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T.S.H Chapter 485: Container

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The dust gradually dissipated. After Naito used the Shakujo to finally end Madara, he directly turned to look in one direction.

He was naturally looking to the direction where Zetsu and Sasuke were hiding.

This is very close, Naito’s Ultra Perceive could clearly see what’s happening, but he didn’t stop them. Instead, he just stood there quietly, with his eyes fixed on them.

“Was this really the Edo Tensei?”

Although Madara, who was summoned by the Edo Tensei, was strong. He still wasn’t qualified enough even to be a warming partner for Naito.

For a long time, Naito didn’t encounter a worthy opponent who can make him go all out, so he himself doesn’t know his current level of strength. Therefore, he hoped that Madara would help him uncover it, but the latter in the Edo Tensei state wasn’t enough.

Just when Kakashi and the others were about to rush toward Naito after seeing that he seemed to have dealt with Madara, a white light suddenly bloomed in front of Naito.


This white light seemed to contain incredible power and instantly shrouded Madara’s shattered body.

“This is…”

Kakashi and the others, who just came over in the distance, stopped again with warry expressions.

Instantly, the fragments of Madara’s Edo Tensei’s body shrouded inside the light and quickly gathered, and a strong aura burst out.

“Outer Path — Samsara of Heavenly Life Technique!”


The endless fragments gathered, then condensed into Madara’s form and quickly peeled off.

When it was condensing, the weird thing is that they could actually see his own bones, flesh, and skin taking form!

Suddenly his figure flickered, and he jumped to the top of the distant rock formation.

“Finally, I can fight with all my strength! As expected, only this body gives the feeling of blood boiling!”

Madra was excited, looking at his hands, he couldn’t help but laugh again.

“What happened?!”

Onoki and the others were shocked to see this scene. Of course, they figured out that Madara this time wasn’t summoned by the Edo Tensei, but he was resurrected entirely!

Standing there, Madara’s eyes were fixed on Naito, filled with a strong fighting spirit.

However, at the next moment, his eyes suddenly began to peel off, instantly, his pupils disappeared utterly.

This technique can resurrect him from the dead, but it can’t give him back his Rinnegan eyes. The Rinnegan he had previously was also related to the Edo Tensei form and didn’t have the same power as the original. So the moment he was resurrected, they naturally disappeared.

This, of course, was expected, so he calmly pressed that fighting intent in his heart and closed his eyelids calmly.

“Now isn’t the time to fight Naito.”

Thinking of this, Madara didn’t hesitate at all. While leaping backward, he quickly started performing hand seals and opened his mouth.

He just needed to perform a Ninjutsu to get rid of him. After regaining his Rinnegan and seal the Juubi inside him, he will break again with him.

“Fire Release: Hiding in Ash and Dust Technique!”


In the next moment, the dust in the sky resounded like a wave of air, then instantly enveloped Naito and the others, blocking everyone’s sight for an instant.

Moreover, these ashes weren’t just for blocking sight; they also have high-temperature characteristics!

However, when the dust fell on Naito, the latter just waved his Shakujo, it immediately got shattered, and an empty area created around Naito.

“Hiding in Mist Technique!”

“Wind Release: Wind Cutter Technique!”

Onoki, Mei, and the others in the back naturally wouldn’t be defeated by such a move. Although it was a bit slower than Naito’s reaction, they also quickly caster their own Ninjutsu to get rid of these ashes.

However, when the five Kage looked around, there was no trace of Uchiha Madara, only Naito was standing there calmly.

“What is Uchiha Madara?!”

“Did he escaped?”

Unexpectedly, Madara was completely resurrected, and it seemed that even Naito couldn’t prevent it, nor could stop him from escaping. Which made the others anxious again.

Kakashi looked at Naito, a bit confused.

He knew what kind of power Naito possesses, he should be able to prevent Madara’s resurrection, and indeed, if Naito wanted, he would have stopped him from escaping.

Looking at Naito’s faint expression, Kakashi couldn’t guess what Naito was thinking.

“The timing is just really right.”

Standing there quietly, looking into the distance, Naito’s expression changed. There were traces of disdain and sarcasm.

“Nex time, maybe I can be a little more serious.”

Suddenly, Naito’s figure slowly disappeared silently under everyone’s gaze.



The place where Madara resurrected was already very close to the place where Zetsu hid, so after using that technique, he quickly reached it with a few flickers.

At this time, Zetsu was attached to Sasuke’s body, and the latter’s consciousness had clearly awakened, fighting with Zetsu to take control of his body, and at the same time, he wanted to obliterate him.

“You can’t control me.”

Half of Sasuke’s body was attached to Zetsu, but his killing intent was powerful. At the same time, a terrifying force surged out of his body, as it was meant to force Zetsu out.

Zetsu gradually couldn’t control Sasuke anymore, but he didn’t have the slightest of panic. Instead, he sneered and said: “Give up the struggle, you’re just a container of the Rinnegan, now it’s time to hand over these eyes!”


Sasuke sneered and said, “You’re wrong. This is my power. With this power, I can do anything. Now you have no control over me. It’s your end!”

“No, it’s you, Sasuke.”

Half of Zetsu body was already expelled, and it was a matter of time before Sasuke could get rid of him, and when that happens, Sasuke surely will not give him a chance to escape

And just when Sasuke was about to use all of his strength to drive Zetsu completely away, then kill him, Uchiha Madara’s figure finally flickered and came to the room!

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