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T.S.H Chapter 353: Pressing

Naito looked down at Rasa with a cold stare, while the latter looked extremely horrified and unable to speak.

It wasn’t until the end of Naito’s action Rasa’s two guards reacted, while they looked shocked.



Although the two were also extremely afraid of Naito, they couldn’t help but rush at him since they were responsible for Rasa’s safety.

Naito let off Rasa’s shoulder, then he turned to the two guards who were rushing at him, but this time he didn’t even attack but only stared at them coldly.


That simple action made their movements suddenly stagnate, they froze in their places as if they got struck by lightning.

That stare seemed to contain a terrifying force that can make the whole world fall apart. They stopped moving, they stopped thinking, they even stopped breathing at that moment!

It wasn’t until he turned around and didn’t look at them no longer that they let out a violent gasp. They left them with unstable heartbeats and sweat-soaked clothes.

From the moment he put his step into this room, the scene was horrifying.

Except for the heavy breathing sound of the two guards, everyone was silent. After struggling for a while, Rasa managed to get out of the pit, but he seemed like he was still terrified as he was looking at Naito.

In this room, in addition to the Fourth Raikage, who once fought against Naito and knew how terrifying he can be, the other Kages were also horrified watching him, including Sarutobi.

No one thought that Naito’s speed would turn out to be this fast. They couldn’t even catch Naito’s after image with their eyes, they were as surprised as the Fifth Kazekage, when Naito suddenly appeared behind him!

In other words, if Naito decided to kill them, it will only take an instant, and they wouldn’t be able to react at all. Unless they were prepared in advance and joined their forces together to block his attacks!

Naito took one more glance at Rasa, then he ignored him, and turned to look at Onoki, the Third Tsuchikage, who also had some drops of cold sweat on his forehead.

Onoki once fought against Naito, and he could still see that Naito’s character didn’t change at all.

“Third Tsuchikage… We’ve met again.”

Looking at Onoki, Naito said indifferently.


The Third Tsuchikage, Onoki, took a deep breath, then responded in a light tone, but his eyes were very alerted.

None of the people who were in this room here are simple characters. Even Rasa as the Fifth Kazekage, was very young, and to be able to fill that role, makes him one of the most influential people in this world.

However, in the presence of Naito, he couldn’t do anything. A light touch directly pressed him to the ground, unable to fight back.

This speed and power are simply incredible!

It seems that the rumors are really true. The intelligence about Naito are actually very accurate, this man has the power of a god, he’s no different to Senju Hashirama or Uchiha Madara before him!

“I think you were talking about… Status.” Naito looked at Onoki coldly, standing in the middle of the room, he turned around and said: “Tsunade is my sensei, so I think that every one of you should be polite around her, am I right?”

Upon saying that, he looked again at Onoki, then walked step by step toward him.

With each step, his momentum was spreading violently, echoing in all directions!

This horrible momentum was overwhelming, making the people in presence revealing their horror, just when he was halfway, the ground under him could no longer bear holding him above it, and suddenly cracked!

With the spreading of his momentum, the samurais outside suddenly looked stunned, and the feeling of pressure that it gave them made their body soaked in cold sweat.

With his momentum getting stronger, even the guards of the Five Kages could no longer withstand!

They felt like dwarfs in the presence of a giant!


Onoki could feel his body getting colder as if his time has came, with every step that Naito was taking toward him, he felt like if a big mountain was pressing on his back.

He could no longer bear it, at that moment, Onoki decided to strike.

He suddenly clapped both of his hands and shouted: “Dust Release: Detachment of the Primitive World Technique!”


A white cube got formed, then flew directly toward Naito.

Onoki didn’t wish to kill Naito. He only wanted to distract him, or stop his movement, so that his momentum can be eased.

Otherwise, it’s like that he wouldn’t be able to bear it if his momentum got any stronger!

This is wasn’t a technique; it was just his spiritual power!

However, in the face of Onoki’s Dust Release, Naito didn’t have the slightest hesitation and didn’t stop, he kept the same rate and stepped forward.

In the past, Naito has faced Onoki, it was a life and death battle, he was one of the fierce enemies that Naito once crossed his sword with him. But Naito now is on a different league, even the Dust Release… is just dust in front of him!

Facing the cube that was rushing toward him, Naito simply extended his hand, and while staring at Onoki, he grasped it directly!

The cube suddenly stopped moving!


The cracks on the space suddenly wrapped the cube from all directions, making it shrink to the size of his hand!

Finally, Naito’s caught it directly then gently pressed it.


For an instant, a white light flashed inside Naito’s palm, blinding everyone’s vision.

This dazzling light seemed as if it was caused by the explosion of a star in the sky, but it didn’t last for a long time, and gradually faded away.

When everyone recovered their vision and saw the scene in the field clearly, Naito was lowering his hand gently. Without stopping, Naito kept walking toward Onoki, as if nothing has happened.

Everyone was so quiet.

They looked stunned, especially Onoki’s guards, the look in the eyes was full of disbelief.

He… Shattered the Dust Release with his bare hands?!

As Shinobis from the Rock Village, they knew how strong the Dust Release is.

But the Dust Release that was stronger than any Kekkei Genkai got easily defeated. Even if he’s the God of Shinobi, he shouldn’t have such terrifying power. This is simply incredible!

Compared to the horror that these two felt, Onoki was the most terrified.

If anyone here knows the power of the Dust Release the most, it’s undoubtedly Onoki himself.

Onoki, the Third Tsuchikage, and Muu, the Second, once fought against Uchiha Madara. Although they bearly survived, they got almost crushed by Madara, the power of the Dust Release has proved its strength, and they managed to break through his Susanoo.

Besides, he believed that even if he had faced the First Hokage, Senju Hashirama, with his Dust Release, it wouldn’t have got trounced this way!

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