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T.S.H Chapter 455: Seeking Power

Gai and Naruto heard the detailed explanation from the leader of the medical team, with shocked faces. Although they weren’t medical ninja, they could feel how severe Lee’s injury was.

But for such an injury to completely heal an instant later by Naito, it was simply incredible!

“As expected of Naito-Sensei…”

Gai said at that moment with a grateful look. He wanted to thank Naito, but he had already left.

As for Naruto, looking at Lee, who got out of the coma and was sleeping peacefully, in awe, and seemed more respectful to Naito, and he gradually admired him.

“He’s not only powerful, but even his medical technique is so good…”

Even though he has always wanted to become the Hokage, and be the strongest ninja, thinking of Naito at this moment, he couldn’t help but feel hesitant.

Facing a high mountain, no matter how high it is, you can only be confident that you will climb one day, but when you’re facing an unreachable sky, that confidence will easily fade away.

Even Naruto was in a trance for a long time before finally suppressing these feelings in his heart.


Away from Konoha, in a small village.

He was not in Konoha because Orochimaru’s current state was bad, and it’s impossible for him to go back that any time soon.

At this time, Orochimaru was lying there, with no signs of injury on the surface. However, the inside was scattered, and he could barely control his Chakra.

Naito’s fist is not that simple to bear.

Orochimaru was in pain. He has always watched Naito kill people with one punch. Heck, he defeated Bijuu with one punch, and finally, experiencing it with his own body wasn’t something he wished for.

At the same time, he was a bit depressed. Kimimaro’s body was originally his to take, but he was robbed by Naito. And now he’s not even allowed to study it.

“Orochimaru-Sama, all the qualifiers have ended, and the official competition will start in one month.”

Kabuto came to the front of Orochimaru, first saluted him, then game him the report.

Orochimaru hummed and continued to sit there without saying a word.

Looking at Orochimaru, Kabuto’s eyes seemed suddenly sharp, and he asked tentatively: “Orochimaru-Sama, how is your body?!”

“What do you mean?!”

This time, Orochimaru locked his eyes on Kabuto, at first it was a bit of fierceness that was revealed in his eyes, then they seemed more like eyes of a snake that can see through everything.

Kabuto was startled but still said: “I feel that your Chakra is really unsettled. Perhaps Naito-Sama’s punch didn’t not only destroy your inner organs but also affected your soul.”


Listening to Kabuto’s analysis, Orochimaru smiled evilly with a trace of coldness, saying: “So, are you gonna try your luck now?”

As soon as these words came out, the surrounding atmosphere seemed to be heavier, and Orochimaru’s momentum gradually started to crush Kabuto.

“How come, I will never think of that.”

There was a trace of cold sweat on Kabuto’s forehead as he said: “I just want to help you Orochimaru-Sama, this is why I’m trying to analyze the problem, and think about a solution.”

“You don’t have to trouble yourself. I will recover in one month. No, half a month will be enough, this won’t affect the plan.”

Orochimaru stared coldly at Kabuto, then faintly said: “Even if it’s difficult for me to gather Chakra now, you can’t kill me, even though you’re also so strong yourself.”

Sweating all over his body, Kabuto bowed his head.

“Get lost now.”

Orochimaru raised his head, then Kabuto walked out obediently.

“This guy…”

Looking at the back of Kabuto, strange colors flashed in Orochimaru’s eyes. He always felt that something wrong with Kabuto, but he couldn’t tell what was going on.

According to his personality, it’s quite normal, but Orochimaru couldn’t shake that feeling, at some point, Kabuto seemed a little different than before.


Thinking of this, Orochimaru smirked.


The night fell.

Most of the ninja qualifiers were over. Of course, it would have been quicker if all of them won easily like Kimimaro and Karin.

After the pre-selection of the third and final test of the Chunin Exam, the official third exam will start, and there will be a month of preparation time. During this period, celebrities from all over the world will come, including the Kazekage of the Sand Village.

Naito didn’t stay in Konoha and returned to the Rain Village. Kimimaro and the others didn’t need him to take care of anything after all. And he also needed to focus more on the final transformation of his soul.

When he was absorbing the power of the Rinnegan, he could feel that his soul getting bigger and stronger, but now it’s shrinking or compressing, changing for quantity to quality.

In Konoha, as the sky was getting darker, there was no movement at all, only some ninjas patrolling and walking around.

In this dark night, a figure was kneeling in the Uchiha clan’s ancestral hall, gritting his teeth and hammering the ground with his fists.

“Why am I the weakest!”

Uchiha Sasuke’s fist was dripping with blood, but he didn’t realize it, he was just clenching his teeth while thinking of his brother, Itachi.

At this moment, a dark shadow suddenly emerged from the corner of the hall.

“Do you desire power? Uchiha Sasuke…”

“Who is there?!”

Sasuke was socked, and stood up quickly, then opened his Sharingan eyes and looked at the back cautiously, but he found nothing.

“If you really want strength, then come with me.”

The voice seemed to have hints of hoarseness.

Sasuke located the source of the sound and chased it out.

It wasn’t until the next day that Konoah discovered that Uchiha Sasuke was missing. No one knew where he went. Even after Orochimaru knew this, he a little surprised.

He was still injured, and he couldn’t be there in Konoha during this time; thus, Sasuke’s sudden disappearance shocked him.

However, Sasuke’s disappearance was just a small wave. Except for a few people who really cared about him, his disappearance didn’t even set off any disturbing in Konoha.

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