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T.S.H Chapter 454: Cure



The roaring sound exploded in the field. After Lee opened the Hachimon Tonkou, the power he possessed shocked everyone. The power it brought and the speed of his movement cracked the floor of the field.

Hyuga Neji, who had been defeated by Hinata, didn’t expect that from Lee, which Neji has ignored all the time. Lee’s speed was almost beyond the limit that his eye could detect!

He even has low odds against Lee now.

“Even Lee…”

Neji Hyuga clenched his fists tightly.

If Hinata’s strength was due to Naito, Lee’s strength was achieved entirely by his efforts.

“What a pity…”

Naito standing next to Hinata, looked at the field with a look of sympathy.

If Lee didn’t meet Gaara, he would have been able to defeat everyone else. It would have been more exciting, but unfortunately, Gaara was a tough kid. He didn’t even use the power of the Ichibi yet.

However, even though Lee was defeated, it was a glorious one, the will and determination he showed surprised everyone, and even the Third Hokage couldn’t help widen his eyes.

It seemed that he could see Konoha’s will of fire burning in his eyes.

“The Will of Fire will not disappear.”

After murmuring these words, Sarutobi’s face showed a touch of joy.

Naito stood there quietly, watching the field.

Hinata next to him, noticing that the last fight was over, she looked at Naito weakly, then asked with a soft tone, “Naito-Sensei, are you leaving?”

“I have one more thing to do.”

After smiling at her, Naito disappearing out of thin air, and flashed into the field below.


“He’s barely breathing, his muscles are seriously damaged… it would be easy if that was only the case, but his left hand and left foot are hurt too much.”

The medical ninjas seemed to have a low expression.

They have been on standby the entire time, and they were also shocked to see Lee’s will, but his injury really made them helpless, even the captain of the medical team seemed sad.

“Although it’s frustrating to say this, I don’t believe he can be a ninja any longer.

After hearing this, Naruto and Gai on the side were shocked.

“How could this be… this is a lie…”

Naruto looked at Lee, who was about to be lifted away, as he was laying on the stretcher with his body slightly trembling.

Naruto seemed in disbelief, the same is true for Gai, but he couldn’t just let it go, he stepped forward, stopped the medical team, and then looked at the captain.

“Is that really the truth? Isn’t there any way?”

The medical squad leader lowered his head and said, “With my medical skills, there’s really nothing I can do. At least, in my opinion, there isn’t any cure.”

“It shouldn’t end like this…”

Gai froze there.

At that moment, a hand suddenly reached out from behind and patted his shoulder gently, then Naito walked in front of him.

The medical ninjas carrying the stretcher widened their eyes the moment they saw him, then bowed their head down and saluted him.


“Yu… Naito-Sensei, can you help Lee?”

Gai desperately grabbed the last straw as he was drowning into the depth of the ocean. Lee was indeed the most valued thing in his life.


Naito looked at Lee lying on the stretcher and nodded slightly.

To be honest, even Naito recognized that will. However, Tsunade is the Amekage now, and it will be troublesome for her to come to Konoha and treat Lee, so he had no choice but to do it himself.

After Naruto got the power of Six Paths, he could even save Gai’s life after opening the Gate of Death, and today Naito can naturally do the same.

Although Tsunade is recognized as the best medical ninja, Naito, on the other hand, can no longer be regarded as a ninja, he surpassed that concept, and his mean can no longer be described by the term medical ninjutsu.

Naito didn’t even let the medical squad put down the stretcher, but just randomly pointer at the center of Lee’s eyebrows and injected some of his vitality directly into him.

This process was very fast, he barely even touched his forehead before retracting his finger again.

“How is it going?”

Gai though that Naito was diagnosing Lee’s condition, and couldn’t help but ask, fearing that he would hear the words that Lee cannot be cured.

However, Naito didn’t answer Gai, he turned around and stepped forward, while saying, “He is alright.”

When his voice emitted, Naito’s figure disappeared again.

Watching Naito leaving like this, Gai froze in his place.


“Wait, what? Why did the senior leave like this?!”

When Naruto watched Naito leaving, then looked at Lee lying on the stretcher. There didn’t seem to be any special changes. Lee was still covered in dust and scars, which made him a little confused.

Even the medical squad seemed a little weird. They looked at each other, thinking if it was possible, that Naito took a look at Lee’s injury and found out that he couldn’t save him, so he left directly?

At that moment, one of them suddenly though of Naito’s words, and how he said that he’s alright.

With great disbelief, he put his hand on Lee’s body, then injected his Chakra, and after sensing his situation, he stopped the Chakra, then raised his head with an incredible expression on his face.


He was shocked to the point that he couldn’t even finish his sentence.

His other teammates looked at him strangely. Then they put the stretcher down and checked his body.

This unusual situation invited a few more medical ninja into the scene.

At this time, even Gai and Naruto reacted, revealing a look of excitement and disbelief.

Could it be that…

Both of them couldn’t help but ask the medical ninjas. Although they were still a little shocked, looking at their expression, there’s no way this isn’t real!

“Is he alright?!”

Hearing the eager question of Gai and Naruto, the leader calmed down, slowly took a deep breath, then turned to look at the two of them.

“As Naito-Sama said, he’s alright.”

He managed to squeeze this sentence out in a calm state, but even so, he couldn’t restrain himself afterward as he was still shocked.

In just a few moments, Lee’s damaged muscles and bones from before were intact again, and there was no sign of injury.

If he hadn’t checked Lee’s injury before, he would have believed that he was even injured!

It was just a finger, a light touch at his forehead, that healed an injury that even the best medical ninjas in the village wouldn’t be able to treat, this thing Naito-Sama has done is simply amazing!

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