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T.S.H Chapter 451: The Last Transformation

Naito wasn’t surprised by Sasuke’s defeat, but how Karin won the fight did a bit. After he was stunned for a moment, he couldn’t help but laugh.

This seems to be his style.

Moreover, in the original, Karin was stabbed by Sasuke mercilessly. It seemed at the time like an act of proper revenge.

In fact, Sasuke wouldn’t have won against her even if she didn’t use her brutal strength.

After Karin, it was Kimimaro’s time, and his opponent was Shino, but the latter decisively confessed his defeat directly, then Haku and a Sound Shinobi, who was defeated in a mere second with his Ice Release.

As in the original, Sakura met Ino. It ended up with a tie. Afterward, Tenten and Temari stepped forward.

Looking at Tenten’s clothes, Naito felt nostalgic. Those memories were for a really long time, so long that he almost can’t remember.

The battle between the two girls was completely one-sided, after all, Temari’s wind release was almost the perfect counter against Tenten’s Ninja Throwing Techniques.

When she ran out of weapons, Tenten didn’t gave up, and held the last Kunai, and rushed toward Temari for a close fight.

Temari was so lazy to give her that and waved her fan directly.


The wind roared like a storm and made the weapons on the ground fly to the sky then fall on Tenten.


Looking at this scene, a trace of despair appeared on Tenten’s expression. The consequence of getting hit by all these weapons is already predictable.

“That’s enough.”

Sitting at the top, and watching quietly, Naito looked at these weapons, while shaking his head, then he waved his hand casually.


Just when those weapons were about to fall, suddenly, all of them froze in the air.

After waiting for a while, Tenten opened her eyes with a strange look on her face to find that these weapons were still suspended in the air and didn’t move at all.


Suddenly, all the weapons turned into powder and scattered on the ground.

This move has obviously made everyone shocked, countless of people looked at Naito in amazement, and even Anko on the side was widening her eyes.

Naito is very kind to the point that he doesn’t want to see anyone hurt?

Not a chance!

Naito’s old nickname was Ashura, the God of War, he wasn’t named after him, because of the people he rescued, but because of the people, he killed with his bloody hand. Without a doubt, there’s isn’t any Shinobi in this world that killed more people than Naito!

If he saved Kimimaro, his teammates, or Hinata, it would be normal.

But Tenten? No one had ever heard of her, and she had nothing to do with Naito.

Even Tenten was stunned. Although she couldn’t understand what’s going on, everyone’s eyes were locked on Naito. And she guessed that he was the one who saved her life.

Lord Naito… did he just save my life?

“The fifth round is over, Temari wins.”

Naito didn’t show any emotions, nor did he want to explain.


Although he announced the result, instead of the examiner, Hayate naturally didn’t mind and nodded in reverence.

Until she returned, Tenten looked stunned. Lee and Neji hurried toward her with a looked of surprise, then the latter whispered.

“Tenten, do you know Naito-Sama?!”

She shook her head silently, then looked at Naito in the distance, while she couldn’t understand why he helped her, she never met him before.

Naito sat down on the fence and looked down on the field. However, if someone pays more attention, he will notice that Naito was really sitting on the fence, but slightly suspended in the air.

There was a slight distance.

Naito, looking down, was pondering, with a blank expression, almost unemotional, and with evident confusion in his eyes, he suddenly looked a bit emotional.

This turned out to be the case. It has always been this way, although he was forcing himself to feel like he belongs to this world, he never fully integrated into it after all.

And just at the moment when he rescued Tenten, he suddenly realized how he can belong, and what kind of relationship he got with his world!

He can just be him and sit here!

There’s no illusion and reality, he doesn’t need to be integrated. He doesn’t need to care about the plot, he just needs to be himself and do everything he wants to do!

At this moment, the final part of the spiritual fusion of the Tenseigan eyes that he absorbed was finished, and it completely merged with Naito’s soul, pushing it to a higher level!

“This is the last transformation.”

Feeling his soul transforming, Naito muttered.

This transformation was completely different from the previous one.

The last one made Naito’s soul step into the Six Paths’ level, possessing immortality and giving him the ability to travel between the Shinobi World and the Inbetwen. And essentially transcending mortals.

But this time, the transformation let Naito’s soul move toward a higher level. It seems that when it’s finally completed, his soul will be equal to this world!

The only person who would be on par with him is Otsutsuki Kaguya.

If she didn’t give birth to her two sons, Hagoromo and Hamura, with the ability to seal her, she would have been able to control the entire world as its god.

She would have used the Infinite Tsukuyomi and controlled almost every life under it.

The soul gradually transformed, and Naito could finally perceive, what was previously undetectable, that is, the will of Kaguya that has scattered throughout the Shinobi World.

The Chakra itself belongs to her, and if it wasn’t for Hagoromo, no one would have obtained it.

But these Chakras inside everyone actually contained her subtle will.

Black Zetsu’s plan to use the Infinite Tsukuyomi and absorb everyone’s Chakra, wasn’t just so she could get back what belongs to her, but also to bring Kaguya’s will together.

Kaguya is an immortal existence, and the only reason she can’t enter the Inbetween like Hagoromo is that because her power and will are scattered in the world.

There is part of her will in the moon, as well as inside the Juubi, Black Zetsu is also a part, and what left was scattered between all the Shinobi in the world.

Even Naito’s Chakra is no exception!

However, as his soul gradually moved toward the final transformation, Naito could perceive it in him, and sense her will that didn’t belong to him.


Naito snorted, and gave it a light shock, he wanted to expel it out of his body, while using his will to forcibly wipe Kaguya’s.

It’s a pity that Naito’s soul was still transforming, and has not yet reached the final step; thus, he didn’t reach Kaguya’s level.

Therefore, even though it was possible to expel Kaguya’s will, it was still difficult.

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