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T.S.H Chapter 482: Big Entrance

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Nine meteorites joined in a line and fell from the sky magnificently, but it looked like he had dropped a few stones for Uchiha Madara.

However, these meteorites weren’t targeting the Five Kage directly. In fact, the five Kages were just on the edge of its zone. The nine meteorites falling from the sky were targeting the entire Allied Shinobi Forces!

These nine meteorites were still very high in the sky. With the Kage’s speed, of course, they can easily escape that attack range, but for these Allied Shinobi Forces running is not an option, and just in ten, none will remain!

“Damn… damn…”

This time, even the irritable Raikege couldn’t help but curse with a trembling voice.

Onoki looked at the sky, while sweat dripped off his face, he didn’t say a word, or you can say he couldn’t speak even if he wanted.

Mei’s body was also trembling slightly, and her bright eyes were full of fear.

“This, there is no way to stop it, no one can stop it!”

And just when the Five Kage were desperate, a faint voice suddenly emitted out of nowhere, spreading clear throughout the field.

“Okay, Uchiha Madara, enough of bullying children.”

As soon as his sound fell, a light suddenly flashed in the sky, then an illusory figure emerged, and then slowly solidified.

The moment his figure appeared, Uchiha Madara’s complexion finally changed, and he became solemn.

Is he finally here?

Upon seeing that figure, the five Kage below finally could breathe out, feeling as if they had already escaped hell.

It was Naito who appeared on the battlefield.

Seeing that Naito finally appeared on the stage, Onoki and the others were relieved, but they also felt a bit of bitter. Before, they thought they could stop Uchiha Madara, but Uchiha Madara was completely playing games with them!

However, even though Naito finally appeared, the Nine meteorites were still covering the sky. although it was initially ten, one of them were crushed by them after joining their forces, but still, this was enough to end the entire Allied Shinobi Forces.

This kind of power, I’m afraid that even Naito won’t easily block it.

Moreover, with so many meteorites, even if Naito can smash them all one by one, then fallen rocks are enough to completely bury this area, and the Shinobi Allied Forces will still suffer heavy casualties!

However, even if they are worried, the five Kage can’t do anything. They all know their limits; they can’t help Naito. They could only stand and watch, hoping that Naito, the God of The Shinobi World, can really block these nine meteorites.

“This isn’t bullying kids. Since you bear Kage’s name, you should have the strength to defend it. Otherwise, it’s just a joke.” Uchiha Madara stood there, looking at Naito standing in the air, and finally spoke lightly.

“However, since you’re here, and want to protect these little ghosts, please be my guest.”

As he said, Uchiha Madara didn’t make any movement but gestured slightly at the nine meteorites in the sky.

Although he didn’t want to be resurrected this way, having unlimited Chakra and an immortal body wasn’t that bad.

The last time he lost to Naito, so he was feeling slightly upset.

Hearing Madara’s words, Naito suddenly smiled.

“Since I’ve said it was just a trick to bully kids, I can’t treat it seriously now.”

Naito clenched his fist with a smirk, and without even lifting his head, he lightly punched the void above him.


With a punch, the world was turned upside down!

It looked so random, so weak, but the moment it fell, a huge force burst out, and the bright white light emitted into the sky, covering it and the nine meteorites!


The white beam of light that penetrated the sky bombarded the first meteorite that was as big as the Five Kage destroyed and shattered it almost instantly!

Moreover, this white light seemed like an enhanced version of the Dust Release. The moment it bombarded it, the meteorite was shattered silently, then disappeared without leaving a trace!

But it didn’t stop there with the first meteorite, and immediately rushed to the second, without dropping any speed.

Immediately afterward, the third, the fourth…

Hum! Hum!! Hum!!!

With a continuous buzzing, the moment when all the nine meteorites were wiped out, the white beam of light seemed to have pierced the sky!

What a shocking scene this is!

Almost all the Allied Shinobi Forces were looking at the sky, feeling that their minds were blank. It was indeed a scene that only can be seen in dreams.

Not only these Shinobi in this area, but every Shinobi in the other battlefield stopped to look at the beam of light blasting into the endless starry sky.

No one could remain calm under this kind of shock, and even the Five Kage looked too shocked.

Since Uchiha Madara shocked them before, none what words they could use to describe what they felt when they saw what Naito has just done!

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