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T.S.H Chapter 481: Nine Stars

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The Allied Shinobi Army. The headquarters.

Perceiving the crazy Chakra from the water ball, the perceptual ninjas sitting around all had a dull expression.

“Report! Above the battlefield between Madara and the Five Kage, there is a huge meteorite falling!”

Hearing the report, Tsunade, who had been sitting there, finally couldn’t stay still. She stood up and said, “What did you say?!”

The ninja who reported to her stood there shocked, while cold sweat was covering his forehead.

Seeing his appearance, Tsunade gritted her teeth and immediately thought that this must be some kind of Ninjutsu performed by Madara. Although the Five Kage were all there, it was estimated that the chance of winning was not too high.

“I’m joining too!”

Tsunade said in a deep voice after taking a deep breath, she was ready to help the five Kage and fight Madara.

However, just when her voice fell, a voice emitted with a slight chuckle.

“Sister Tsunade, don’t worry. Just keep drinking your tea.”

The sound came from the water ball direction. Next to tit, Naito was standing there, w a smirk on his face.

It seems that it is almost time for him to play.


Seeing Naito appearing, Tsunade finally felt relieved and smiled.

Since he’s here, she doesn’t need to worry about anything.


The colossal meteorite that almost obscured the sky was falling on the ground, with an almost irresistible force.

At this time, the Five Kage finally reacted.

“Now is not the time to give up. You can’t just accept your fate without doing anything about it!”

Onoki and Kakashiw ere the quickest to react, and with a shout, Onoki helped the others regain their focus and fighting spirit.

On the other hand, Kakashi calmly commanded the ninjas of the Allied Shinobi Forces to run away as far as they could.

After that, the Five Kage stood together, raising their head up to the sky, with no fear or confusion in their eyes. After each took a deep breath, they had no choice but to use their strongest Ninjutsu.

“Wind Release: the dance of sand blade edge!”

“Water Release: Water Dragon Bullet!”

The wind and water merged together, creating a storm. The power was on another different level. After all, these people represented the five Kage, the five strongest shinobi in the world. And they weren’t thinking about blocking the meteorite, but to smash it!

However, the storm hit the surface, but the meteorite and only slowed him down a little, then it continued its way toward the ground.

At this time, Onoki flew to the sky, then tried to stop it using the super lightweight rock technique.

The Raikage was the fastest between all of the other Kage, so he didn’t use any Ninjutsu, but directly rushed to the sky and fiercely bombarded the giant meteorite with a fist wrapped in thunder.

The four Kage joined forces to attack. Although this meteorite was giant, it was just an ordinary meteorite. After all, it wasn’t created from steal, and finally, some crack appeared on its surface.

Kakashi then gabbed his White Light Chakra Sabre, stared at the meteorite in the sky, then finally rushed into the sky at the last moment.


Kakashi didn’t use any unique technique; it was only his Kenjutsu style, combined with Chakra flow. But it was the most perfect kind of Chakra flow.

With one cut, dense cracks finally appeared on the huge meteorite.

“Okay! One last!”

The five Kage had already used all of their attacks, so the final blow was an attack jointly released by the five.


The meteorite that was enough to cover the sky was finally destroyed!


“We did it!”

After Onoki and the others smashed the meteorite, they all looked excited. Uchiha Madra isn’t invincible after all. With their power combined, they were still very hopeful of defeating him!

Uchiha Madara has been standing there quietly watching the whole time, while the five Kage were desperately attacking that one meteorite.

They’re really ignorant kids. That’s what he thought as he was looking at the sky, smirking.

Watching the five so excited, Madara finally looked at them and spoke faintly, saying: “Very good, but… What are you gonna do about the other nine?”

Hearing Madara’s words, the expression on their faces stiffened, and they couldn’t believe what they just heard. Still, they subconsciously looked up at the sky.


Under the sky, another meteorite of the same size as before appeared on the top of their heads!

Moreover, what is even more terrifying is that because this meteorite has just fallen from the cloud, they could clearly see the other eight identical meteorites above that one and all nine were connected in a line!

Damn it!

This was too much to handle that all of the ninjas were shocked. And the five Kage present were almost motionless, and they finally understood the kind of gap between them and Uchiha Madara!

They’re clearly not on the same level at all!

This is no longer a thing they can solve. And even if they trying, the Five Kage will never be able to defeat Madara.

Back then, when he was alive, he could actually defeat all of the Four Kage combined too, but he couldn’t do that because of one man, Senju Hashirama.

Uchiha Madara wanted to crush the entire Shinobi World with his own power, but he couldn’t.

But now, Hashirama is no longer here, and the so-called Five Kage and the So-called Allied Shinobi Forces are too weak.

Now he can finally rule the world.

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