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T.S.H Chapter 467: The Senju Brothers

The moment his fist hit the space, Naito was taken aback.

“Behind the fragmented space, there really is a turbulent flow…”

At will, Naito’s hand became in a state of emptiness, unaffected by the power of the space, and after taking it out of the hole, it turned out again.

Naito seemed thoughtful. Behind the shattered space, there is a turbulent void filled with the power of the chaotic pace. The space is completely distorted, even the body of the immortal would turn into pieces if he came in touch with it.

Only the likes of Naito, who can travel through space, would survive.

The history we know from Uchiha Madara was fabricated by Zetsu. What happened really is that Otsutsuki Kaguya didn’t wasn’t a princess who eat the fruit of the tree life. In fact, the fruit she ate came from a remote place, most likely the same space she, Kaguya, came from.

She came to this world with that goal in her mind.

She even crossed the distant spaces for it.

“If I want to cross the space, a lot of my power will be consumed. Even now, I can’t just roam in it freely. Although I can ignore the turbulent power inside it, I will end up consuming a lot of my power if I ever wanted to cross a lot of distance. And recovering will take a long time.

Naito looked at the void hole that was blasted open by his punch, stared at that endless space in it, shook his head, but didn’t step into it and explore.

Naito’s power is far beyond what he reached before when he opened the Seventh Gate. This time, the void hole he created shrank slowly after a long time, then finally disappeared.

Watching it disappearing, Naito stood in the dar starry sky, lowering his head and pondering for a while. Finally, he thought of something, after nodding, a ray of light flashed in his eyes, and then fell to the Shinobi World below.


The Shinobi World.

Almost at the same time, The Sand Village, The Rock Village, The Cloud… Except for the Rain, which was still calm, the five major villages, including Konoha, were all attacked.

The assailant is the Kages of the previous generation of the Five Major Villages!

Konoha at this time.

Kakashi, the Fifth Hokage, is leading Konoha’s Shinobi and Anbu to attack the two ninjas outside of Konoha.

Even if they had an absolute advantage in terms of number, facing these two ninjas, they were still being beaten. If the two ninjas weren’t deliberately reminding Konoha’s ninjas how to fight and how to avoid attacks, I’m afraid Konoha would have already been defeated.

These two were indeed the First and Second Hokage, who was reincarnated by the Edo Tensei!

“Be careful! You already have my Flying Thunder God mark on your body, all stand back to back, otherwise, you won’t be able to react!”

The Second Hokage looked at the Konoha ninja in front of him and solemnly reminded him.

However, even so, in the next instant, he still flashed quickly, and the ninja failed to react, and he was knocked out dead.

“Damn it!”

Watching this scene, Tobirama cried, gritting his teeth as if he was trying to resist the control over his body, but no matter how hard he tried, he never succeeded.

“It won’t work like this.”

In fact, Tobirama was the only one attacking them, and even though he didn’t use any wide range attack, they still couldn’t stop him.

Damn it!”

Hashirama was crossing his hand and standing there, feeling furious. He suddenly looked at Tobirama not far away and shouted: “Tobirama! Think of something!”

Tobirama was also furious and said solemnly: “Although this the technique that I’ve created in the past, it was greatly changed. Although the caster of this technique gave us consciousness, it’s still difficult to seize control over our bodies.

When he and Hashirama fist woke up, they tried to resist the caster’s control, but they failed. Then they went straight to Konoha. On the ay, they tried several times but still failed.

If the person being reincarnated knows the seals of the Edo Tensei, he can take the initiative to cancel the contract and act freely. Tobirama and Hashirama were almost reincarnated in a nearly perfect state, possessing almost all the power they had before. Thus, Tobirama thought they could easily seize control.

However, what he didn’t expect was that the person behind the scenes who cast the Edo Tensei, did something to their awareness, and the two never managed to locate his Chakra or even sense it so they could cancel the contract.

Tobirama suddenly looked angrier, he gritted his teeth, then looked at Konoha’s ninjas, and said, “The goal of the caster is the Kyuubi’s Jinchuriki, handed it over first.”

“Tobirama! What nonsense are you talking about!”

Senji Hashirama’s expression changed when he heard Tobirama’s words and immediately shouted. He knew how powerful the Kyuubi can be if it was placed in the wrong hand.

Tobirama replied, “This the best way to reduce losses. They can’t stop us. Instead of continuing like this, it’s better to hand over the Kyuubi to caster fist, then think of a solution.

Tobirama was different from Hashirama, he was accustomed to thinking about problems rationally and profitably. It can be said that politicians such as Sarutobi learned from him.

When these words were said, the ninjas of Konoha looked at each other hesitantly. After all, the current Naruto hasn’t saved Konoha, and he wasn’t their hero. In their eyes, he was just the Demon Fox.

However, just now, Naruto has saved many people more than once, and even when the Kyuubi’s Chakra went out of control, he only attacked the First Hokage, who easily suppressed it came very close to seal him. Fortunately, Gai was ver close and rescued him.

Everyone saw that scene, so they hesitated somewhat.

“Excuse me for not being able to agree.”

At this time, Kakashi stood at the forefront of the army, looking very embarrassed. Still, there was a touch of firmness in his eyes when he said: “Second Hokage-Sama, no matter what, we can’t abandon our companions!”

No matter what others think of Naruto, at least Kakashi absolutely approves him. Even in this case, he would never hand him over to the enemy.

Hearing Kakashi’s words, the First Hokage standing in the back suddenly showed a touch of admiration. He already knew that Kakashi was the Fifth Hokage, and in his opinion, Kakashi was pretty good.

However, suddenly, he made a hand seal, and his terrifying Chakra flowed violently.

At this moment, Tobirama and Hashirama’s expression suddenly changed.

This technique… this is bad!!

“Quickly, run away! Everyone fall back, you can’t stop this technique!”

There was a hint of evident anxiety on Hashirama’s face, and he yelled at Konoha’s ninjas, who looked scared, and quickly turned to escape.

However, the village was behind them, where should they go?!

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