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T.S.H Chapter 463: Dealing with a Poisoned Tongue

“Crap! They’re already here!”

“Hurry up and escort her Highness to a safe place!”

All the officials were horrified, sensing the armies approaching outside, and the entire palace became completely chaotic.

At this moment, several guards rushed into the palace and came to Shion.

“Your Highness, please follow us quickly!”

With a few words, one of the guards stepped forward, preparing to carry Shion on his back and take her away.

As for where to flee, there was no goal. Even the palace of the Land of Demons was already falling. Even if they want to escape, there was no place they can go to.

Even if they fled to another country, this army would eventually reach them.

But at this time, none of them thought of such a thing, protecting Shion was the most important thing.

But, at this moment, a figure walked to the gate of the palace.

Although the palace was chaotic, everyone noticed him the moment he stepped forward.


Looking at him, he wearing a white cloak. He obviously wasn’t from the Land of Demons, yet he didn’t wear any forehead protection too, which made all the guards wary.

Naito glanced at the place, ignoring these guards and officials, his eyes fell directly on Shion in the distance.

Naito was still interested in the ability to foresee the future because this ability can be said to be knowing the fate, or more simply, it’s the power of time.

Seeing the future is foreseeing, just like the Great Sage Toad.

Naito was curious about the power that can touch time. At first, though it was because of Chakra, he later discovered that this wasn’t the case.

It’s far more difficult to touch time than touch space. Although space Ninjutsu is very rare in this world, it still exists, unlike time Ninjutsu, which has never been heard of.

Strictly speaking, this predictive ability can be regarded as one of the time Ninjutsu.

“You… are you a ninja?!”

The guard, who was about to flee with Shion, saw Naito approaching and stood vigilantly in front of the little girl, squeezing the weapon in his hand, and trembling slightly.

“Ninja fo the Rain Village.”

After he glanced at him, Naito spoke softly.

Hearing these words, the guard was relieved, without any doubt, because no one would pretend to be a ninja in such a situation. The Ghost Army has already come to the city and will soon step to the palace.

“Great! Please hurry up and escort her Highness to a safe place!”

While the guards were relieved, Shion, who has been silent the entire time, finally raised her head, and glanced at Naito, frowning, “Are you alone?!”

“Yes, only me.”

Naito stood there, his gaze fell on Shion, and while examining her, he calmly responded.

Speaking of it, sprites and priestess are originally one, and their ability to seal sprites comes from the fact that they’re sprites.

It’s like dividing a person’s good and evil thoughts into two consciousnesses.

Thus, this ability to predict should also originate from sprites.

Naito knows that neither Hamura nor Hagoromo had such an ability, and even the ancestor of Chakra, Kaguya couldn’t foresee the future, so it’s impossible for a ninja to have this ability.

The power of the Great Sage Toad obviously didn’t originate from Kaguya, and for Moryo’s case, Naito remembered that he came from a different space; thus, he also had nothing to do with Kaguya.

“Hey, how can you be so rude! Who allowed you to stare at me like this! Besides, if you’re alone, how are you planning on protecting me.”

Noticing the dull expression on Naito’s face, Shion felt dissatisfied and ran her poisonous tongue.


Naito knew what kind of a person she was a long time ago, and he couldn’t help but smile when he heard these words.

Her appearance is very similar to Hinata, her eyes are a bit white, and her heart is kind, but the two behaved differently; one is weak and cute, and the other is arrogant.

Well, it just happened that she has encountered a more arrogant person than her.

“And who allowed you to yell at me again?”

Naito walked directly in front of Shion then tapper his finger hard on her forehead.


“This!! It hurts!!!”

A red mark appeared on Shion’s snow-white forehead, and her eyes became watery. At the same time, she gritted her teeth and stared at Naito.

“You… you bastard, what do you think you’re doing!!!”


Naito smiled kindly, then he raised his hand and knocked her forehead in the same place.

After screaming from pain, Shion fell back, then angrily waved her hand at the guards.

“He’s an enemy, attack him!”

However, from the moment Naito walked in front of Shion, the guards were standing still, even when he knocked her forehead twice, they didn’t move.

It was as if they were petrified, which was extremely strange.

Seeing that the guards couldn’t move, Shion suddenly became scared, saying: “You… you stay back!”

Seein that she was about to run, Naito smirked, then with a step, he caught up to her and accurately knocked her forehead for the third time on the same spot.

It hurts!!!

“Ahhh, I’m fighting with you!”

Shion was finally mad, and she rushed forward, exposing her teeth and claws as if she was about to bite Naito fiercely.

However, before she could even jump…





Shion sat there holding her forehead, and with tears in her eyes, and finally looked at Naito with no trace of the attitude she had before, just grievances and weakness.

Naito smiled, then he raised his hand, Shion got scared and tightly covered her forehead, leaving no gap.

“You… what you think you’re doing!”

“I’ve told you, I didn’t allow you to yell at me.” Raising his hand, Naito smirked again.

Hearing these words, Shion immediately closed her mouth and became more obedient than before.

Seeing her like this, Naito nodded in satisfaction, no matter who it was, they better behave respectfully in front of him.

“Now we can have a good chat, so, do you… have any predictions about me?”


Boom! Boom!! Boom!!!

The roars became louder and louder, and the ground was more and more shaking intensely. Obviously, the Ghost Army was getting closer.

Standing outside the palace, you can already see the neatly lined up Army Ghost, walking in an incomparable orderly pace, maintaining an even speed, and walking towards the palace unstoppably.

Seeing these puppets getting closer, and how the fire arrows didn’t stop them, the guards guarding the palace all looked afraid.

“Dam… damn…”

“These things cannot be defeated by human beings.”

“Only if her Highness seal that monster we’ll survive. Otherwise, no one will stop this army.”

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