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T.S.H Chapter 395: Itachi Vs. kimimaro

From the beginning to the end, Naito didn’t attack or even show his killing intent, only a few words made the Cloud Shinobis run away.

Everyone feared Naito; as a result, none of them would’ve dared to provoke him.

They were initially very energetic and ready to face everyone, but when they saw Naito, they couldn’t help but back off. Even though they have planned for this from the start.

Naito was too lazy to take the shot on these Shinobi and kill them all. Also, he didn’t want to scare little Hinata.

Sarutobi watched the Cloud Shinobi awkwardly, leaving with their tails between their legs, he couldn’t figure out the kind of the relationship that the Hyuuga has established with Naito. It seems now that it will be more difficult to weaken them.

Sarutobi wanted to walk over toward Naito and say hello, but Hiashi beat him and rushed toward him quickly.

“Thank You, Naito-Sama, for your help.”

“It’s okay, it was me who killed him after all.”

Naito glanced at Hiashi, then shook his head and turned away.

Hiashi originally wanted to invite Naito to his house, so he could affirm Naito’s relationship with the Hyuga Clan, but Naito had not given him the opportunity to do so and disappeared directly.

Hinata stood next to Hiashi, watching Naito’s departure, and a touch of admiration appeared in her cute grey eyes.

Although she was only three years old, she could understand that Naito was the one who helped them out of the crisis just now, and with just a few words, these Shinobi couldn’t help but leave.

Such a thing even her father couldn’t do.

In Hinata’s eyes, of course, her father was strong, but now she understands that there’s someone, who’s even stronger, which is Yuu Naito.

Looking at him leaving, Hiashi shook his head in disappointment. After all, he couldn’t get closer to Naito.



Near the edge of the villager, within the woods.

A battle was taking place here.

Ding-Ding Dong!!

The sound of this metallic symphony emitted. There was a teenager who was activating his Sharingan, constantly clashing his Kunai with another young man, who had a spear-bone in his hand.

This bone blade in his hand was originally his arm bone that he took out.

Kimimaro’s expression was solemn and continually crying out loud with every hit. Suddenly, he flipped in the air and attacked the young man with the bones that suddenly burst out of his body.

The young man, who was activating his Sharingan, was about seven or eight years old, and he was Uchiha Itachi!

Ding-Ding Dong!!

Facing Kimimaro’s storm-like attack, Uchiha Itachi didn’t get surprised; instead, he reacted quickly, jumping and waving, blocking all the attacks and falling back at the same time.

“Ten-Finger Drilling Bullets!”

Kimimaro saw Itachi retreating, and didn’t hesitate to take this chance, and attack him with his bone bullets.

Itachi’s expression was as calm as water. Using the Sharingan observation ability, he could clearly see the trajectory of every flying bullet, then flipped in the air, avoiding them all.

Then suddenly, from the other side, countless ice needles rushed toward him. Although it wasn’t as powerful as the bone bullets, that attack range was huge!

Itachi seemed to have a touch of surprise on his face, and his body suddenly got stabbed by those ice needles, then out of nowhere, his body turned into a piece of wood.

“This guy…”

Kimimaro walked to Haku’s side and looked around with great vigilance.

Uchiha Itachi was the strongest enemy they have ever encountered. He has almost the most perfect Chakra Control. In terms of power, Itachi was still a step behind the Jonin level, and the amount of his Chakra didn’t even reach the standards yet. However, he was almost close to reaching the Jonin level, and he was far more troublesome than all the Chunin that Kimimaro has fought against before.

If Terumi Mei suppressed Kimimaro by her various bloodline limit technique, then Uchiha Itachi did by only opening his Sharingan and observing all of his moves.

“Katon: Fire Ball!”

The next moment, Itachi suddenly flashed from the side of Kimimaro, and Haku, and with one hand sign, he fired a huge fireball at them.

Haku has been ready for that a long time ago, when the fireball was released, he also used an ice wall at the same time, and blocked the fireball from reaching them.

The flames gradually dissipated, then Haku and Kimimaro both looked at Uchiha Itachi solemnly.

However, compared to what they both felt, Itachi was the more surprised one.

Among the kid on his age, almost no one could stand against him for this long. After he graduated early, his strength was already comparable to Special Jonin.

But now he met two younger children, even smaller than him, and they managed to grab a tie. How can this not surprise him?

“Where did these guys come from? Are they scouts who disguise in Childrens’ appearances to sneak into the village? But…”

Uchiha Itachi calmed down his heart with a deep breath, then holding his Kunai, he rushed at Kimimaro and Haku again.

Kimimaro greeted him without fear, but just after the confrontation, Itachi in front of him suddenly turned into white smoke and disappeared.

Clone Technique?!!

Kimimaro’s eyes flickered, then immediately looked around to find Itachi’s location, but almost immediately, Itachi suddenly rushed out from behind a tree, catching Haku.


When Kimimaro saw that Haku was in danger, he directly fired a bone bullet out of his hand, but what he didn’t expect that Itachi was just another clone!

It wasn’t a Shadow Clone, it’s just a normal one, but Itachi used it better than any ninja that Kimimaro has ever encountered!


The next moment, Itachi appeared again, rushing directly toward Kimimaro. Without breaking any sweat, he quickly reached Kimimaro’s back.

Kimimaro didn’t know what’s coming next, but he didn’t have any fear. He quickly created a layer of bones under his skin and prepared to block Itachi’s attack, and at the same time, he grew a bone from his back to counter-attack him.

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