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T.S.H Chapter 354: Respect

However, in this way, even the release that is above all other Kekkei Genkai cannot defeat the Naito; in fact, he just crushed it with his bare hands!

What is this logic?!

Onoki saw clearly that Naito grabbed his cube and crushed it using the so-called Shock Force. He already understands the concept of that power from their previous fight in the Second Ninja War.

However, at that time, he could barely block the Dust Release, but now, that same power is vulnerable in front of Naito!

Looking at Naito, who continued walked toward him step by step, Onoki could feel the chilling on his spine.

“Respect is an essential thing, we need to respect the old and love the young.”

Naito walked in front of Onoki, while the latter looked stunned and said, “You’re the oldest here, and you should sit higher than the others, then… How about sitting in the sky?”

As soon as Naito’s voice fell, Onoki felt the urge to retreat, but how could he with that kind of speed, he didn’t have any choice but to stand there without any resistance.


Almost instantly, he got kicked by Naito, then threw out fiercely, like a cannon.

Whether using his dust or rock releases wouldn’t help him in this kind of situation, nothing will stop Naito’s attack. In the end, he couldn’t help hardening his back to strengthen his defense.

Boom! Boom!! Boom!!!

Onoki’s back kept penetrating the entire tower, floor after a floor, until he finally reached the sky, leaving only a series of holes in the ceiling above.

Looking at this scene, the Raikage showed endless horror, he sat there without saying a word, while the Third Hokage, Sarutobi, sat there frightened to death.


The only one who didn’t see Naito’s strength yet, the Fourth Mizukae, couldn’t help but swallow, looking at Naito with his heart sinking in fear.

So this is the power of the God of Shinobi, it’s unbeatable, it is simply incredible!

“I hope we’ve cleared this misunderstanding about status!”

Nait turned around and glanced at the Kages. Everyone didn’t speak, including Sarutobi.

The crowd was silent.

“Very well, so you can continue your peace talks. Onoki should be able to fly back in here soon… But if you want to continue discussing identity and status, then you might as well talk to me first.”

Having said that, Naito turned directly to Tsunade, nodded to her, then smiled at Konon, who stood behind her and left the field directly.

Even after he walked out of the room, there was only the sound of breathing in the place, everyone was silent.

Outside of the gate, Mifune was shocked by the scene of Onoki flying to the sky, it was clear that Naito is the one who attacked him. Thus, when he saw him coming out of the room, he couldn’t help but feel terrified, he subconsciously stepped back and didn’t dare to him. As for the damage caused by him to the building, he didn’t even have the idea of talking to him about it.

After walking out of the tower, Naito glanced at the sky and saw Onoki there floating, but he didn’t dare to come down. He shook his head, then he suddenly kicked the ground and flashed to space.

Seeing Naito suddenly flying from the ground to the sky, Onoki felt terrified, and hurriedly wanted to escape, but facing Naito’s speed, he didn’t have any chance at all.

“Sorry, it seems like your voice can’t reach those who sit on the ground, and honestly, there’s no seat for you here in the sky, so sit down now.”

Suddenly, Naito appeared in front of Onoki and tapped his shoulder.


Suddenly, he got bombarded to the lower tower, and even with the use of the Light-Weight Rock Technique, he couldn’t stop the fall.

Seeing that he was about to hit the tower, Onoki looked frightened, and couldn’t help but move his body aside, and hit the floors again until he reached the room of the Five Kages gathering.

When he finally reached that room, the shock force gradually weakened, and his Light-Weight Rock Technique finally made its effect, holding his body from hitting the ground directly.

As a result, Onoki, the Third Tsuchikage, flew back to his chair and sat there under the horror of the other Kages, but his expression obviously didn’t seem relaxed, but he looked extremely embarrassed.

The horror was evident on his face. After a brief confrontation with Naito, Onoki couldn’t believe how much Naito has grown after their battle in the Second Ninja War.

This is insane!

Ther silence was still in control of the room, and when Onoki sat back on his chair, Tsunade finally broke the ice and said: “So, can we continue our discussion now?”


After leaving the tower, Naito left the Iron Land directly.

This Land was full of snow, although it’s not always snowing, the white color is everywhere, it’s the same as the Land of Rain environment.

If it was a little bit colder, the Rain Land could have become a country full of snow, just like the Iron.

After he left, Naito went straight to his real destination, Roran.

Roran is located in the desert, but not the one in the Land of Wind.

In fact, Roran is not a country but more like a small village. The whole Land is not as big as Konoha, let alone comparing it to the Land of fire.

The entire Land is actually about the same size as the Rain Village.

According to the intelligence he got from Konan, Naito kept advancing in the sky toward his target. The Land below him was areally a desert, and after flying for a while, he finally reached it.

This is Roran.

The architecture of this Land is extraordinary, similar to the one in the Land of Rain. Although the area is not large, all of the buildings are incredibly high.

The only reason for this country to exist in this desert is the energy that was coming from the Dragon Veins underground.

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