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T.S.H Chapter 456: The last Selection

“So, are you going to Konoha again in a month?”

In a quiet room, Tsunade was sitting facing Naito drinking tea while Kushina sat down in the middle smiling, after bringing a plate of snacks on the table.

It was just a daily chat.

Naito’s building is the tallest one in the Rain Village, and the top floor is where he and the others live. Most people can’t talk to him casually. Kushina and most of the others live on the same floor, and Tsunade often visits them.

“Well, it has nothing to do with me.” Naito smiled, looking at Tsunade: “If you don’t want to go to Konoha, no one will dare to force you to go, it doesn’t matter if I go.”

The Kazekage of the Sand will go to Konoha personally, and the sixth major village, the Rain Village, is also invited. Naito was the First Amekage, and Tsunade is the Second, one of them will have to go.

If Naito doesn’t go, Tsunade won’t be able to reject the invitation, but she doesn’t really want to go to Konoha.


Tsunade shook her head, “That’s it. Whether you go or not, I won’t go.”

Naito ate the cookie that Kushina put in his mouth, then the look on his face changed, saying, “However, if you don’t go this time, you might lose the opportunity to see some people for the last time.”


Tsunade suddenly looked sensitive, then she immediately stood up and said, “Could it be that…”

“Well, the only thing I can say is that it won’t be any other day Chunin Exam. The Third Hokage… is already very old.” Naito decided to share what he knew.

After learning about Orochimaru’s plan from Naito, Tsunade was silent and pondered for a long time, but finally chose not to go to Konoha, regardless of this.

She had said that she won’t care about Konoha anymore at that time, not to mention that the person who was going to make trouble this time was her former companion Orochimaru.

After becoming the Amekage, Tsunade could understand many of Sarutobi’s thoughts, but never approved what he did.

One month passed quickly.

The third official test of Konoha’s Join Chunin Exam finally started as scheduled.

One after another, celebrities and elites from all over the world gathered in Konoha, sitting on the stands of the huge Colosseum.

With such a huge field, surrounded by vast stands, it was difficult for any attack to reach the crowds.

Moreover, even if a Shuriken, a Kunai, or some Ninjutsu crossed such a high stand and reached the audience, it will be stopped by the Anbu, using their sealing barriers.

Of course, this barrier isn’t powerful. The four purple flames formation that can trap a Kage Level Shinobi is just a relatively ordinary barrier.

Although it was kind of weak, it was still more than enough to block general attacks. However, most of the ninjas who are participating in this exam today would not use general attacks.

“Be patient, no matter what the situation is, do not take the initiative to attack. If the Ichibi breaks the seal, the three of us will stop him. These are Naito-Sama’s orders.”

The candidates of the Chunin Exam entered the hall, and Kimimaro, who was on the side, reminded Karin and Haku of Naito’s orders a month ago.


Karin nodded, looked around, and after sensing her surroundings, she suddenly revealed a thoughtful look.

The match selection was made a month ago, and the first match was Kimimaro vs. Gaara.

Sarutobi had already arrived here early, smiling and looking at the stands and the field below, and at the same time carefully observing the Colosseum, he wanted to know if Naito had come.

However, after searching carefully for a while, he didn’t find him.

“He didn’t come?”

Sarutobi felt strange. In the previous test, he was here, but he didn’t show up when it came to the finals. Sarutobi had even reserved a place for him.

In the Honorary podium, there were three seats, one for him, one prepared for the Kazekage, and the last was for Naito, but he didn’t show up yet.

Just as Sarutobi was pondering, the Kazekage wearing his hat finally came, he seemed very calm, with no special momentum coming out of his body, just a kind of dignity.

“Oh, welcome, Kazekage-Sama.”

Sarutobi saw him approaching, so he smiled and gave him a friendly greeting.

The Kazekage was naturally Orochimaru. The real one has been killed by him halfway, with Orochimaru recovering from his injuries half a month ago.

Orochimaru’s body was enhanced by Hashirama’s cells, so he had an extremely strong healing ability, coupled with his special ninjutsu, it was difficult for an ordinary shinobi to hurt him, and even if his body gets damaged, he can quickly recover.

But Naito’s punch wasn’t just a purely physical attack. It can even damage the soul, and this is why it took him half a month to recover. But it was just in time to kill the Kazekage.

Orochimaru, who disguised as the Kazekage, sat down on the chair without saying a word, and at the same time, glanced slightly at the third chair.

It wasn’t difficult to guess that this chair was prepared for Naito, but it seems like he didn’t show up.

“It should’ve been a long journey, sorry for troubling you.”

Sarutobi smiled at the Kazekage.

Orochimaru was smirking under the disguise, but on the outside, he seemed as calm as ever, then said: “Well… I should be saying that it was the right choice to hold the Exam here since I’m still young to travel. It would have been much overwhelming to ask an old man like you to travel all the way to the Sand. It’s better if you start thinking of a Fifth Hokage, Hokage-Sama.”

It was clear that the Kazekage was making fun of his age. But Sarutobi didn’t really give it much thought since the Kazekage was really young and inexperienced. He just smiled and said: “Oh, don’t you say that to me, I still want to do it for a few more years.”

With that, Sarutobi stood up, and walked to the forefront, then announced the beginning of the Exam.

Orochimaru, sitting in the Kazekage’s seat, looked down. Although his plan to destroy Konoha was about to begin, he didn’t mind watching some interesting battles.

“So Kimimaro is fighting Gaara? This is going to be an interesting duel.”

Orochimaru watched the field with interest, and at the same time, following Sarutobi’s announcement, the examiner Hayate finally announced the first battle.

“First round, Gaara Vs. Kimimaro, please walk forward to the center of the field.”

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