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T.S.H Chapter 417: Uzumaki Karin

“Carrying her slowed us down, and now we have the Rain Shinobis on our tail, we have to throw her down, and hope that we can escape.”

The Kusagakure stared coldly, “She’s no longer useful to us. Although her healing ability is remarkable, we must give her up.”

The red-haired girl suddenly looked pale upon hearing this.

She is one of the Uzumaki Clan survivors, Uzumaki Karin.

In the original, she loved Sasuke, and she was one of Orochimaru’s test objects, but before that, she was a Kusagakure ninja. Karin took part in the Chunin Exams held in Konoha on a team. During the second phase, Karin lost track of her teammates and was attacked by a giant bear, then was saved by Sasuke Uchiha.

Perhaps, Orochimaru didn’t appear in the forest of death just to tease Sasuke and Naruto, maybe he discovered Karin’s abilities and captured her there.

Listening to these emotionless words, Karin’s face turned pale, and she pinned her hope on the other two.

But that hope didn’t last long as the two agreed directly after a little hesitation!

These three Kusagakure ninjas were all Chunin, and they were all the physical type shinobis, and she had no chance of resisting them.

Therefore, Karin didn’t resist, hoping that the Rain Village will spare her life when they know about her unique abilities.

However, when the Kusagakure ninja threw her down, he placed an explosive tag on her back, then restrained her in place with earth ninjutsu, making her unable to move!

“Hey! We’ll leave you there as a warm gift for the Rain Shinobis!”

A grin smug appeared on his face. Upon doing this, he noticed that the Rain Shinobi were approaching quickly in the distance, so he turned around without hesitation.

Karin kept looking at those Rain Shinobis approaching, with evident despair in her eyes.

But at this moment, a hand suddenly appeared behind her, then gently patted her shoulder.

That light touch instantly spread a strange force to her body, which caused the ninjutsu that bound her to shatter.

Even the explosive tag got pushed off her back by this force, then flew in mid-air, and before it could even explode, it was destroyed by the shock force!

“This is…”

Karin looked in disbelief and couldn’t help but turn around to see a handsome young man in a white cloak standing peacefully behind her.

Naito looked at Karin, then sighed; it seems that the plot gonna get completely messed up.

However, at least he found a little sister for Kushina.

Karin didn’t know why Naito saved her, but since he did, he must not be an enemy. Noticing how the Rain Shinobis in front are rushing toward them, she panicked.

“No, no! Run away!”

She turned around, hoping that Naito, who hurried here to save her, will run away with her, and maybe there will be some hope for the two of them.

However, what she didn’t expect is that Naito didn’t look like he had any intention of running away, he was just looking at her.

This guy… is so handsome…

And kinda cute!

Wait, this is not the time to think about this!!

Karin looked at Naito’s face, she froze for a moment, then she reacted. After she clenched her teeth, she grabbed Naito’s hand, and she was ready to escape.

However, before she could even take a step, Naito grabbed her arm and pulled her back.

Karin didn’t expect that Naito wouldn’t even walk and even pulled her back again. Looking at the Rain Shinobis who were ten meters away, she suddenly looked despaired.

This is the end!

Even if she ran now, they would catch her.

At that moment, Karin almost wanted to close her eyes and wait for her death, but she was a little surprised when the Rain Shinobis stopped suddenly.

“This is…”

To make it, even more, stranger, their leader suddenly bowed down saluting her respectfully. The nine Shinbois in the back kneeled on one knee too.

Is this supposed to be a joke?!

Karin didn’t respond at first, but suddenly she thought of something and turned around to look at Naito behind her.

These Shinbois are obviously not saluting her, but this handsome man in white!

Is this handsome man a hotshot in the Rain Village?!

Just when Karin was shocked, the words of the team leader made her feel as if she got struck by a lightning bolt.

“Yuu Naito-Sama!”

Naito? Yuu Naito? How many Naito out there in the world, which the Rain Shinobi will bend a knee for him?!

Although Karin was only seven years old, she was already a perceptual ninja, and she followed these Kusagakure ninjas to the Land of Rain to perform a mission, how could she not know the name “Yuu Naito!”

Her expression was dull, she just thought it was unbelievable. This handsome young man who looked less than twenty years old was actually the god of Shinobi!

“So this how it is?”

Naito calmly asked the leader of the team.

The leader took this matter seriously, and he was determined to chasing and killing these Kusagakure Shinobis, so he stated it in a few simple words.

“Yes, it is.”

Naito nodded, then he glanced at the back of the side. In his perception, the Kusagakure ninjas were fleeing desperately.

And Without hesitation, Naito waved his hand in their direction.


It was just a simple wave of sleeves, but a wave os shock force swayed in an instant like a storm toward their direction.

It kept swaying in their direction, twisting and shattering the trees on its way!

The rolling waves were swaying quickly, and the Kusagakure ninjas found out at that moment that the Rain Shinobi didn’t catch up to them, so they started to feel relieved to become extremely horrified almost instantly after.

The speed of this wave shock was extremely fast. Almost the moment they saw it, it had already swept across their bodies. They couldn’t even make a sound, as their entire body turned into power with evidence horror and despair in their eyes!

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