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T.S.H Chapter 452: Hinata Vs. Neji

Why Kaguya cannot die, why she can only be sealed, but not killed, Naito finally understood everything at that moment.

It’s because of Kaguya’s will that no one can wipe it out, even the Six Paths himself couldn’t get rid of it, and could only helplessly divide it.

Although Hagoromo sealed Kaguya’s body and replaced her Chakra by the Juubi, which he also divided into nine tailed-beasts, these were only her physical and strength. Still, in terms of soul and will, he couldn’t do anything about them.

No one can reach Kaguya’s level in terms of soul and will, so no one can wipe it; this is why Kaguya is “immortal.”

But in fact, there is no real immortality.

Naito has finally understood what is going on. No one can kill her because no one is on her level, the moment he completes the final stage of the transformation, he will stand on par with Kaguya, and she will no longer be immortal!

At this moment, Kaguya’s will seemed to consider Naito as a threat, and it felt like it wanted to kill Naito, while he still didn’t complete the transformation, but it was weak because it was still divided.

However, Naito could still feel her will free and converging every second. Trying to gather up every Shinobi Chakra, but it is difficult to do so. Without the infinite Tsukuyomi, the progress was very slow.

Naito didn’t stop it, nor did he entangled with Kaguya’s scattered will.

Because there is no need to stop it.

Naito knew clearly that Kaguya’s resurrection before he completes the final stage of the transformation is absolutely impossible!

And what if she gets resurrected after he finally completes the transformation?

Everything will be over by then.

Just after Naito’s soul began to transform, he understood the reason behind Kaguya’s immortality along many other things, and finally came back to his senses to watch the seventh round.

In the sixth round, Naito didn’t pay attention to the fight at all, but it seemed that Naruto was fighting Kiba.

However, the seventh round made him smirk.

“The seventh round, Hyuga Hinata vs Hyuga Neji!”

After seeing the draw in the seventh round, Hayate showed a little bit of different expression, and all the on-site Jonin focused on Hinata.

Everyone knew that Hinata was Naito’s disciple because this matter was completely public, and also, due to this, no one dares to provoke the Hyuga Clan.

Perhaps even this lottery was deliberately done. It would be risky to let anyone else fighting against Hinata, so they simply chose someone from the same clan, Hyuga Neji.

Hinata, who came down to the field, noticed everyone’s eyes locked on her, and she couldn’t help but show hints of cowardness and weakness.

Only a few people knew that Hinata’s real strength doesn’t match her weak personality.

Naito, Kiba, Shino, Kurenai, Graara…

As for Neji, he wasn’t one of them. Although he’s from the same clan, he was one year older than Hinata. Secondly, Hinata was Naito’s disciple, and he wasn’t allowed to practice with her. When Naito comes to train her, he never dared to get close to them, fearing that he would displease Naito.

“Just right…”

Sure enough, his opponent was Hinata.

Looking at the weak Hinata facing him, a hint of coldness appeared in Neji’s eyes, with jealousy hidden in his heart’s depth.

His father, Hyuga Hizashi, currently runs the clan. The separation between the main and branch families didn’t bother him much. He’s not jealous of Hinata because he’s from the branch family, but because she was chosen to be Naito’s disciple.

Hinata’s character isn’t suitable in his opinion as a ninja at all, nor to be the head of the Hyuga Clan.

“Brother Neji…”

Hinata didn’t know Neji’s inner thoughts or his opinion about her. Still, she could feel that his gazes were a little harsher, even worse than those people around, which made it hard on her to looking directly at him and ended up lowering her head.

Gaara, in the stands, looked at the field silently.

He was beaten by this seemingly weak girl, others may be deceived by her appearance, but he is not; he knew how strong she is.

The same is true for both Temari and Kankuro, both of them witnessed what happened outside, this girl broke Gaara’s absolute defense.


Hayate looked at Hinata, and Neji then looked at Naito above and waved.

“Hinata-Sama, I’m coming.”

Neji didn’t say anything to Hinata, nor he tried to break her spirit with words like he did in the Original. He couldn’t do that, nor did he dare to do it, because Naito was watching them.

He wants to defeat Hinata with his strength, and prove that he’s the one who deserves to be recognized by Naito!

Therefore, he first bowed his head to Hinata, then he took his Gentle Fist stance and suddenly rushed to Hinata.

Hinata and Neji activated their Byakugan at the same time. Unlike Neji, Hinata’s eyes were undoubtedly stronger, and his movement was clearly seen by her.

With her strength, she could easily defeat Neji, but Hinata didn’t do that. Instead, she passively defended against Neji’s attacks.

Although if she loses she fails the test, Hinata didn’t want to kill Neji, even she could see in his eyes that he only wants to win.

Therefore, she kept blocking his attack. But she couldn’t help but think of Naito again, and with her ability of 360-degree angle of sight, she saw Naito smiling while sitting on the railing of the stands, and become serious.

I cannot disappoint Naito-Sensei!

I’m… sorry, brother Neji…

At that moment, Neji was pushing Hinata back, and he could notice that she had no power to fight back, she had no intention of counterattack, she was just passively defending her self, which made him feel sorry for her secretly.

It seems that even with Master Naito’s guidance, she still weak.

Soon, I will win!

Thinking of this in his heart, Neji’s eyes became sharp, and he increased the speed of his attack to quickly end the battle and defeat Hinata.

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