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T.S.H Chapter 351: The Start of the Peace Talk

Onoki’s expression was extremely disgusted, the corner of his mouth was twitching, and felt embarrassed by his previous remark.

He has just asked why he did let them go in.

Forgetting that there’s now another Village who’s qualified to intervene with the other Five Major Villages business, the Rain Village!

The Rain Village has suffered heavy losses during the Second World War, although, they made it really difficult of the other Three Major Villages who participated in that war to deal with them, Hanzo the Salamander, the Rain Leader lost the battle in the end, and if things kept that way, they wouldn’t be qualified today to participate in the Five Kages’ Peace Talk.

But everyone knows what happened later, Hanzo the Salamander got killed, by the next Leader of the Rain Village, the God of Shinobi… Yuu Naito!

Asking Mifune to not letting them go in is simply nonsense. Even Onoki wouldn’t dare to do such a thing.

“That guy came to talk… This is really unexpected.”

Onoki became really anxious. If he was facing another Kage, he would be extremely calm, but facing Yuu Naito, he can’t help but feel terrified.

Of course, Mifune knew the reason behind Onoki’s expression, but the Leader of the Rain Village right now doesn’t seem to be the God of Shinobi, but a woman.

When Onoki walked into the room, he saw Tsunade, who was sitting there.

Onoki was preparing to face Naito, the God of Shinobi; thus, he was taking one deep breath after another, trying to calm himself, but when he came in, he didn’t saw Naito, but Tsunade.

Onoki naturally, knew Tsunade’s identity, she was once the Leader of Konoha’s medical team. He put her on the top of his assassination list in the Third World War, alas, Tsunade was powerful.

But the real question is, why is Tsunade here?!!

Is she filling in the position of the Rain’s Leader in this meeting?

Although he didn’t know the answer, Onoki didn’t ask but start down calmly in his chair.

Initially, there was no place for Tsunade, but after this incidence, Mifune didn’t have any choice but to deal with this matter with great importance and add a chair and with a flag the Rain’s flag behind it for Tsunade.

Soon, the other Kages also arrived one after another. The second to come was the fourth Mizukage, followed by the Fifth Kazekage, who was the same as the Original, Gaara’s father, Rasa.

After the death of the Fourth Kazekage by Hatake Sakumo, he became the fifth Kazekage of the Sand.

After him, the Fourth Raikage of the Cloud, then the Third Hokage, Sarutobi finally arrived.

When the other Four Kages finally arrived, they saw Tsunade too. Although it was mysterious to them how did she become the leader of the Rain Village, none of them asked.

Once they heard that Naito was involved, they couldn’t help but accept it. This is the God of Shinobi we’re talking about if she dares to claim that she’s the leader of the Rain Village, then sure it’s true.

When Sarutobi entered the room, he glanced around and saw Tsunade, he couldn’t help but feel stunned more than the other four, then he even exclaimed: “Tsunade?!”

“It’s been a long time, Sarutobi-Sensei.”

Tsunade sat there looking at Sarutobi, and even though she greeted him, she seemed remarkably calm and indifferent, she didn’t show any emotion.

She came here as the Leader of the Rain Village, and this kind of treatment has defined her intentions very clearly.

“Why are you here?!”

Sarutobi, at that moment, asked the question, that the other four were too eager to know its answer.

“I’m the new Leader of the Rain Village. I came to join this peace talk. Is there any problem?”

Tsunade asked coldly while looking at Sarutobi.

Sarutobi gave a bitter smile. Naito sure showed how important Tsunade was to him when he asked for her instead for the position of the Hokage, and now he’s even giving her the position of Rain’s Leader.

However, considering his status as the God of Shinobi, it really doesn’t matter who’s the leader of the Rain Village. You know, even if Naito asked to be the Hokage now, Sarutobi wouldn’t be able to refuse.

In other words, they don’t dare to stop him because they can’t stop him.

Onoki, the Third Tsuchikage, was the calmest one because he was the first to see Tsunade since he was the first to arrive.

He initially thought that he was gonna sit face to face with the God of Shinobi, he didn’t expect that it was just a little girl.

Onoki has also shared the same thought as the other Kages. They all know the relationship between Tsunade and Sarutobi, how could she be able to say anything in front of her Sensei.

The only exception is Sarutobi. After he felt that bitterness inside his heart, he became somehow joyful. Since Tsunade is here, during the negotiations, it might be possible for him to borrow her strength to use the status of Naito again to obtain more favorable conditions for his side.

In the past few days, Sarutobi buried Danzo but has been secretly cursing the fate and failure of his friend. Even the other two Elders were extremely annoyed by the determination of his death.

The Five Major Villages were about to come to an agreement, they agreed on handing over a large number of materials in exchange for their Bijuu. However, as a result of Danzo’s death, the negotiation fell apart.

It might be the stupidest thing he has ever done in his entire life.

“Well, now that everyone is here. The Five Kages Peace Talk officially begins.

Mifune didn’t attend. This wasn’t The Gathering of the Five Kage from the Original, the Land of Iron didn’t have anything to do with this meeting, they were only promised some treaties for holding this gathering.

Just after the announcing of the meeting, he left the room.

“Hokage, how are you going to return the Bijuu and the Jinchurikis?”

The Five Kazekage, Rasa, took the initiative to ask Sarutobi. As for the other Kage, especially Onoki, they sat there calmly, without the slightest anxiety.

The Bijuu are very difficult to control and use their power, the same as the Kyuubi. Although Konoha has the Four Symbols Seal, it’s not easy to find the perfect Jinchuriki.

If you can’t find the right person to control the Bijuu’s power, it’s just a waste to possess such a force.

Therefore, compared to the other Villages who want their Jinchurikis back, Sarutobi wants to use them to get more favorable conditions.