask, and some of them couldn’t even breathing from the oppression sense that was coming out Naito’s body.

They could only look at him.

Many people already had the answer, but they didn’t dare to think about it, because the price of answering that question might be the end of Konoha!