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T.S.H Chapter 418: Back To Rain

A terrifying storm, like a dragon’s fire breath, swept through the forest, directly shattering it for tens of meters wide!

Karin froze there, terrified by the scene.

Before he used that move, she could hardly sense any Chakra from Naito’s body, but in just a moment, his Chakra raised from one to ten!

Before this, she was still wondering whether Naito was really the legendary God of Shinobi, but that doubt got destroyed the moment he waved his hand.

As for those Rain Shinobi, everyone felt shocked, except for the leader, who once saw Naito in action.

However, watching Naito from such close range while using his Shock Force, stunned everyone, including the leader.

This… is the power of Yuu Naito, the man who’s regarded as the God of Shinobi!

A simple wave shattered three Shinobis, it was a simple as that. Naito turned at Karin, then twinkled his bro slightly.

He could easily see how her arm was covered with tooth marks. He didn’t know why she followed these Kusagakure ninjas, but surely her situation wasn’t good.

These guys didn’t treat her as a companion, but more like a ninja tool.

“Come with me.”

Naito looked at her calmly, but she didn’t let go of his arm that it was holding her. However, he insisted on helping her stand up, then he carried her, and flashed into the sky, and disappeared.

The rest of the Rain Shinobi looked at each other; they didn’t expect Naito to take that little girl. But it seems like she just a little girl.

Still, it was incredible that she could win Lord Naito’s attention.



A streamer flashed fast over the clouds. Because of Karin’s situation, Naito slowed down his speed. Although her physical strength was exceptional, she couldn’t withstand his speed even in a perfect condition.

Even though he slowed down his speed, Karin was still frightened. How could she not feel this way, she never experienced the feeling of flying at such a high speed!

Feeling horrified, Karin couldn’t help but hug Naito tightly, while dragging his clothes.

Naito was a little bit speechless. In addition to Kushina, he would never let anyone do this, but seeing how terrified she was, Naito couldn’t help but shook his head helplessly.

The frightened Karin has long forgotten her previous fear of Naito. Although she was exceedingly terrified at the moment. She couldn’t help but feel peaceful at the same time while being held by Naito because if he didn’t show up at that moment, she would have ended being dead.

After flying for a while, Karin relaxed a little, but her body was still incredibly stiff, and she still didn’t dare to move.


Even when deliberately slowed down his speed, he was still very fast. After a while, Naito reached the sky above the Rain Village.

The weather looked even worse than usual, the clouds there were extremely black, and the rain was falling, but Naito didn’t care and moved forward piercing them, then extremely fast start heading toward the main building inside the Rain Village.

The scene was scary because it seemed as if they were falling directly at top speed from the sky!

This time, she almost climbed on Naito’s back, like a drowning man desperately grabbing the last straw.


Just when Naito was about to hit the top of the building head-on, his speed dopped down, then gently landed on the rooftop.

Naito didn’t walk directly into the building but grabbed Karin, who was holding him like an octopus with a dark face.

“Can you stop this?”

Karin was obviously still shocked, and it took her a while to react.

At that moment, she looked like she has just realized what she was doing all the way here.

I’m dead!

She has just acted most rudely in front of the God of Shinobi, who is terrifying to the extreme!

Naito didn’t know what kind of picture Karin was making in her mind. But looking at her so terrified, he couldn’t help but think, “She’s not that bad after all…”

“Naito-Sensei, you’re back.”

The papers flew over, and Konan suddenly appeared on the rooftop, smiling at Naito.

The Rain Village was also shrouded in a perceptual enchantment. Anyone who suddenly breaks in will be sensed. Naito fell from the sky, and it was natural for him to touch it.

However, the only person who can fall from the sky is basically Naito, and it’s not once or twice, it’s quite often.

Every time she learns that Naito is back, Konan would be the first to come to the top of the building.

“Didn’t I tell you that you don’t need to come every time?”

Naito smiled at Konan, but it is evident that he wasn’t scolding her.

Konan smiled standing there, then said: “Naito-Sensei has come back, of course, I would come to greet him. Moreover, I have to come and confirm that it’s you who came from the sky.”

With this in mind, Konan looked at Karin, who was standing on the side.

“Naito-Sensei, just by looking at her, is she’s an orphan of the Uzumaki Clan?”

“Well, she should be called Uzumaki Karin.”

Naito nodded, then turned to look at Karin, and asked, “Right?”

Karin felt amazed that Naito even knows her name, this is really incredible!

She knew Naito’s name, which is normal because he’s the God of Shinobi, but for someone like him to know her name, it made her feel flattered.

After nodding her head, Karin calmed herself down for the first time in a while, and carefully observed Naito, the God of Shinobi.

She suddenly felt that he doesn’t feel so terrible.

However, when she remembered that scene when Naito waved his hand and destroyed the forest, she had a little more awe in her heart.

Konan looked at Karin, then at Naito with admiration.

“Sure enough, no one can beat you, Sensei. We’ve been looking for any members from the Uzumaki Clan, for even though we looked for a long time, you found one easily.”

“No, it just happened.”

Naito shook his head casually.

Konan smiled and said: “Kushina-Sensei will be so happy.”

“I will go in and inform her.”

Naito smiled, he actually didn’t expect such a coincidence.


The Uzumaki Clan, a family proficient in seals, lived in the Land of Fire and had distant blood relatives, but their clan got destroyed in the Shinobi World War II.

It doesn’t matter if Karin was a pure Uzumaki member, as long as her mother or father is an Uzumaki, it would make Kushina happier.

Kushina didn’t expect Naito to find her a little sister, so she took care of Karin abnormally.

Tsunade took good care of her, she was very interested in her special healing ability. And wanted to help her develop her ability without the need of bitting.

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