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T.S.H Chapter 409: Ginrin Tensei Baku

The Energy Vessel’s force was encountered almost at the moment of the outbreak by a more terrifying force from Naito!

This was the power of Shock Force!

The collision of these two didn’t last long, and the Shock force almost instantaneously smashed its way through that attracting force and spread into the entire vast golden Tenseigan.

All of a sudden, it got suppressed!


The tremor and trembling of the Energy Vessel emitted a buzzing sound; it was actually coming from that force, which wanted to absorb Naito’s body but ended up completely unable to resist the power of the Shock Force, and was defeated by one blow.

In the next moment, the Energy Vessel shattered directly under Naito’s power!

Moreover, after that, it didn’t scatter into countless Byakugan, but it strangely shrank and withered, and turned into a visual ray of golden energy that was absorbed by Naito’s body.

All of this happened in a blink of an eye, and Otsutsuki didn’t even have the time to move an inch!

The golden Tenseigan has completely disappeared, and its vessel withered into a fist-sized gray material, then scattered into countless dust, that fall on the surface of the moon.

That smug grin on Otsutsuki’s face was wiped out and turned into consternation, and stood there strangely without the slightest react.

“You… did you just…”

Otsutsuki seemed in disbelief. How could he believe it? Naito has just destroyed the inheritance of his clan!

Apart from the consternation, he was feeling, his heart was sinking in anger.

At this moment, the anger he was feeling had almost broken through the sky. Even if his son was killed by Naito, he wouldn’t be as angry as now!

His anger affected the surrounding environment, making the desolated and cold surface of the moon seems more like the depth of hell!

The golden Tenseigan was destroyed. But this wasn’t the thing that made him this angry. It was, in fact, how he watched Naito destroyed it and did nothing!

“You damn bastard! I’m going to shatter your corpse!”

Under this unbearable rage, Otsutsuki got a little bit mad. His pupils started trembling then suddenly overflowed with an extremely powerful Chakra.

At that moment, his bloodline and the Chakra in his body were all activated, and the golden light of the pattern turned green.

This is the Tenseigan Chakra Mode!

The green light covered his body with strong momentum, that caused stormy waves of Chakra, which were continually rippling around.

But this wasn’t over yet. The moment that green glare appeared, a black sphere appeared behind him, followed by the second, the third, and finally, a series of Truth-Seeking Balls!

“This is kind of interesting.”

Naito looked at this violent flowing of Chakra and nodded with satisfaction, then with a smirk on his face, he opened his Six Paths Mode too.

Almost instantly, the momentum became terrifying, as the ground started trembling, and his Chakra started setting off rolling waves all around the place.

The two momentums spread and finally collided together. The entire area seemed on the verge of collapsing, but only Naito and Otsutsuki stood there unharmed.

When Naito’s momentum broke out, the six paths pattern appeared on his clothes, and nine truth-seeking balls appeared behind him floating, then followed by a black staff that appeared in his hand!

“This is! you actually…”

Otsutsuki’s rage suddenly got a little subsided by the opening of Naito’s Chakra Mode, and a touch of uncertainty appeared in his eyes.

Naito clearly didn’t have Rinnegan, nor did he feel the Chakra of the ancestors from Naito!

However, even if he could open Six Paths Mode, in front of these Tenseigan eyes, everything is doomed!


With a loud cry, the Truth-Seeking Balls gathered together then instantly flashed toward Naito, creating a terrible storm.

“Ginrin Tensei Baku!!”

The horrifying storm formed by the Truth-Seeking Balls rotation seemed to be brewing a terrifying power enough to destroy the stars. Flying toward Naito, it seemed as if it’s capable of shattering him and the moon with one blow.

Naito looked at it coming toward him with the slightest surprise on his expression, then he waved the scepter in his hand gently.


It was a gently wave, it didn’t seem like it had any power.

Naito waved the scepter in the air then suddenly stopped, as if he has hit an invisible wall in the void, and the scepter seemed as if it has struck that wall.


In an instant, the terrifying power of the Shock Force erupted at the point where the scepter struck the wall, then suddenly, a bright white light appeared forming countless crack on the void, then spread out in all directions.

At the next moment, the Ginrin Tensei Baku and Naito’s Shock Force suddenly collided.


A terrifying roaring sound emitted over the entire moon, waking up all the sleeping people in the Shinobi World, and making them inexplicably look at the sky.

It was night, but everyone in the Shinobi World was awake, looking at the sky, where the moon was suspended above, then at the moment of the collision, a wave got formed!

Even in the Shinobi World, such a scene is not ordinary!

Both civilians and ninjas alike seemed a little shocked. They could only stare at the moon, hanging there in the sky without knowing what to do.

At this moment, on the moon.

The roaring sound continued as the Ginrin Tensei Baku, which was shattering the surface of the moon, stopped before the minor crack that Naito’s scepter created!

That minor crack spread endlessly for a very vast distance as if it was dividing the entire moon into two worlds!

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