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T.S.H Chapter 433: Presence

The Rain Genin Team Leader, who finally arrived, was naturally Yuu Naito himself.

As for why he came late, it was because Naito didn’t go here directly after separating from Kimimaro and the other two. Instead, he went to a practice site near Konoha.

Team Eight, formed by Hinata, Inuzuka Kiba, and Aburame Shino, was practicing in that field. Of course, the difference in strength between these team members is really a bit big.

Even the Jonin responsible for this team, Kurenai Yuhi, may not necessarily be able to defeat Hinata. Although she’s proficient at Genjutsu, Hinata, who possesses the Second Stage of the Sage Mode Transformation, is also quite resistant to Genjutsu.

But in the aspect of the experience, Kurenai is far stronger than Hinata. She has experienced wars and life and death situations, and that cannot be compared to the few battles Hinata had, so Kurenai can still be good guidance for her.

In fact, Kurenai was also amazed by Hinata’s strength. She knew that Hinata was Naito’s disciple. Sometimes she even feels that she’s not qualified to be her teacher.

The only problem is that Hinata’s character is too gentle.

She’s not weak, Hinata has a very strong heart. The most correct description should be gentle, which makes her not very good at attacking enemies, she’s even tenderer than Haku.

If Haku chose to freeze enemies than kill them, Hinata wouldn’t even consider hurting them until too late.

Of course, this was the original Hinata. But both Naito and Kurenai taught her well, and now she can at least fight firmly.

Kiba and Shino saw Naito coming, but of course, they didn’t know who he is. Not everyone had Hinata’s same chance to see and know Naito.

Especially when Hinata yelled “Sensei” with a surprised expression, then ran at him, the two of them felt more puzzled. Neither Hinata or Kurenai ever mentioned Naito in front of them.

But just by feeling Naito’s presence, and how Hinata was showing her respect and admiration around him, they naturally didn’t dare to offend Naito. Instead, they stood aside obediently.

Naito didn’t pay any attention to these two but just said a few words to Hinata, mentioned the Chunin Exam, encouraged her, then turned away and left.

Leaving Hinata, Naito went to the place where all ninjas from different villages were gathered together.


“It looks like I’m the only one left behind.”

A faint voice emitted and instantly made the crowd silent.

Hearing this voice, Hiruzen felt that it was familiar. He turned his head to see a teenager with a white cloak and hair, coming in with a dull face.

The moment he saw Naito, Hiruzen’s pupils suddenly shrank, revealing a touch of surprise. Of course, he recognized Naito in an instant.

It’s just… why did he come here?!

At this time, some of Konoha Shinobi were guarding the doors, while they were standing there, Naito suddenly appeared out of nowhere, which stunned them. Of course, they were scared of him, they wouldn’t dare to block, even if they were ordered to do so; thus, Naito went straight in.

“You are…”

When Naito’s voice came, all the Jonin from the different villages looked at him. At first, they all stared coldly.

But when they recognized him, all of those gazes faded away in an instant!

Everyone stopped moving as if the time has paused, and they all froze there as if they were vivid human statues!

Shocked! Scared! Horrified!

Various emotions kept sinking their hearts.

They came to Konoha to lead their teams, and each one of them was a Jonin, and it can be said they were almost the most experienced ninjas in the major villages. Perhaps some other people wouldn’t recognize Naito, but how can they not?

Moreover, some of these people even saw Naito on the battlefield of the Third Shinobi World War!

Although Naito didn’t attack them and only focused on the Bijuu, that scene when he played those Bijuu like some sort of pets never fazed out of their minds!

Even those who have never seen Naito in person had a very good understanding of Naito’s appearance and strength. Even though his appearance changed a bit, but everyone recognized him at a glance!

Naito, the God of Shinobi! Why did he appear here?!

This is the same question that everyone shared, but no one dared to ask. If Naito wanted to come here, who would dare to say anything?

On the other side, where Konoha’s Jonin stood, everyone was shocked.

Kakashi, Kurenai, Gai, all of them were in amazement. They didn’t see him for a while, but they never expected him to appear here today.

The wiser, Kakashi, thought of the words Naito said when he walked in, and he suddenly looked stunned.

“There’s no… Is he?”

“Well, this is the form for the three Rain Genin to apply for the Chunin Joint Exam.”

Everyone was so silent, but Naito didn’t pay attention to anyone and handed over the three forms in his hand to Sarutobi.

Hiruzen came back to his senses, and reached for it, then responded abruptly, looking at Naito in disbelief, “Naito, you are…”

“Wasn’t you waiting for the Rain Team Leader? I’m here. I felt like some of you have been waiting here a little impatiently.”

While talking, Naito glanced indifferently at the crowd.

Naito was really calm, and his tone was light, but it sounded like thunder in the ear of everyone.

What did he just say?

The Rain Team Leader… is Naito himself? The God of Shinobi is leading a Genin Team to take the Chunin Joint Exam? Is this a joke?!!

The moment Naito gazes swept through them, everyone lowered their head and didn’t dare to speak.


I’m afraid no one is impatient today here!

Although he didn’t reveal any killing intent, Naito’s presence was so strong that everyone felt strong oppression for him, as if they were watching a terrifying existence, which they can only bow their head to him!

A few who weren’t sure if he was the right deal, became certain at that moment.

With one look from him, they felt scared, and couldn’t face him any longer. This kind of momentum cannot belong to anyone but Naito, the God of Shinobi!

Those who had seen Naito before and were lucky to live after became more fearful and horrified, and those who never saw him were extremely shocked.

Although they can also stare and reveal their killing intent to frighten ordinary ninjas, and make them soaked in cold sweats. However, that cannot be effective on a Jonin.

Most of these people have experienced countless life and death battles. Still, they were terrified just by looking at Naito’s eyes.

In fact, Naito didn’t use his Spiritual Shock; this was only his presence. If he used it, only a few would have managed to stand still.

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