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T.S.H Chapter 411: Tenseigan

Even if with the power of the Energy Vissel and the Tenseigan eyes combined, Otsutsuki wouldn’t be able to cut the space, but Naito’s fist was strong enough to do just that. What is the meaning of this?!

Under the horror he was feeling in his heart, that terrifying shock force that traversed the void finally broke out!


The entire starry sky trembled under the power of this punch.

Suddenly under the watchful eyes of countless people in the Shinobi world, the moon that was cut in two halves before got shattered in an instant!

At this moment, almost everyone in the entire world was shocked.

Many people will encounter all kinds of surprises and shocking events in their lives, but this one, it seemed like a shock of a lifetime, and it will never ease up with time!

An hour ago, the moon was hanged there in the sky, then it got cut into two halves by golden light, then burst under another force. At this point, you can’t help but doubt that you’re dreaming.

Even Sarutobi, who was dazzling at the sky, couldn’t help but rub his eyes.

“The moon… got destroyed?!”

What a joke!!

The surprised and shocked expression on Sarutobi’s face wasn’t any different than any other Kage from the major villages at the time.

In the Rain Village, Kushina was also watching this scene, and only she could feel Naito’s aura coming from the sky above!

“What kind of enemy did you encounter, but to destroy the moon… it’s a bit exaggerated.” Kushina felt stunned.

“It must be the descendants of Hamura.”

Kushina seemed dignified. She knew some things about the moon, but this kind of power is indeed terrifying. Even if destruction is far simpler than the creation, the power that Naito and his enemy possessed was also the one that has created the moon in the first place.

This is no longer something related to humans… it’s more like gods!


Under Naito’s fist, the moon crashed into pieces. The full power of the shock force directly fell on Otsutsuki.

Attacks that travels through the void breaks all rules, even if you’re so fast, there’s no way for you to escape!

Even a user of the Flying Thunder, God wouldn’t be able to escape. Teleporting to another spot won’t help because the range of Naito’s attack has become terrifying!

Naito’s attack covered the entire moon, which means that the scope of his shock force exceeds the size of the moon!

Otsutsuki couldn’t hide, and he couldn’t escape, so he didn’t have any choice but to block.

The Ginrin Tensei Baku got easily defeated before, although Naito lost his scepter in the process, it was clear that he didn’t use the same amount of power; thus, his technique won’t be able to block Naito’s punch.

And even if he placed all the Truth-Seeking balls in front of him and made a shield of it, under such destructive power, he won’t be able to block it entirely!

Moreover, Naito’s control is at the extreme now. He only destroyed the moon because it got already cut into two halves, and it was a matter of time before its fall and cause destruction to the Shinobi world below; thus, Naito simply included the moon and decided to wreck the two.

And after the shock force destroyed the moon and reached Otsusuki, Naito condensed it.

Silently, the power swept across Otsutsuki’s body, and except for his head, his body was completely wiped out!

Although it was only the head, Otsutsuki seemed still conscious.

Did he just lose?

The Tenseigan that the ancestors claimed that it should be much powerful than anything in the Shinobi world was defeated by a punch…

There was no more anger in Otsutsuki’s heart, he wasn’t even sad. There was only blankness, then he completely fell into darkness.

Naito was grasping on Otsutsuki’s head, and absorbing the Tenseigan’s energy.

The Energy Vessel and the Tenseigan combined weren’t inferior to the Rinnegan.

The Rinnegan was Hagoromo’s eyes, while the Tenseigan belonged to his little brother Hamura, and the combination of the two is actually close to their mother, Kaguya, who is the source of all power.

In Naito’s soul, there was a huge eye of Rinnegan, and slightly weaker and smaller one, which is the Golden Tenseigan that was swallowed before.

The two forces haven’t merged together, it seems that they weren’t equal.

However, after he absorbed the power of Otsutsuki’s Tenseigan, it finally caused a change.

First of all, Otsutsuki’s Tenseigan and the Energy Vessel merged together immediately since they had the same source.

After they were completely merged, its power became almost equal to the Rinnegan; thus, the two forces produced a strange resonance and began to rotate around each other.

Under this rotation, the two forces gradually came close to each other, then finally fused all together.


When Naito came back to his senses, the power of the Rinnegan and the Tenseigan in his soul was completely merged and created a new force.

This kind of power, Naito couldn’t name it, because it didn’t create a pair of eyes, but a simple force, which existed inside his soul and slowly absorbed by it.

The speed of this absorption was almost several times slower than when his soul was absorbing the Rinnegan before.

However, the improvement of Naito’s soul was even greater than before!

Originally, Naito felt that at least four or five pairs of Rinnegan were necessary for him to open the final gate of the Reverse Hachimon Tonkou, but now it seems that the force that was created after the fusion was much powerful and enough to make him open the Eight Gates!

However, the absorption process is much slower than before, and the amount of this force is enormous.

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