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T.S.H Chapter 487: Limbo

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Naito and Madara levitated in the sky, standing far away.

At this time, Kakashi and the others finally reached the place, looking at Madara in the sky, a look of shock appeared on their faces.

They could see that Madara’s state this time was obviously the same as Naito, both possessed the black orbs, and their hair had turned white, and both were holding the Shakujo in their hands.

The only difference is their clothes.

“Madara… actually awakened the power of the Six Paths? How did he do it?!”

Onoki looked at Madara with a trace of horror.

If there is only one Six Paths existence, perhaps he wouldn’t feel such pressure.

However, with two Six Paths users, their aura was confronting each other, creating waves of energies that were forcing a terrifying sense of oppression.

Those weak ninjas can’t even get close to this area!

“Naruto! Sasuke!”

At this moment, Kakashi’s gazes suddenly caught Naruto and Sasuke lying on the ground, and suddenly rushed to them.

After carefully checking their bodies, Kakashi screamed painfully and loudly. He couldn’t perceive the Kyuubi’s Chakra inside Naruto’s body. It was evident that the Kyuubi was taken away from him.

Sasuke’s body was also in a mess, and his eyes were taken away from him.

Although Sasuke betrayed the village, for Kakashi, Sasuke is still his student, not to mention Naruto’s situation was worse than Sasuke.

Kakashi carried Naruto in one hand and Sasuke in the other, and was about to head to the medical squad quickly, but he suddenly froze, feeling that their state seemed to be inexplicably better.

Although they were still dying a moment ago, they no longer seem to be in a dying state.

“Sure enough, that guy couldn’t just stand it.”

Naito, who had been floating in the sky, glanced at Naruto and Sasuke all of a sudden.

Madara felt that something was strange too, and glanced at Naruto and Sasuke, then frowned slightly, sensing some fluctuations of the Six Paths’ power.

This is the power of the Six Paths.

It’s normal for Sasuke to have fluctuations of the Six Paths power within him since he awakened the Rinnegan, but he sensed the same fluctuations coming out of Naruto’s body, saving him from death, which made Madara a bit confused.

He can faintly feel that there seems to be a strange power surging within their bodies, but it wasn’t strong; it’s actually fragile.

Compared to Madara, Naito could clearly perceive that the will of the Hagoromo had fallen on Naruto and Sasuke.

However, that power was only enough to save both of them.

After rescuing Naruto and Sasuke with the last remaining power, Hagoromo took an in-depth look at Naito and then disappeared again.

“It seems that there are still some things in this world that I don’t know, but that’s not important anymore.” Madara locked his eyes on Naito again, with a very sharp look, full of fighting spirit.

Today he has been wholly resurrected, obtained the Rinnegan, sealed the Juubi’s Chakra inside him, and awakened his Six Paths Mode.

In his opinion, even if Naito possesses the Truth-Seeking balls and awakened the Six Paths Mode, it’s impossible for him to be the opponent of the Juubi’s Jinchuriki!

But in any case, Madara didn’t hesitate to go all out from the start, and directly activated the real Rinnegan, the Dojutsu power that far exceeded Nagato.

This is the real power of the Rinnegan!

“Limbo: Border Jail!”


Instantly, a world invisible to the naked eyes descended, completely overlapping with this world, and act as a shadow to it.

Four of Madara’s shadows emerged, and then they rushed toward Naito, attacking from four different directions simultaneously.

Madara’s original body was standing there motionless, staring at Naito.

“So this is the Limbo, I finally got to see it.”

It’s impossible to see with the naked eye, but Naito’s Ultra Perceive can clearly sense it along with Madara’s four shadows.

Holding the Shakujo in his hand, Naito casually waved it.


A white crack suddenly exploded around Naito, and Madara’s four shadows collapsed almost instantly, merged into the Limbo World, and disappeared.

“Unexpectedly, I can affect the Limbo World…”

Seeing this scene, Madara frowned slightly. He initially thought that after stepping into the Six Paths Realm, the Limbo could quickly gain the upper hand and even easily defeat Naito.

But Naito could not only see through the Limbo World, but the shadows couldn’t even resist Naito’s attack at all and were wiped by Naito with a wave of his hand.

At this time, some questions were finally raised in Madara’s mind. Why does Naito’s shock power still work with the Six Paths power?!


Feeling a little uneasy, Madara snorted coldly, forcibly calming his mind, and summoned the shadows again to attack Naito.

In the next moment, his body suddenly exchanged position with the shadow, and suddenly flashed in front of Naito, and waved his Shakujo down at the top of Naito’s head.

This is the Six Paths’ powers!

Of course, it’s all about this realm, who ever has the strongest Six Paths’ powers will have the advantage. In Madara’s view, after he sealed the Juubi within him, his Chakra must have even reached the Six Paths level.

Even if Naito stepped into the Six Paths realms through some other means, his power could not be compared to him.

Looking at Madara, who was swung his Shakujo down on him, Naito snorted and waved his Shakujo upward.


The two Shakujos collided, making a dull sound as if two pieces of leather were slamming. At the same time, the aura of the Six Paths’ power rippled in all directions, causing the surrounding space to wave like water.

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