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T.S.H Chapter 483: Wiped Out

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At this moment, even Uchiha Madara looked shocked. He didn’t expect Naito to possess such power, which was far stronger than the last time!

Not only this battlefield but even the entire Shinobi World, all the civilians, even if they couldn’t see the nine meteorites, they saw the beam of light penetrating the sky and blasting into the endless starry sky.

A distortion appeared on the headquarters’ perceptual water ball, then it abruptly stretched and trembled violently. In the end, the water ball burst apart, and the water splashed on the entire building command and the ninjas within it.

Everyone was stunned.

“What happened?”

Tsunade ignored the water stains on her clothes and suddenly stood up.

Nara Shikaku’s expression changed, watching this scene as if he was thinking of something, but he couldn’t get himself to say a word. With a stunned expression, he looked out the window. And as expected, he saw far away, in the battlefield’s direction, a beam of light piercing the sky.

Sitting on the side, Yamanaka Inoichi, who was in charged communication, looked stunned, motionless, the expression on his face frozen, and he didn’t say a word.

The perceptual ninjas, who sit in the circle around the water ball, looked shocked.


“What is going on?!”

Tsunade was as stunned as everyone there, and couldn’t help but slam the table fiercely, and finally, everyone came back to their sense with a bang.

The perceptual ninjas looked at her, then looked at each other, and finally, one of them took a deep breath, barely restraining the shock in his heart, and reported back to Tsunade.

“It seems that Uchiha Madara has summoned many meteorites from the sky and targeted the entire battlefield. However, these meteorites were instantly destroyed by another force.”

“After it destroyed the meteorites and rushed to the sky, the force was too large for the sensory water ball to percept, and it got exploded.”

Reluctantly maintaining his composure, he reported to Tsunade, but the shock was still evident on his face.

Having been a perceptual ninja for a lifetime, he has never encountered such a situation!

Madara’s power already made them feel terrified. It was already horrifying that it shook the water ball. But Naito’s power directly exceeded the limit of the water ball, causing it to explode!

Until now, he’s still in a trance, he has perceived and sensed countless information materials in his lifetime, and even though he sensed everything happened just now, he still couldn’t understand Naito’s power.

Not only him, but Nara Shikaku on the side also didn’t understand. He figured out that what exploded the water ball is Naito’s power, but he couldn’t understand Naito’s power even with his high IQ.

This is no longer within the range of his understanding, and it has nothing to do with IQ.


The white beam kept rushing toward the starry sky until it gradually dissipated, and Naito loosened his fist and put it down.

The meteorites were completely destroyed, and no fragments fell to the ground. Only a little dust fell from the sky at the ninjas below.

“I feel like this is no longer a place for us to stay.”


Some people trembled, and other swallowed.

Onoki and the other Kage looked at Naito and Madara. After slowly calming down, the five of them silently fell back, leading the Allied Shinobi Army to retreat together.

Madara’s expression was extremely solemn while looking at Naito. If he wasn’t summoned by the Edo Tensei and had a normal body, perhaps a trace of sweat would have overflown on his forehead.

After taking a deep breath, Madara’s eyes looked sharp, Naito didn’t fear anyone, and so he is.

He was just shocked by Naito’s strength, but he will never be afraid!

On the contrary, seeing Naito’s terrifying strength, Madara’s heart surged with excitement and a strong will to fight.

“Sure enough, only you are qualified to be my opponent!”

Accompanied by the excitement, Chakra surged out of Madara’s body and instantly transformed into the Susanoo’s second form, suddenly becoming bigger, turning into the third form, and finally, under countless shocked gazes, it was a complete Susanoo!

Onoki and the others looked at this scene in the distance, and they felt their throats becoming dry.

“Unexpectedly, that thing has several forms…”

This technique is even more terrifying than the previous meteorites. Onoki and the others knew in their hearts that this form of the Susanoo could easily destroy the previous meteorites with that kind of Chakra!

No matter how big the meteorite is, it doesn’t contain a lot of Chakra, so it can be easily smashed. However, facing this, Susanoo, I’m afraid that everything else is helpless except for Onoki’s Dust!

Even if Onoki’s Dust Release can work, the size of the Complete Susanoo is too big. So big that using his Dust Release does not make any sense even if he puts all of his Chakra in it.

“Sure enough, has he been playing with us just now?”

Mei also used the word “play” with a bitter tone. It seems that Madara has only become serious facing Naito.

It’s just… Naito doesn’t seem as serious as Madara. In fact, he looks like the latter when he was fighting against them.

“The Complete Susanoo, I have seen it before, there’s nothing new.”

Naito shrugged and treated Madara the same way he was treating the Five Kage. In fact, he seemed even more relaxed.

After hearing Naito’s words, Madara’s eye twitched, then he coldly snorted and said, “It’s not over yet!”


A strong Natural Energy surged from Madara’s body and quickly flowed into the Susanoo, making it look brighter and the aura around it more magnificent. At that moment, it looked like a god standing on earth!

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