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T.S.H Chapter 410: Cutting the Moon

“Unexpectedly, you could actually stop my Ginrin Tensei Baku…”

Otsutsuki seemed a bit surprised, but he didn’t stop and continued to gather his power, trying to break that strange mirror that appeared in the void.

And within seconds, the mirror got actually broken!

However, it wasn’t due to the Ginrin Tensei Baku, but to Naito’s Shock Force, which completely destroyed the Ginrin Tensei Baku, then rushed toward Otsutsuki!


Otsutsuki couldn’t help but exclaim, then he suddenly got hit by overwhelming power.

The power of the terror seemed able to crush his body in an instant!

Under the horror, Otsutsuki didn’t hesitate and fell back immediately. If he was any other person who didn’t reach the Six Paths Level, he would have completely turned into ashes with this attack!

What shocked Otsutsuki that no matter how far he away he tried to flee, this strange followed him and still hit him, as if it were there already!


Otsutsuki could hear his bones cracking in his body. Surrounded by the shock force around him, Otsutsuki flew to the depth of the starry sky. But it didn’t let him go not until he fell out of the moon’s range.


After stopping, Otsutsuki suddenly spat blood, then clenched his teeth, looking at Naito on the surface of the moon in the distance, with his eyes revealing his killing intent.


For an existence ranked on the Six Paths’ Level, such an injury is nothing, but for him to be forced to flee was simply a shame that he couldn’t accept!

He knew that he should have dealt with him from the beginning.

There was a cold stare in Otsutsuki’s eyes as he looked at Naito. He stretched out his hand and grabbed the void, and regardless of whether Naito could hear it, he said to him: “You will die with my next technique, but you feel proud!”


With Otsutsuki’s hand reaching out for the void, the Truth-Seeking Balls gathered, then endless light burst out of his palm, instantly lighting up the dark sky!

At this moment, even the Shinobi World could see that golden light coming out of the moon.

Although it’s only a line, it was extremely long, as if countless stars were gathering around!

“What is this?!”

Watching these strange events made everyone couldn’t help but swallow with a faint sense of fear in their hearts.

At that moment, and under the watchful eye of many civilians and ninjas, the golden light suddenly fell down on the moon!

“Kinrin… Tensei Baku!!”

Otsutsuki held the golden light in his hand and waved it suddenly down on the moon.

This golden light looked a little bit like Naito’s Golden Kusanagi Sword, but the length of the stretch has reached a horrifying level, exceeding the diameter of the moon!


The golden light sprinkled and hit the moon in an instant, then cut directly through it, and almost without any sense of obstruction, it swept instantly from one end to the other.

Instantly, then the entire moon was divided into two halves under the shocked gazes of countless ninjas and civilians in the Shinobi World!

With one cut, the moon got cut in half!

Looking at the moon that was by him, Otsutsuki’s anger in his heart subsided, then took a deep breath, feeling that he had gone too far.

However, Naito should be dead, and he was gonna destroy the moon anyway so he could destroy the Shinobi World entirely.

However, at that very moment, when that idea flashed in his mind, a light voice cut through the dark starry sky and passed into his ears.

“This attack is indeed very strong.”

This sound made the Otsutsuki’s eyes suddenly widened, and with an incredible look on his face, he looked at the moon below.

At that time, Naito was floating under the moon that had been cut into two halves, with no traces of wounds on his body.

However, the black scepter that it was in Naito’s hand before seems to have disappeared.

The distance between the two of them now is not that far.

“The attack is indeed very strong…” Glancing at the moon on both sides, Naito said to Otsutsuki.

Naito’s tone then changed.

“But that’s it.”

Upon saying that, Naito’s eyes looked sharp and instantly looked serious. After clenching his fist, he pointed it at Otsutsuki above.

Since Naito’s power reached the peak of the Shinobi World, expect for his battle with Uchiha Madara, Naito never had any intention to fight back.

He simply never encountered a worthy opponent.

However, this time Otsutsuki stepped into the Six Paths level with his Tenseigan and even destroyed the moon, which finally made Naito feel excited.

There’s not a single existence in this world who can make Naito serious unless it’s a Six Paths Level enemy!


An extremely dazzling white light suddenly burst out of Naito’s fist, as if he was grasping on a star inside!

There was a terrible distortion in the void around that white halo, which was the most terrifying thing!

Finally, Naito punched the void and blasted it as he poured all of his Shock Force in it.

The silence controlled the place of a moment, then suddenly a shattering sound emitted, and echoed through the sky; even the people in the Shinobi World could hear it clearly!

At the point where Naito’s fist fell, a crack suddenly appeared with the sudden emitting of this sound!

The cracks suddenly spread surrounding the place, but the distance wasn’t that far away, it was only tens of meters.

“This is…”

Otsutsuki looked at these cracks with vigilant, he could feel how dangerous it was, which extracted the fear on his expression.

He couldn’t understand them, nor see them, even with his Tenseigan.

These were… space cracks!

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