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T.S.H Chapter 373: Land Of Water

Time passed quickly, and nearly three years passed in a flash.

The title of the God of Shinobi gradually faded out of sight and became more like a legend beyond reach.

During these three years, Naito occasionally left the Rain Village, he stayed most of the time there, hanging out with Kushina.

It’s not because of the Kyuubi that the two didn’t want children, but because Naito felt that it wasn’t the right time.

Many things haven’t been resolved yet, the danger was still there. Moreover, Kushina didn’t complete her Sage Mode transformation; she only reached the fourth stage.

In three years, Naito’s Spiritual Space has almost absorbed the dragon veins’ Chakra completely. The remaining part will only take him one more month to be absorbed.

For these entire three years, Naito has felt and extreme pain related to his soul. For that, he spent most of his time relaxing.

He needed a lot of meditation and relaxation to carry on the task. His soul has been under pressure for the entire period; for that, he was so eager to complete the final transformation!

The spiritual and physical training is entirely different.

Naito didn’t understand this fully until later; thus, he needed to slow down the rate of the absorbing of the dragon veins’ Chakra. If he kept the same speed, he could completely absorb it in less than three years.

The changes in the Rain Village over the past three years were massive.

After receiving the resources, they were granted from the Third Shinobi World War, and after the expansion, the Land of Rain flourished very quickly, and that prosperity also reached the Rain Village, which is the core of this country.

The Rain Village has established its own Academy Ninja, and also a variety of other systems.

However, Naito, The first Amekage, didn’t care about the development of the Rain Village.

The rain was falling.

At the highest point of the Rain Village, Naito stood there quietly, looking at the sky.

The rain fell around his sides, naturally avoiding his body as if these raindrops had life.

Naito often stood here to look at the sky, in fact, just by doing that, he could sense everything in the Village, and almost the entire world.

Naito, who had a Perfect Sage Mode, could easily communicate with the natural energy in the world, which grant him a strong perceptual ability. This perception is also a kind of realization.

With the continuous enhancement of Naito’s soul, the range of his Ultra Perception got bigger and reached a range of dozens of miles.

As long as Naito is using this skill, then within that range, even if an ant is crawling, or a person in the corner silently whispering, Naito could see it and hear him.

Suddenly, countless pieces of paper flew over and regrouped behind Naito’s back, then turned into Konan’s figure.


“I Know.”

Naito was looking at the sky, but he already knew about Konan’s arrival, and he even knew why did she come.

After hearing his response, Konan stood there quietly behind Naito.

After a while, Naito turned around with a deep look in his eyes.

“He’s really good at hiding. It took us nearly three years to determine his location in the Land of Water.”

Naito said exactly what Konan was gonna report to him.

After they failed in Konoha, and Obito got killed, Naito stopped pursuing the person responsible for this attack, but the Rain Village has been chasing the whereabouts of the Akatsuki, precisely Nagato.

Naito didn’t care about the Akatsuki, but Nagato dared to attack Kushina, and he needed to die.

For these three years, the Rain was getting stronger and stronger, and obviously, its intelligence system was by now powerful. Eventually, they found out some clues about the Akatsuki, and finally, Konan determined the location of their base in the Land of Water.

This wasn’t unexpected. The Land of Water, and the Land of fire, were separated by the sea. If they want to stay hidden in the dark, the Land of Water would be a compelling location, since they will be far away from the other major villages.

“Although we didn’t determine the exact location, but… I’d better go to the Land of Fire.”

Naito’s words made Konan feel astonished.

She didn’t get the exact location, but Naito has decided to go to the Land of Water in person?!

“Naito-Sama, we didn’t get the location yet, for you to go in person, isn’t it a little…”

“Nah, its nothing, my practice is almost complete. I will get there and kick them out. Besides, no one can deal with him except for me. After all, he has the Rinnegan.”

Naito said this calmly, then walked past Konan’s side.

There was a slight doubt on Konan’s expression, but she couldn’t help but shake her head. Since Nagato chose the wrong path, he needed to be stopped.

Besides, Konan believed in Naito’s philosophy. Compared to Yahiko, who wanted to change the world, Naito gave more importance to the people around him, he tried to protect them, and that made them closer.


On the vast, endless sea, Naito walked on the waves, with a strange white light glowing under his feet. The waves were extremely peacefull below him.

Naito’s speed was extremely fast, and even he didn’t know how far he has crossed.

Finally, when a piece of land appeared in front of him, Naito’s slowed down.

“This is the Land of Water.”

After setting foot on the land, Naito glanced at the endless sea behind him. The look in his eye felt deep as if the infinite sea couldn’t fill his eyes.

Turning to look at the Land of Water ahead, Naito left the coast and walked toward it.

The Land of Water is actually very small, of course, compared to the major lands. After the expansion of the Land of Rain, the area wasn’t much smaller than the Land of Water.

Because he didn’t know the exact location of the Akatsuki’s base, Naito didn’t have any choice but to walk forward.

He seemed like he was looking for them, but he was actually waiting for his soul’s final transformation.

The feeling he had, in fact, every man will end up experiencing more or less, whether it was at a moment of life and death, or major change, this transformation is the sublimation of the soul.

This is why a lot of people will get access to an exploding power that doesn’t belong to their level at the moment of crisis, and defeat their enemy when they were supposed to die.

This is due to their strong will. At the most critical moment, the one who has the strongest will can often erupt. The will is linked to the spirit, and the spirit is the key to the Chakra, which makes the will the essence of power.

Of course, these feelings are actually far less than what Naito was experiencing.

Naito’s transformation was far from being comparable to the short-lived strength burst at a moment of life and death situation.

The Land of Water wasn’t big. Judging by his speed, Naito could cross it in a short period. No matter where The Akatsuki’s base is located, it was impossible for them to stay off Naito’s perception.

However, this was the most stupid way. Naito’s most important task currently is to relax; thus, the direction was clear in his mind.

That is straight to the Water Village.

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