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T.S.H Chapter 462: Land of Demon

Rain Village, Amekage Office.

Tsunade looked at the pieces of information on the table, leaned up on her chair, with a thoughtful expression.

“It’s going to be messy again.”

After a while, Tsunade picked up the cup on the side, sighed, then shook her head after drinking.

However, no matter who chaotic the world is, it will never affect the Rain village, at least in Tsunade’s view, any big country will not dare to have any funny ideas when it comes to the Rain village.

“Tsunade-Sama, there are more and more refugees entering the Land of Rain recently, don’t you think we should find a solution?”

Shizune, standing beside Tsunade, picked up the teapot, filled Tsuande’s cup, then asked with a low tone.

Tsunade shook her head and said, “We can’t forbid them from entering the Land of Rain. That would be too cruel, but you’re right, we can’t keep this going…”

The door suddenly opened, and Konan walked in with a document, then placed it on the desk in front of Tsunade, with a solemn expression.

“There’s a problem in the Land of Demons, and they’ve asked our help.”


Tsunade felt strange. These days, things like these happen every day, and this is not the first small country to ask for help from the Rain. However, for Konan to personally deliver this information, it didn’t seem right.

Tsunade picked up the document, looked at it, then her expression gradually become serious.

The Land of Demons and the Land of Swamps can be said to be connected, but they are separated by borders, because of how vast is both lands.

Ninjas don’t exist in these two lands.

However, the highest status in this land is a special priestess named Shion, who is said to have the ability to foresee the future and the ability to seal sprites.

Sprites don’t seem to be monsters from this word. They seem to have come from other worlds. Their power shouldn’t be underestimated, and they can create a large number of puppets that can be resurrected indefinitely. Although they are not enough to threaten Major Villages, they can be a big problem for small countries.

In the beginning, sprites caused huge damage, and the five major villages were all alarmed. Just when they were preparing to suppress them, the first priestless appeared and sealed the sprites.

In the intelligence, it was the sprite that broke the seal and re-summoned the Ghost Army.

“Sprites… even if they’re not as troublesome as a Bijuu, they cannot be underestimated.” After reading the information, Tsunade pondered for a while, nodded at Konan, and said: “Since you’re here, then I will appoint you for this task, you should handle it personally.”


Konan nodded and said seriously: “It’s too close to our Land, and the threat is relatively high. If the Land of Demons and the Swamps fall completely, I’m afraid it will immediately cause more troubles to our Country.”

Tsunade nodded slightly and said, “Well, we will have to slove this… it seems that the Land of Demons and the Swamps might end up being merged with the Land of Rain.”

At this point, Tsunade suddenly smiled and said: “Just when I had that problem with the refugees a chance to expand our territory came on a golden plate.”

Under normal circumstances, Tsunade wouldn’t take the initiative to annex the surrounding lands of the small countries, but this time, the request of the Land of Demons seems to be extremely urgent, and that only proves that they’re willing to accept any condition, that is to say even if they asked them to surrounder their lands to the Rain, they won’t refuse.

With the turmoil in the Shinobi World, all of the small countries are already in turbulent conditions, fearful and precarious, and most of them are desperate to be allied with any major village.

As for those countries that don’t have ninjas, they are not qualified for the alliance.

“It’s good.”

Konan nodded slightly at Tsunade, then picked up the document on the table, turned around, and prepared to leave the Rain and head to the Land of Demons.

However, as soon as he turned around, the document in her hand was snatched away by someone who suddenly appeared behind her.

Konan was startled at first, then she reacted.


Well, she didn’t need to see his face because if someone managed to appear behind her without her noticing, it wouldn’t be no one, but Naito, even Kushina, can’t do that.

“Foresee the future…”

Glancing at the document in his hand, Naito smiled slightly, then returned it to Konan, saying, “Let me go there.”

Upon hearing Naito’s words, both Konan and Tsunade looked surprised.

It’s just a monster that can make an army of puppets. It’s not even as good as a Bijuu. They didn’t expect that Naito would be alarmed, and he would get there personally.

Before both could even speak a word, Naito’s figure flickered, then disappeared from the office.

However, that didn’t bring any shocked expression. After all, they were used to Naito’s supernatural powers.

“So, Konan, go back to your usual task.”


Konan nodded, then turned and left.

Tsunade and Konan were no longer worried about the Land of Demons since Naito was going there in person, not even ten sprites would be a problem.


Land of Demons.

In a palace where Shion was, a large number of officials gathered all with a worried and panicked expression.

Outside the palace, a large number of guards also had an uneasy expression. Their eyes were flickering, the cold sweat was filling their foreheads, and their weapons were trembling a little.

“Has no ninja come yet?!”

“Those puppets are almost here!”

In the palace, they were getting more panicked with every second. Everyone was anxious.

Shion was sitting on a delicate cushion at the top. Her white and tender skin made her look like a doll. Her slender body didn’t show any kind of power.

It’s hard to tell that this woman could really seal sprites.

She was sitting there calmly and pondering and didn’t care about any of the officials’ comments.

“We’ve sent a request for help to every Shinobi Village, but there has been no response so far.”

“Don’t those ninjas know that if they don’t stop it, the world will be destroyed in the hands of that monster!”

Just as these officials kept gritting their teeth, the earth suddenly began to tremble slightly, and rhythmically.

Boom! Boom! Boom!!

The trembling seemed to be caused by countless people walking. Af first, the movement was extremely subtle, and not many people inside the palace noticed it, but gradually, it went louder and stronger, and everyone looked alarmed.

After a moment of silence, the palace suddenly became chaotic.

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