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T.S.H Chapter 445: Breaking the Strongest Defense

Looking at the sand surging like an unstoppable sea, Hinata gently took her fight stance.

“Eight Trigrams Palms Revolving Heaven!”


With a quick spin, Hinata created an absolute defense instantly and blocked all the sand easily.

Moreover, because of the huge amount of Chakra that Hinata has, the range of her technique was extremely large, almost covering the radius of several meters.

However, it wasn’t over!

This technique can be taught only by a Patriarch to another Patriarch. Even though Naito could easily parse it. However, he didn’t stop there and also helped her improve it.

The idea was to allow Hinata to change from a purely defensive move to a technique that can be used in offensive situations and also grant her protection!

When Chakra gathered to a certain extent, Hinata suddenly changed the speed of rotation. All of the Chakra channeled into her hands.


Instead of dissipating the Chakra after finishing the technique, it has was all gathered in Hinata’s hands; this what Naito tried to improve!



Using the Chakra she gathered, this single strike was stronger than any of her other techniques, and it quickly swept through the sand falls and rushed toward Gaara.

However, it wasn’t taking the shape of a palm, but a converged bright white light sphere that kept spinning as it flew toward its target.


On the way, it was making buzzing sounds due to the continuous rotation, and at the same time, seemed like it was changing its shape.

The center of the rotation, gradually raised, becoming extremely sharp, then the sound changed from buzzing to sharp hissing. And as it kept flying, it turned into a spear that seemed extremely scary because it looked like it could penetrate everything!

There’s no doubt that with Naito’s improvements and the second stage of the Sage Mode Transformation, coupled with her massive Chakra Volume, this technique was an S-Class Ninjutsu or higher!

Only such a rank would satisfy Naito!

As the rotation become sharper, the speed became faster and kept penetrating the endless sand that Gaara was using to stop it.


Seeing how it was too late now avoid it. Gaara’s face became dark, then the sand stopped flowing and quickly gathered in front of him.

This time, the sand didn’t only converge, but also compressed, and hardened more than steel.

Suddenly a colossal monster with a big belly appeared in front of Gaara.

The strongest absolute defense! Shield of Shukaku!

“Gaara has ended up using this technique. It’s unbelievable. This girl from Konoha was so strong… But this is the end.”

Kankuro looked at this scene, took a deep breath, and said: “No one can break Gaara’s absolute defense.”

At the next moment, Hinata’s Chakra Spinning Spear finally hit the Shield of Shukaku.


A trembling roar emitted as the sand was wildly bursting, but suddenly the rotation speed of the spear decreased, and its speed slowed down.

Kankuro and Temari, standing in the distance, were calm at first, then Temari’s expression gradually changed, showing a trace of horror.

“No way!”

Temari, who was the best at Wind Release, knew what was gonna happen next!

The spear didn’t stop rotating, it was actually strong enough to make the entire monster rotate, and due to the massive amount of Chakra used to creat him, he actually twisted, then instantly, crack started appearing on the back of the shield.

Suddenly a hole appeared and expanded, then the Chakra Spear burst out of it, completely penetrating Gaara’s strongest shield!

“This is impossible!”

When he saw his strongest shield break forcefully, Gaara looked horrified.

Gaara barely avoided it sideways, and the Chakra spear directly hit his shoulder. Then finally penetrated the tree behind him and dispersed.

The injury wasn’t that bad since his sand armor barely counteracted a little of its attack power too.

However, silence controlled the place.

Temari and Kankuro looked stunned.

The blood kept flowing out of his shoulder and dripping on the sand below.

He has never been injured; he never has seen his blood until he arrived at Konoha. First, it was Kimimaro, then now it’s Hinata, and this injury is more serious than last time!

Even Kankuro and Temari couldn’t believe this. It seems that this Exam is full of crazy powerful people!


Kankuro looked at the side again to find Gaara standing again with a touch of madness in his eyes.

“This is horrible… that monster… is coming out!”

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