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T.S.H Chapter 386: Ultra Shinra Tensei


A loud sound emitted along with the two halves of the Gedo Mazo falling on the ground.

A light green liquid suddenly flowed out of the Gedo Mazo’s body, which felt that it was condensed with endless vitality!

Madara relied on that liquid to barely stay alive, and even used it to restore his old body, and fight Naito for one last time.

Naito didn’t know what Madara was planning, but since he dared to fight him at that moment, he should have some kind of a plan to resurrect later.

However, Naito didn’t have the slightest fear of this outcome.


Then he will get killed again!

Naito stared coldly at the Gedo Mazo.

“I think that’s it then.”


Just when the Gedo Mazo two separated sections hit the ground, it suddenly disappeared out of thin air.

It seems that since the Gedo Mazo is the Juubi’s vessel, it cannot be destroyed entirely, just like Juubi itself, it will be resurrected again.

However, that won’t be instant, it will take some time to appear again.

To be precise, the Gedo Mazo is composed of natural energy. It came to life through the use of the Sixth Path’s force. Just like the Bijuu, it’s a living existence.

The Juubi is an immortal existence, which can only be sealed not killed, and the same is can be said about the Gedo Mazo.

Otherwise, if the Juubi’s vessel could be easily destroyed, Hagoromo would have done it himself and eliminated any chance for Kaguya to be resurrected.

However, since Naito managed to cut the Gedo Mazo’s body, it also proves the fact that he’s capable of cutting off the Juubi!

The Juubi is a simple-minded colossal beast that doesn’t know how to use its strength. And his Jinchuriki wouldn’t be easy to use all of its power. In other words, Naito now has the power to surpass the Juubi’s Jinchuriki!

Of course, this wasn’t it. Naito could feel his soul transforming and stepping into the Sixth Path Level. At that time, Naito will finally be able to open the Seventh Gate.

Even if it’s the Juubi’s Jinchuriki or Sixth Path Madara, Naito’s strength will surpass them all!

At that point, perhaps the only person who could be a threat to Naito will be Kaguya, who was still far from being resurrected!

Compared to her, Nagato now could only feel terrified.

Nagato landed on the ground, barely avoiding Naito’s attack, couldn’t help but stand there looking at him with his Rinnegan.

Naito’s attack has almost reached him, which chilled his spine and made him tremble.

“This is impossible, the Gedo Mazo got…”

Nagato was still maintaining his hand sign while gathering his Chakra, but the look on his face was indescribable.

Naito didn’t just break his defense, but with one strike from his sword, he cut him into two halves, which made him feel terrified.

His power is simply incredible!


Nagato could notice the dark and cold gazes that Naito was giving him; thus, he clenched his teeth and stopped gathering his Chakra.

“Ultra Chibaku Tensei!!”

During all of that time, Nagato was gathering Chakra, and even draining his vitality, to make the strongest Chibaku Tensei he could use!

Since he couldn’t confront Naito directly, and any technique he could use would easily get defeated, then he could only rely on his strongest seal ability!

If you have both the power of the Yin and Yang inside your body, you would be able to seal even the Mother of all Shinobis, Kaguya!

Originally, Kaguya was sealed by this technique, and after that seal, the moon was formed. Hagoromo’s younger brother’s descendants lived on the moon since then and guarded the seal for generations.

Until Madara opened the seal…

However, Kaguya lives on through her will manifestation in Black Zetsu.

Haguromo’s soul is immortal, but Kaguya’s both Chakra and Soul are immortals, but most of her Chakra got divided between the Juubi and the Shinobi living in this world.

Her true will, or soul, is sealed inside of the moon and cannot break out. Unlike Hagoromo, who has always been observing the development of this world!

That black ball that was created by Nagato had actually produced a horrible gravitation force. In fact, this technique could also be called Ultra Bansho Ten’in.

After that, the Black Ball flew up into the sky, coinciding with the sun, blocking most of its light.

The darkness came upon the earth as if it was the doom day.

At that moment, a horrible gravitational explosion broke out!

Crack! Crack!!

The ground trembled and cracked horribly.

Under this terrifying force, the entire mountain range shattered, turning into numerous rocks that flew to the sky, converging on the black ball.


The crack spread in all directions on the ground, and the rocks kept flying to space, turning the black ball into a small moon floating above the sky!

It’s not even over!

The amount of Chakra that Nagato has gathered was enormous because he didn’t only rely on his own Chakra or his own vitality, he even used some of the Gedo Mazo’s.

Block of rocks from the ground got lifted and flew to the sky, making the new moon in the sky bigger!

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