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T.S.H Chapter 457: Konoha’s Collapse begins

Looking at Gaara ahead, Kimimaro finally smiled faintly.

Gaara was picked against him, this time he will finally have the chance to play.

“Kaguya Kimimaro, and Gaara of the sand, there’s quite a suspense about this battle outcome.”

The Third Hokage looked at the field but seemed to be a bit worried. If the Ichibi rampages again, it won’t be a trivial matter. The barrier enchantment won’t be enough to block his attacks.

The Sand really picked a troublesome squad to take the Chunin Exam. It gave Sarutobi a headache, but he didn’t say anything about it. Because the same can be said about Konoha’s Jinchuriki of the Kyuubi, Uzumaki Naruto, who’s participating in the Chunin Exam.

Gaara, who defeated Lee, seemed much calmer after meeting Kimimaro again.

With a sign from the examiner, the battle between the two broke out!

“Ten-Finger Drilling Bullets!”

As soon as the fight started, Kimimaro used again the same technique that injured Gaara before, then he stood up watching Gaara.

However, this time Gaara was prepared, using the sand mixed with hard metal. He created a wall that could block the bone bullets.

“The same attack won’t work twice on me.”

Gaara, who was folding his arms against his chest, and standing there calmly, suddenly loosened his arm and quickly pressed his hands down.


Instantly, the sand under Kimimaro’s feet sink, and tightly wrapped his legs, preventing him from moving.

Then he quickly got dragged into the ground.

“Sand Binding Coffin!” The killing intent was evident in his eyes, with a sense of creepy excitement.

Pressing both hands, while mobilizing his Chakra, the entire colosseum started trembling, as the center of the field gradually collapsed a few feet. This scene made the celebrities and the elites from all the word extremely shocked.

“This… this terrible power, is that kid just a Genin?”

“Are you kidding me?!”

“However, this should be already over.”

Looking at the ground that had sunk a few feet below, everyone couldn’t help but swallow. Kimimaro, who was getting crushed by the ground, in their view, should already be a meatloaf by now.

However, at the moment, this thought was crossing their minds, a clear voice emitted from the ground.

“Dance of the Seedling Fern!”

Whoosh! Whoosh!! Whoosh!!!

Instantly, the ground cracked from the center of the field, then huge bones penetrated it and pierced upwards, rushed fiercely toward Gaara.

Watching this scene, Gaara also looked shocked, and without hesitation, he controlled the sand under his feet to fly upward.

Although this colosseum field was huge, under an attack of such a level, there was no place to hide but the sky.

Whoosh! Whoosh!! Whoosh!!!

This terrifying attack instantly turned the entire field into a forest of bones, and almost broke the barrier set up by the Anbu around the stands, scaring them into a cold sweat.

Even the Anbu were shocked, not to mention the celebrities and elites of various lands that almost every single one of them was scared to death.

Gaara flew quickly to the top of the bone forest, standing on a cloud of sand and looking down with vigilante.

But in the next moment, a cold voice came behind him.

“It’s over.”


Gaara secretly cursed in his heart, and he only had time to reluctantly turn sideways. The bone penetrated his right chest covering even his shoulder.

“Dam… damn you…”

Gaara was clearly in great pain. This was the third time he gets injured. He has never seen his blood before coming to Konoha, but this time the pain was even more than before.

Kimimaro’s lower body was completely attached to the towering bone, and his arm was taking the shape of a long spear that was penetrating Gaara’s chest.

The blood flowed down.

The audience was in silence, this level of battle is simply not something that a Genin can display.

“Well, it’s almost time to start.”

Noticing how everyone was staring at the sky in shock, a ninja hiding in the crowd suddenly performed a hand sign with both hands.

Genjutsu: Temple of Nirvana Technique!

Quietly, countless feathers fell from the sky, and those who were focusing on the battle fell asleep in a drowsy manner.

At the same time, The Sound and the Sand Shinobi hidden in Konoha launched a surprise attack!

The plan of destroying Konoha began!


“Do you only have this ability?”

Kimimaro didn’t care about everything happening below, Watching the Sand and the Sound Shinobi confronting Konoha’s Shinobi, he had a faint look in his eyes.

It turned out that Master Naito was talking about this.

“You… you piece… Damn it!”

Gaara was trembling as dense blood traces appeared in his eyes, then he suddenly stretched out his hand at Kimimaro.

What’s strange is that his waving hand suddenly turned into a terrifying claw!


Kimimaro pulled the bone spear out of Gaara’s body while snorting coldly, then he struck down the claws fiercely, with no fear.

“Is this the power of the Ichibi?”

Gaara’s body was trembling, and he seemed like he was losing it, but the Ichibi didn’t come out, nor did he tried to control his body.

Although he’s an idiot, he wasn’t mindless. It hasn’t been long since he met Naito, and he was still in the same village, so he wasn’t stupid enough to come out.

If he doesn’t come out, Gaara can take control of his Chakra to make partial tails, but the size wasn’t comparable.

Because he had taken control of the Ichibi’s Chakra, Gaara’s wounds healed, and he had the chance to fight again with Kimimaro for a while, but he was still defeated.

Perhaps a full body can suppress Kimimaro, but Gaara alone can’t do anything to him.

“Finally… it started.”

No one noticed that Naito had already come and sitting on the top of the colosseum.

At this time, the Orochimaru, who was pretending to be the Kazekage, had also driven Sarutobi to the roof, and the Anbu cast the Four Violet Flame Formation, to keep him inside.

“Kazekage-Dono, we should avoid using force and talk to solve this problem. It’s not too late for that.”

“Hahaha, have you become demented as you got older? Hiruzen-Sensei!”


The moment he heard these words, Sarutobi shouted.

If the Sand decided to attack Konoha, and the Kazekage is standing her, things would have been better, but if Orochimaru is the one standing in front of him, then things have obviously gone from bad to worse!

“It turned out to be this, I understand…”

Sarutobi finally understood why Orochimaru appeared during the exam before, it wasn’t just for Sasuke, the last descendant of the Uchiha Clan, but at the same time, he wanted to unite with the Sand to attack Konoha!

Watching the chaotic situation below. The Sand and the Sound Shinobi have already started attacking Konoha’s Shinobi. Everything was going on as he arranged, even the huge snakes broke into the village under countless horrified gazes of the civilians…

Seeing all of this made Orochimaru’s body tremble slightly, his expression was very strange, and he seemed to have watering eyes. No one knew what Orochimaru was thinking at that moment.

“Are you so happy… or maybe just sad that…”


With Kunai he was holding in his hand, Orochimaru cut his palm, and the blood splashed the ground, then he wiped away the tears from the corner of his eyes.

“No, I’m just feeling sleepy… Anyway, Hiruzen-Sensei, this is going to be the end!”

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