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T.S.H Chapter 387: The Death Of Nagato

The range mountain suddenly turned into a deep valley.

Countless dirt and rocks have flown into the sky, converging into the massive star in the air.

This was indeed extremely shocking!

Naito looked at this scene while still standing on the ground. This gravitation forced seemed like it has reversed heaven with earth, turning the field into the sky.

Naito was using his shock force to prevent his body from flying to the center of that black ball.

Looking at this scene, Nagato shouted madly with his hands crossing each other against his chest, and suddenly the gravitation force became stronger, tearing Naito’s body, pulling him in to seal him for good!

“You used the Gedo Mazo as a decoy, and gathered all of your Chakra to use Chibaku Tensei… Was this your intention from the start, Nagato.”

Floating in the air, Naito glanced up at the star, then looked down at Nagato on the ground. But his expression remained as always indifferent as if he was playing with a child.

“But… nothing is new as always.”

Faintly said, Naito holding his sword, he waved it toward the sky!

This strike wasn’t as dangerous as it looked when he cut off the Gedo Mazo, it seemed like any ordinary wave.

But from that wave, a sudden distortion appeared on the space.


In an instant, the shock force reached that Meteorite in the sky and cracked it open.

The cracks and ripples seemed to be slow, but it was actually speedy. Just in seconds, that vast Meteorite got cut off into two halves!


The light that emitted by it was extremely dazzling.

Suddenly, the white color controlled the entire battlefield.

The Meteorite got shattered into pieces. And endless gravel and dust fell from the sky on Naito’s head. But the latter didn’t look at it; instead, he rushed to the ground, then clenched his fist and swang it to the sky.


Suddenly all of that gravel turned into powder, and the sky got clear again.

When all of the dust got settled, the battlefield looked as if it got shoveled, with large vast pits everywhere.

If you look at it from the sky, it might seem normal, but if you know what has just happened, you wouldn’t help but feel shocked.

Because… The battlefield has changed a lot!

A few moments ago, this was a range mountain!

Naito looked around with his Kusanagi sword in his hand.

But there was no one near. It seems that when Naito destroyed the meteorites, Nagato decided to escape.

However, even with Zetsu’s help, under Naito’s Ultra Perceive, he could quickly determine his whereabouts.


Suddenly a shock wave crossed the underground, tearing everything in its path, and finally reached Nagato, who was being wrapped by Zetsu to sneak him underground.

The blood got shed, and Nagato’s body instantly got cut from the shoulder to the waist and fell on the ground.

Naito stepped forward, then suddenly flashed in front of Nagato, who was taking his last breaths.

If Naito didn’t want to keep the Rinnegan, he would have directly bombarded him, turning him into powder!

In fact, he found it very hard to control his power and not crush him directly.

With half of his body separated from the other on the ground, Nagato’s eyes showed a hint of despair.

Sure enough, he couldn’t escape from Naito’s grasp.

He went all out, using the Gedo Mazo’s power, and the Ultra Chibaku Tensei, but everything was useless in front of Naito, he couldn’t even stop his movements for a moment!

Last time, Naito didn’t have such a power. Although he stopped his Shinra Tensei, he didn’t felt this powerful.

But this time, Naito not only he destroyed his Ultra Chibaku Tensei, but also cut him into two pieces!

Even now, Nagato couldn’t figure out why Naito was so strong, how could he has such strength, even his Rinnegan was utterly vulnerable in front of him.

Nagato couldn’t figure it out, and even Madara and Black Zetsu couldn’t understand it.

Yuu Naito… how can he be so strong?!!


Two young figures rushed through the forest.

Looking at the sky ahead, feeling terrified, Haku and Kimimaru were extremely shocked.

Especially when they saw that scene previously in the sky, it seemed as if a massive star has appeared. That scene made the two boys almost stop and keep away.

But Haku was worried, which made him even run faster than Kimimaru.


The scene was too shocking, which made Haku clench his fist tightly. He became anxious, unaware of what happened to Naito.

Even though he knew how strong he is and how he would be useless to him in such a situation, Haku couldn’t help but rush toward him.

Finally, the two reached the battlefield.

In other words, the battlefield, which was a mountain range a moment ago.

The moment they stepped to that place, the two got stunned.

In the middle of the gravel, there was a huge pit that was almost bottomless.

You could call it a valley, but it was too big!

On the side of that valley, there was a terrifying fissure, which spread all the way in the distance. There were also several holes, pits, and cracks all around the place!

On the side, they finally saw Naito.

A white cloak, without any trace of dirt or dust, Naito stood there calmly.

“Why didn’t you two just wait?” Naito turned to Haku and Kimimaru.

Now that he said it, Haku and Kimimaru remembered that Naito has told them to wait, while he’s going… he talked about going to do a quick thingy.

Is that… What Naito-Sama calls a quick thingy?!!!

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