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T.S.H Chapter 372: Tsunade and Konan

Uchiha Itachi looked at his father, Uchiha Fugaku, with amazement.

“That man… Who is he exactly?!”

“The strongest shinobi in the world, Yuu Naito!”

Fugaku looked uncomfortable, saying Naito’s name, even his tone sounded shaky.

Itachi looked thoughtful, then murmured, “Naito? Feels familiar….”

“Itachi, even though you’re still young, but since you’ve me him today, then you must remember his name because this man stands on the top of the Shinobi World!”

“His name represents an entire era!”

Fugaku’s expression rarely showed such awe, even if he has chosen to kill his son today, Fugaku wouldn’t have dared to stand in his way!

Naito is a figure of strength in this world that people can only look up at him.

Fugaku’s words made Itachi couldn’t help but feel shocked.

A name that represents an era.

What kind of power that he has to get such an evaluation?!


Rain Village.

In a spacious and bright room, Tsunade was sitting there, excited as she was holding a dice cup in one hand, shaking it regularly, with her shirt open.

The dices kept making a gurgling sound.

“Come on! I’m gonna win this time!”

“You neven win…”

Kushina covered her forehead, looking at Tsunade, then made a small bet.

Tsunade slammed the cup on the table, laughing, “Too bad, this time, I… uh.”

The numbers were all small…


Kushina couldn’t help but laugh out loud. Although she had no interest in gambling, it was still fun to see how Tsunade lose.

“No, no! One more!”

Tsunade didn’t look shocked at all. In fact, she got more inspired.

Just then, the door suddenly got open.

Naito walked in and saw this scene in the living room at first glance, then suddenly, his face got darkened.

No, not this shit again!

It’s okay if you love gambling, but don’t drag down Kushina with you!

One night they got so drunk that Kushina didn’t let him sleep for the whole night…


Naito showed a helpless expression, but he could understand, this is was her only way out, Tsunade had to deal with a lot of affairs every day. She doesn’t have free time, and he prevented her from going out to gamble.

Otherwise, according to her losing sheet, she might end up betting the Village and losing!

Speaking of this, Tsunade seems to be cursed, Naito has even doubted that she might have some kind of enchantment applied to her body that makes her lose every time. But even with his Ultra Perceive, he couldn’t sense that invisible enchantment.


When Tsunade saw Naito, she felt a little bit embarrassed because she was aware of what happened before…

“I still have some business to do, I will take my leave.”

Tsunade put away her gambling equipment, then stood up and walked away proudly, as if she was winning all night.

Naito and Kushina looked at her back as she was leaving, then looked at each other, and couldn’t help but smile at the same time.

“What happened in Konoha?”


Tsunade sat on the sofa and picked up an apple. Then the Golden Kusanagi sword instantly turned into a small fruit knife, then he started cutting the apple.

Kushina watched this scene speechlessly, no man with his full mental strength will use such an artifact to cut apples except for Naito.

“Gai’s training is going well. It won’t take him long before he finishes it, then I won’t need to go to Konoha anymore. We will use that extra time to hang out more!”


Kushina sat beside Naito, leaning gently on his shoulder.

Naito held her hand kindly, and suddenly he looked surprised, “This feeling… You have completed the Third Stage?”


Kushina smiled, then said: “Little fox helped me, he did a good job honestly, and today we completed our training!”

Kurama got used to Kushina calling him a little fox; he just lay there and felt too lazy to argue with her.

“Very good, then next, the four and the fifth stage, reaching that level will make you a lot stronger.”

Naito nodded gently. He was very concerned about Kushina’s Sage Mode training. Naito also tried to help Tsunade and Konan to achieve the first and second stages.

Tsunade succeeded easily. After all, she had the Senju’s blood flowing in her veins. Besides, her Chakra volume was also significant, and basically, they didn’t encounter any obstacles.

After completing these two stages, Tsunade was fully satisfied with the Shikkotsu Forest’s Sage mode method. Moreover, with what she was dealing with every day as the leader of the Rain Village, she became less interested in training.

Af for Konan, although it was a little bit more complicated, she quickly achieved the first two stages.

Konan didn’t have good physical strength, her Chakra volume wasn’t that big. But now the transformation of the Sage Mode has made up for her weaknesses.

Coupled with her special paper Ninjutsu developed by her, she had enough Chakra to support her abilities, which made her almost reach the peak of the Kage Level.

Besides, Yahiko also completed the first stage, but the second was a bit unbearable for him.

“How is your practice?”

Kushina looked at Naito and asked. She honestly cared much about Naito’s practice than her’s.

“Slow…” Naito sounded a little bit dissatisfied. Although his growth rate has made a lot of people envious of him, Naito’s eager mentality for power made him always feel as if it was slow.

Kushina showed a helpless expression. She couldn’t help but admire his will, Naito wasn’t looking to become a Hokage, if he was, it would have been easy.

But Naito was already way more stronger than a Hokage, he was actually the strongest man alive; still, he wanted to get stronger, that will is what she admired the most in him, and the fact that he’s actually getting stronger what was much incredible!

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