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T.S.H Chapter 446: The cute little Tanuki

Gaara was injured again. Because of the severe injury he suffered, coupled with the fact that he couldn’t accept that the strongest defense was defeated, the power of the Ichibi finally got out of control.

He didn’t use the sleeping technique, nor was he on control of that power, in an instant, the Ichibi completely took control of his consciousness!


A mad roar echoed in the field, and from the hole in Gaara’s shoulder, a weird strong Chakra rushed out, then in an instant, it turned into a huge yellowish arm.

Suddenly that arm grabbed Gaara until he could no longer be seen.

Almost in a blink of an eye, the Ichibi’s colossal body appeared in the forest of death!

Konoha Shinobi, who were monitoring the exam, saw this scene, and all showed horrified colors.

“No! That… isn’t it a Biju?!

“Why did it appear in the Chunin Exam?!”

Everyone looked shocked, even the Anbu in charge of the overall situation seemed terrified.

First, the forest was instantly frozen, then horrible huge bones spurted out, then the ice and bones were all shattered into powder, and now the Ichibi suddenly appeared in the middle of the forest.

This is no longer a Chunin Exam, this is a Shinobi War!

In the forest of death.

Looking at this huge beast before her, Hinata looked shocked.

“This is…”

With her Byakugan, she could clearly see the Chakra contained inside the Ichibi’s body. It’s simply extremely huge. Although it’s far inferior to Naito, it’s way stronger than her.

The amount of Chakra is incomparable to her, maybe if she finished the Third Stage, then she would at least have a chance.

“Muahahaha!! I’ve finally come out!”

After he roared to the sky, Ichibi finally laughed creepily as always.

This raccoon’s life has always been sad. He was always sealed, and whenever he finally gets out, he will find Naito right in front of him and beats him again.

And after getting beaten, he will wake up to find that he was sealed again.

“That bastard isn’t here this time?”

Thinking of Naito, Ichibi shuddered deep inside, his small eyes twitched, then he glanced at the forest, and saw Hinata and the others.


Naito can’t just appear every time because that’s so unlucky. This time it’s gonna be easy.

Thinking about this, Ichibi gave another burst of laughter, and then raised his huge claws, aiming at Hinata and the others.

Hinata, who saw this, was shocked and terrified. After all, the huge size of this beast, coupled with his terrifying amount of Chakra, is much worse than dealing with Gaara.

Just looking at him makes her feel scared!

Kankuro, Temari, Kiba, and Shino were scared and stood there stiffly, unable to move.

Looking at Ichibi lifting his paws, Hinata froze in her place and didn’t know what to do, revealing a scared, weak expression.

One second, two seconds, three seconds…

Time passed little by little, but the Ichibi claws didn’t fall. Instead, they stopped mid-air and remained motionless.

At this time, even Hinata, who was almost scared to tears, felt that something was strange, and she used her 360-degree vision.

And she suddenly saw someone whom she didn’t know when he appeared.

“Don’t be afraid.”

That voice made the tears disappear instantly from her eyes, then she turned with a cute expression.

“Na… Naito-Sensei!”

Hinata was still afraid, though, and she immediately hid behind Naito’s back and pulling his sleeves. Naito didn’t do anything and stared coldly at the Ichibi.

Kiba, Shino, and the others all saw Naito, which made them surprised.


The two saw Naito before, but they didn’t know who he was. When they asked Hinata, she didn’t tell them, but they were there when Kabuto shared his shocking story.

Seeing Naito there, both of them were relieved, but also somewhat worried.

Although Naito is the strongest Shinobi, he’s only human… That thing in front of them is a monster. Even Naito-Sama can win, the fight might be so big that they will end up getting hurt.

Compared to Shino and Kibra, Kankuro and Temari didn’t know Naito.

His sudden appearance certainly surprised them, but they didn’t think that such a young guy, could defeat the Ichibi.

However, they couldn’t understand why the Ichibi stopped his attack?!

Is it because he was charging his attack?!

In fact, if the Ichibi had a human form, he would have had the same expression as Hinata before, he would have even cried more miserable.



Why do you have to be so cruel to this Tanuki?!!

Why does he end up seeing the person that he least want to see every time he comes out!

Naito simply stood there, but he looked as if he was a giant in front of that cute little Tanuki.

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