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T.S.H Chapter 484: Incomprehensible level

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Zetsu prepared a unique Edo Tensei’s body just for Madara. He transplanted it with a lot of Hashirama’s cells and even added other extraordinary things.

There are some things that Zetsu took when he manipulated Obito to invade Konoha. Most of them were some research results of the Second Hokage.

Uchiha Madara’s body contains more Hashirama cells than in the original, so now he can even control Natural Energy on his own, and has also awakened his Sage Body.

“Oh, so you have a Sage Body now? Natural Energy is also integrated inside the Susanoo, it’s a little, but it can be count as new.” Naito decided to play with Madara, but he still ridiculed him.

Naito’s attitude naturally made Madara very upset because this how he behaved while dealing with the five Kage, so after a cold snort, Madara controlled the Susanoo, which was fused with natural energy, and drew his sword suddenly at Naito.


The blue energy lightsaber was unleashed, its shape edge seemed to be able to tear the sky. Everyone looked like they were inside a Genjutsu and imagined how their body is cut into two parts by this sword.

Looking at the sword sweeping and feeling its sharpness, the Allied Shinobi Forces retreated even far away, including the Five Kage, showing horrified expressions.

But more shocking scenes are still to come!


Before it reached Naito’s body, the sword suddenly caused the air to tear apart, causing the surrounding ground to shatter.

However, when the sword came to Naito, the latter raised a finger, and casually moved it toward the lightsaber, and blocked it!

His finger, compared to the lightsaber, was so small, yet unshakable like a mountain!

The lightsaber was bursting out with energy, the aura surrounding it gave the feeling that it can split the earth, but such a terrifying sword couldn’t make Naito’s finger even move an inch!

Everyone was stunned. This wasn’t as good as wiping out nine meteorites, but sure the shock was comparable!

Although Naito is very strong, this scene is too exaggerated, a finger blocking a full out Susanoo’s swing. What concept is this?

Is Naito really human?

Looking at the white figure suspended in the air, everyone couldn’t help show a trace of awe, including Onoki and the other four!

This power… is already the power of the gods!

“This is impossible!”

Madara, who stood inside the Susanoo, looked shocked too.

Although he knew that Naito didn’t use his finger to block it, and stopped it using that bizarre, shocking force, he still couldn’t help but feel stunned by the fact that he could block it anyway.

“Nothing is impossible.”

Floating in the air, looking at Madara calmly, he said faintly: “Your vision and insight are so narrow. You used to stand at the apex of this world. You thought that were you stood is the highest point, but in reality… you were just a frog at the bottom of the well.”

Naito gently bent his finger on the blade of the sword.


The shock force penetrated into it, and a crack suddenly appeared on the Susanoo’s sword, spread all the way on the blade, then finally it shattered every inch of it!

Seeing this scene, Naito shook his head casually and said, “If this is the case, you won’t even be qualified to punch me.”

As he said, Naito stretched out his hand lightly again and pressed it toward the Susanoo’s body.


Suddenly, the world in front of Naito shattered like a mirror. These fragmented traces seemed to form a giant hand that was bigger than the Susanoo’s body. That hand then pressed the Susanno from above and crushed it.


Under the Naito’s shock force, even Madara’s Sage Mode Complete Susanoo was still completely wiped out!

The ninjas of the Allied Shinobi Forces, Onoki, and the other were already speechless, and this scene has only made lose even a few breaths.

Madara was very strong, his power was almost unbelievable, but they could understand where that strength came from; however, Naito’s power is already beyond the range of their understanding.

With just a finger and palm, the Susanoo was utterly destroyed.

Afte the Susanoo was crushed by Naito’s palm, the entire battlefield was shattered, while Naito in the sky faintly retracted his hand and took a step forward. He suddenly flickered and fell to the ground below.

Countless fragments were gathering back there, gradually converging into Madara’s form. His body was made by the Edo Tensei. Although he was crushed by Naito, he still recovered quickly.

“Do you know this?”

Naito stood in front of Madara, with a white robe on his body. Without any external force, the Truth-Seeking Shakujo naturally fell into Naito’s hand.

Madara, who had just recovered, looked at this scene, and his face darkened, then stared at Naito and said, “You really…”

He awakened the Rinnegan eyes, and he naturally knows what power is this. And even he didn’t get yet, his purpose behind becoming the Juubi’s Jinchuriki was to get this power.

The Six Paths Mode, Truth-Seeking Ball!

“If you don’t have anything else, I won’t play with you anymore.”

Naito casually grabbed it, then he waved it, and Madara’s body wholly shattered.

At this time, the dust around them gradually settled, and the Shinobi in the distance all saw how Naito finally destroyed Madara’s Edo Tensei’s body.

There was a flash of light in Onoki’s eyes, and after taking a deep breath, he shouted: “He has to be sealed, Fuinjutsu Team prepare!

“No need.”

Kakashi stopped Onoki, who gave the order, then shook his head, “He was hit by that black thing, he won’t recover.”

Kakashi had seen this before when Naito defeated the First and Second Hokage in Konoha. Although he still doesn’t know the composition of that black thing, he still saw what it’s capable of.

“Is it?”

It was only then that Onoki looked at the thing in Naito’s hand carefully. And only then, he sensed the chaotic power it contained.

“That thing… it contains at least four or more Chakra natures, which exceeds my Dust Release.”

Mei listened to Onoki’s words, and a strange light flashed in her beautiful eyes, and said: “Sure enough, so Naito already possesses the power of the legendary Six Paths?”

“Perhaps, everything is over anyway.”

Kakashi sighed lightly, and with a touch of respect and admiration in his eyes, he looked at Naito’s back.


Not far from the battlefield.

The Gedo Mazo stood here, surrounded by a strong aura, as energy seemed to be flowing inside it. Naruto lay motionless, and it wasn’t clear if he was alive or dead. Lying beside him was Sasuke.

But at this time, Sasuke’s were closed tightly by a weird bandage wrapped on his head, while Black Zetsu was also attached to his body.

Suddenly, Sasuke opened his eyes. First, it was the ordinary Sharingan, then the Mongekyou Sharingan, the Eternal Sharingan, and finally, weird circles appeared.


“Just about time.”

“End this? Hahaha… It’s just the beginning!”

It wasn’t Sasuke who said this, Zetsu, who was attached to Sasuke’s body, the one who prepared for everything. However, after awakening the Rinnegan, Sasuke began to regain consciousness and struggle, trying to break free of Black Zetsu.

But Black Zetsu anticipated this. He knew that it would be challenging to control Sasuke for a long time, especially after he awakened the Rinnegan. He couldn’t use his body to seal the Juubi and complete the Infinite Tsukuyomi, so he still followed the previous plan and used a seal all of a sudden.

“Gedo Art of Rinne Rebirth!!”

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