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T.S.H Chapter 432: Late

Konoha, in the Hokage Building, in a hall.

The Third Hokage was sitting there, holding a pipe in his mouth. While smoking, Hiruzen looked at the information in his hands.

In front of him, there was a Jonin and a Special Jonin. These were the instructors of the Chunin Joint Exam and Team leaders of every genin participant in this exam.

“So the list of all the Shinobi, who applied to participate in the Chunin Joint Exam, is already here.”

The Third Hokage finished reading the list, took a deep breath, then a few puffs, blow out a few smoky rings, then looked up at the ninjas.

At this time, among the ninjas’ group, Naruto’s first teacher Iruka was clenching his fist and gritting his teeth, looking at Kakashi, who looked rather calm.

Obviously, the two have disputed whether Team 7 should take this exam, but the last call was to Kakashi. After all, Kakashi was the Jonin responsible for them.

The Third Hokage looked at Iruka and Kakashi and shook his head slightly, but he didn’t say anything. He stood up then and asked a ninja beside him: “Did all the ninjas from the other villages came?”

“Genin from around the world has come to Konoha. And the Jonin who led them are currently in the guesthouse, but…” The ninjas lowered his head and said a little hesitantly.

“But what?”

Sarutobi’s vision was covered due to the smoke, so he took the pipe from his mouth to his hand.

The ninja said in a deep voice: “It’s just the Jonin responsible for the Rain Village Team, he didn’t arrive yet. All the other team leaders arrived yesterday.

“Rain Village… No one has signed up their team yet?”

Hiruzen sighed, revealing a thoughtful expression. As the sixth major village, the Rain should be able to send more than three people to participate.

Konoha is the largest, and the Chunin Exam is held in its own village. Thus, they had the most participants. In addition to Konoha, there are the Sand and the Rain.

The Sand is taking the Jonin route, so only a few kids came, but the Rain should be able to send more, but they only sent three to take the exam, which is very strange.

Moreover, it’s also surprising that the team leader hasn’t appeared until now. After all, the Rain Village is closer to Konoha than the Sand village.

“If he got attacked on the way, then we will be in big trouble.”

One of the Jonin next to him looked slightly worried, as he said: “If a ninja from the Rain Village, who’s leading a team to join the Chunin Exam, was attacked on the Land of Fire, I’m afraid this matter will be difficult to handle.”

Hearing this sentence, Hiruzen’s face also changed, saying: “Yes, they only sent three people, counting the leader they are four. If one of them got killed, then it will be difficult to explain this to the Rain Village.”

If it was another village, and ninja who was leading his team to participate in the exam died halfway, Konoha wouldn’t bother explaining this.

But they can’t afford to face the Rain Village.

The Rain Village, although it’s only the sixth-largest ninja village, with Naito sitting in it, it’s the most terrible one out of all the other five!

Just when Hiruzen was preparing to call for an Anbu to investigate, a ninja suddenly broke in with a look of surprise on his face.

“Hokage-Sama! Something happened!”

“What happened?”

Suddenly, Hiruzen’s heart skipped a beat, the ninja from the Rain Village has really got k…

“Yes, Lord Hokage! Just now on the street, a few participants from several villages got into a conflict. During the battle, they managed to damage the place, which affected the village’s public security.”

“How big of aa damage?”

Hearing the news was not about the Rain Team Leader, Sarutobi felt relieved at first, then he had a strange expression.

Some Genins are playing around, to what extent they can do damage. Destroying a house is the limit for these kids.


The ninja nodded, then he handed him a piece of information.

Sarutobi frowned as he looked at the report, then he suddenly seemed shocked, saying: “They froze the whole street? And he’s a Genin from the Rain village participating in the Chunin Exam… How is this possible?!”

A few words from Sarutobi made everyone start talking.

They froze a street, this is kind of scary!

“Ice Release? Isn’t this a bloodline limit from the Land of Water? Why did it appear with a Ninja from the Rain Village?”

“Is he really from the Rain Village? No, he wouldn’t fake his identity.”

After reading the report, he heard the people in the field still talking to each other. Sarutobi then shouted: “Quiet!”

Sarutobi’s influence was still strong, despite being Jonin, with a word, everyone was quiet.

“In any case, since the Genins of the Rain Village are here, we will wait for their Team Leader and be patient, when that happens I will inform you.”

After he made them silent, Sarutobi tried to wrap the situation quickly.

In his view, since the Rain Genins has arrived at Konoha, things are not that bad. Although a missing ninja will cause Konoha some trouble, it won’t be big. At least three of them made it safe, and if they stay that way, Konoha can explain the situation to the Rain Village.

Moreover, freezing the street is really not a weak move, but also not particularly that powerful. According to his knowledge, the Sand has also sent the Ichibi’s Jinchuriki.

Since the Rain Village has only sent three Genins, they should be strong and special, but this is also something expected and reasonable.

Hearing the Third Hokage’s words, all the ninjas in the hall nodded, and they didn’t speak a word after him but followed him to the place where all the Team Leaders from different villages supposed to gather.

Soon, a ground of people came there.

Sarutobi, with a solemn expression and also with a smile, walked into the room, glanced at the audience, then said politely.

“On behalf of Konoha, I welcome you all. If we have kept you waiting, I hope you will understand.”

“Thank You, Lord Hokage.”

The Team Leader didn’t particularly respect Sarutobi. After all, they are all Jonins of major villages but noticing how polite he was, they still responded individually.

And at this time, a ninja from Konoha walked to Sarutobi’s side and said, “Lord Hokage, except for the Team Leader of the Rain Village, everyone has arrived.”

“The Rain Team Leader hasn’t come yet?”

Hiruzen frowned; he knew that someone has signed the Rain Genins to the Chunin Exam, yet he didn’t come to the gathering.

The Team Leaders seemed unsatisfied when they heard of this.

“What is this? One man from the Rain Village is keeping us waiting here?” He said coldly, with a trace of impatience in his tone.

“I’ve become really curious to know this mysterious man who dared to keep everyone waiting.” Another said.

Listening to these comments, Sarutobi frowned, but he was also curious. Who is the leader of the Rain Team? And where did he go?

When everyone was getting more impatient, a man finally came in from outside and glanced at the field with a dull face, and said lightly.

“It looks like I’m the only one who was left behind.”

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