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T.S.H Chapter 349: Five Kages Peace Talk

Although, the lower-ranked, and the middle-ranked Shinobis in the Rain Village can’t be compared with the Five Major Villages’, but because of Naito’s existence as the Leader of the Village, the Rain is considered now the Sixth Village, and they’re feared by the others.

Among the Shinobis circles, only the Leader the Five Major Villages of the Five Major Lands can be called Kages. The other leaders are not recognized by that title, but if he decided to call himself the Amekage, the world of Shinobis would undoubtedly recognize him by that title.

The statue of the God of Shinobi si entirely above the Kages of the Five Major Villages. If the God of Shinobi wanted to call himself a Kage, who would dare to refute his will.

However, Naito didn’t bother to claim himself as a Kage.

At Naito’s Office, Tsunade didn’t continue to sit on the chair behind the deks, but walked to the front and sat down next to Naito.

Shizune, on the side, was obediently pouring a cup of tea for Tsunade.

“Naito, you should know that the Five Major Villages has started a peace talk.” Tsunade didn’t touch her cup of tea but said that firmly.

Naito nodded slightly, then said: “I know, but I didn’t give a lot of attention to the details of this matter yet.

“Okay, her’s the ridiculous part.” Tsunade paused for a moment, then continued: “Although, they announced the end of the Third World War after the deaths of Sakumo and the Fourth Kazekage, and it has been a long time since now. The peace talk got delayed several times now.”

“Thanks to you, Konoha had their grasp on a lot of Bijuu, and they hold and absolute advantage in the negotiations. Thus, their demands will be extremely high.”

“However, the other Four Villages are not stupid. They’re aware that you’re not with them anymore. Thus, their not forced to accept Konoha’s condition and decided to play the long game.”

Upon saying that, Tsunade paused for a moment.

Naito stood there quietly, listening to Tsunade’s explanation without any interruptions. He was just drinking his water, and Shizune, on his side, was filling his cup again every time.

Seeing that Naito didn’t talk, Tsunade continued: “Although they were one step away from winning this game, Danzo suddenly died, they were unable to cover it, and the news instantly spread all over the world.”

Hearing this made Naito a little bit surprised, but he couldn’t help but laugh deep inside.

This man’s failure is hunting them down even after his death.

It didn’t take much effort, for Tsunade, who was far away from Konoha, to figure out that Naito was the one who killed Danzo. How could the other Villages not know with all of their spies!

Initially, the Four Villages were about to give up and agree on Konoha’s conditions, but Danzo’s death changed it all. They felt that Naito’s relationship with Konoha is getting worse every day, which made them immediately refuse.

Thus, the long game continued.

“Danzo’s death caused a lot of troubles, and to be honest, it started to be a little bit ridiculous. Yesterday, the Five Major Villages decided to will be useless to continue to talk this way, and they decided to start a Five-Kage Peace Talk.”

“Five-Kage Peace Talk?”

Naito once again got surprised, things are really getting interesting.

“Yes, the Five Major Villages decided to have a peace talk, with the five Kages face-to-face to thoroughly determine the treaty after the end of Third World War.”

“Is that so… However, you still didn’t reach the part where you tell me why called me over.”

After he nodded, Naito looked up at Tsunade. In fact, he already had some speculation in his heart.

Sure enough, the next thing she said: “I hope that you will also participate in this Five-Kage Peace Talk as the Rain’s Leader.”

He knew that she will say that, still he couldn’t help but feel down and said: “Why? This is have nothing to do with me, I don’t wanna go…”

Tsunade suddenly stood up, staring at Naito firmly, and said: “Of course, it has everything to do with you! You boy, is the Leader of this Village, don’t expect me to do everything on my own. Moreover, even if we didn’t suffer any damage from the war, but we were part of it, and we can use the extra materials and territories, it will be a great help for the development of the Village.”


Naito twitched his mouth a bit. Tsunade is really taking this matter seriously, it became really troublesome for him.

He was too lazy to participate in any negotiations. If he really cared about supplies, he would have taken the territories forcibly from the other villages, he could even make the Major Villages obediently sent the materials to the Rain Village. When he thinks about it, it’s not even difficult for him to unify the Shinobi World if he wanted.

“Well, if that’s the case, then I quit. I announce you, the next Leader of the Rain Village, Tsunade-Sama. You will participate in the peace talks as the Leader of this Village. If that’s all, then I…”

With that said, Naito stood up and was serious about leaving already.

Shizune, on the side, got stunned. He just gave up on the leadership of the Village with one sentence. Is this the true character of the God of Shinobi?!!

No, it seems that Naito-Sama doesn’t care about the position of Rain’s Leader, after all, he is the God of Shinobi.

“Boy, You Come Back Here!”

Watching Naito’s attitude, Tsunade stood up angrily and said: “I will go, but I need two guards to accompany me, and you will be one of them.”

In fact, Tsunade has expected that Naito was gonna pull out something like that. Knowing how lazy he is, she knew he will give up on the position of the Rain’s Leader in the end.

“Well… I think that Yahiko and Konan are more than enough. If you feel that Yahiko is not right for the job, you can also take Kushina, if she doesn’t want to go, then you…”

“As if there we have more than these three!” Tsunade clenched her fist, threatening Naito.

Naito suddenly froze in his place. If he moved one more inch, she was really gonna hit him with that fist!

Although Naito has the strongest punch in the Shinobi world… But he still doesn’t want to know where Tsunade’s blow belongs in that list.

It’s really not cute to threaten people with fists all day.

Even Kushina doesn’t scare him this much when she gets all ‘Red Hot-Blooded Habanero.’

Tsunade sighed deeply, of course, she can also be cute sometimes. But if she didn’t have this firm side of her, it would have been really difficult for her to leade the Village, and handle its affairs.

“Since you’re insisting, then I will go. But still, I’m leaving The Rain’s leadership position to you.”

“Fine by me.”

Tsunade nodded, the reason she wanted Naito to go, is because of his statue in the Shinobi World. In front of Naito, even the Five Kages can’t underestimate the Rain Village.

As for who’s really vacates the position of the Rain’s Leader, it didn’t matter much.