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T.S.H Chapter 419: Orochimaru and Kabuto

When it comes to medical Ninjutsu, Tsunade is on a whole different level in this world. No one can stand side by side with her in the medical ninjutsu aspect, she’s on the peak, but she’s not good at researching.

Kushina wasn’t an excellent researcher too, and especially when it comes to unique ability users like Karin; thus, the two had a tough time with her. Although tooth marks on her arms were completely cured, they couldn’t manage to understand her ability or how it works.

Tsunade taught her medical Ninjutsu, but the effect was very common. Karin seemed to be talented at perception but not medical techniques. Her remarkable healing techniques comes only from her unique physique.

On the contrary, Kushina taught her Fuinjutsu, and she learned it very quickly. After all, she possessed the same bloodline as the Uzumaki Clan.

In the process, Naito also helped a lot, and directly helped her finish the First and Second Stage of the Sage Mode Transformation.

This actually made Naito quite surprised. She seemed to be better than Kushina in Senjutsu, perhaps because of her special body?

She was a few years younger than Haku and Kimimaro, but her strength was close to them. And she quickly managed to tie to them. In terms of strength, Kimimaro was the strongest, followed by Karin, then finally Haku.

But this is nothing. In terms of attacking strength, without questioning, Kimimaro was the strongest. Haku’s ability had a lot of potentials, but he puts most of his focus into defense, which works very well with Kimimaro.

After adding Karin to this little party, the combination between the three became perfect, ultimate offensive, with unbreakable defense, and a supporter, who’s Karin that can heal attack and even defend her allies.

Naito was trying to study Karin’s bloodline to help her develop her special abilities, but this kind of thing is more complicated than helping her learn Senjutsu.

After all, Naito can’t actually say that he’s a good researcher; still, Naito believes that there’s no such thing as limits in this world, and he dares to amplify this in all aspects.

But if you’re looking for the best researcher, it will be without any doubt Orochimaru.

Of course, Naito could not throw Karin to Orochimaru for researching. Although Naito didn’t recognize her as a disciple, since she’s a member of the Uzumaki Clan, she’s like a sister to Kushina.

And since Kushina never met anyone from the Uzumaki Clan before she quickly recognized her as a sister, and of course, Karin shared her the same feelings.

Kushina will never agree on throwing her to Orochimaru for researching. Although he has become powerful after he transplanted Hashirama’s cells, and possessed the Mongekyou Sharingan eliminating all the after effects, Kushina can easily destroy him if she wants.

Anyone who’s not a Six Paths ranked shinobi will find it challenging to defeat Kushina. After all, Kushina is one step behind achieving the full transformation of the Sage Mode and can perfectly control the Kyuubi’s Chakra.

However, even with that in mind, she won’t risk giving Karin to Orochimaru, but there’s nothing wrong with extracting some blood, cells, and a little amount of Chakra for researching.


Hidden Sound Village.

This is a village built by Orochimaru, where he conducted various experiments, and at the same time, developed Ninjutsu, and material that can be used for the Edo Tensei.

Civilians and Ninjas alike in this entire village were brainwashed by him, and they were extremely loyal to him.

In the lab of the Sound Village, Orochimaru stood there with a thoughtful expression.

“Is that so? This is very interesting.”

Standing in front of him, Orochimaru stood there casually but seemed like he’s carefully picking his words.

“If you let me study her body, I might be able to get you an answer that will satisfy you.”

While listening, Naito nodded gently, of course, Orochimaru couldn’t refuse Naito’s request.

Naito shook his head and said: “I can’t give her to you. But I brought some blood samples and some of her Chakra.”

“In this case, it will be a lot more troublesome to study…” Orochimaru took the scroll from Naito, then suddenly raised his bow slightly; he felt like if the temperature of the air had dropped a few degrees, which made him immediately say: “However, it can still be done.”

“That’s good.”

Naito nodded.

Tsunade and Kushina struggled for a long time with no results. Naito helped Karin complete two stages of the Sage Mode Transformation, but couldn’t help her improve her abilities.

Kushina, of course, was unwilling to let others take Karin, yet she wanted to help her. Therefore, she was the one who came for Naito to find Orochimaru and ask him for help.

Naito naturally didn’t refuse Kushina’s request, so he came to find him in the Sound Village.

After handing him the blood and Chakra samples, Naito wasn’t prepared to stay there in the lab and wait for the results, Orochimaru’s lab was filled with all kinds of weird things.

Anyway, this kind of researches can’t be done in a moment, it will take a while.

Just when Naito was about to leave, he heard a voice suddenly coming for the outside.

“Orochimaru-Sama, is there a new experimental sample that you need me to see…”

A boy with glasses was talking while walking into the room, and the moment he saw Naito, his words suddenly got cut short, and his pupils shrank.

This was a secret lab of his master. Only he and Orochimaru knew about it. How did this white-haired boy come in?!

Moreover, this person…

His eyes became so sharp as he instantly identified Naito’s identity, then suddenly, he looked shocked.

However, his reaction was very fast, he almost hesitated for a moment, then he immediately bowed to Naito.


He didn’t dare to have the slightest disrespect for Naito and thought he should immediately collect the samples. It was clear in his heart that Naito was very powerful, not a person he could fight. Even Orochimaru can’t stand against him; thus, he doesn’t have any choice but to bow in front of him!

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