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T.S.H Chapter 488: Limbo Destroys The Prison’s Borders

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Uchiha Madara holding his Shakujo in his hand, pressed hard against Naito with an extremely confident expression.

However, just a second later, his expression changed drastically.


A weird power suddenly passed from Naito’s Shakujo, causing a crack to appear on Madara’s Shakujo.

This crack spread in an instant, and finally, Madara’s Shakujo got shattered to pieces!


Watching this scene, Madara was shocked. Instantly, he felt a shocking force that was terrifying to the extreme, crashing his body!

Moreover, Madara felt a threat of death at this moment. It seemed that this shocking force could harm him, someone, who had the body of the Six Paths, and even kill him!

Horrified, Madara didn’t think much about it, and without hesitation, he switched positions with the shadows of the Limbo.


The air in front of Naito burst like a mirror, and Madara’s shadow was directly shattered, while Madara fell back to the distance, looking at Naito vigilantly.

“Is that Shock Force originally one of the Six Paths’ power? It’s just like my Rinne Sharingan techniques, an ability that can be used in a battle of such level.”

As if he understood something, Madara’s face darkened, thinking of a way to defeat Naito’s shock power.

Naito and Madara’s confrontation didn’t look like a battle that could turn the world into ruins. It was like two ordinary people tapping with sticks.

However, the collision of their Six Path’s powers still brought extreme oppression to the Shinobi below.

“What is this?”

After the Shakujo got shattered, a small piece fell from the sky on the top of a Shinobi.

Although he knew it might be dangerous, he didn’t avoid it sideways. Instead, he tried to block it with his hand first, then pick it up.

At this time, Onoki, on the side, saw this scene and couldn’t help but exclaim.

“Do not touch it!!”

Onoki’s exclamation instantly brought the eyes of all the ninjas, but it was too late.

The shard of Madara’s Shakujo fall on the ninja’s Kunai, and without a sound, it directly penetrated it, and then fell on his forehead, and ran through it all the way to the ground.

Under everyone’s horrified gazes, the ninja’s body suddenly froze, the instantly collapsed and disappeared silently without a trace of blood!

At this moment, everyone was horrified. Looking at the remaining shards falling from the sky, everyone run scared as if they were looking at some kind of a beast.

However, they suddenly stopped falling, gathered again, taking the form of the Shakujo, and then flew back to Madara’s hand.

After that horrible scene just now, no one dared to underestimate the Shakujo of the Six Paths. At that moment, some people have even started to think of fleeing.

“Stay back!”

Onoki, who also looked terrified, took a deep breath, then he shouted in a deep voice, ordering everyone to retreat.

A battlefield that has both Naito and Madara isn’t a place where an ordinary person can stand. They weren’t even qualified to watch them from close!


In the sky, Naito was carefully observing the realm of the Limbo.

Naito was interested in the Limbo because it seems to be a technique similar to Amenominka.

Kaguya’s technique is a bit different. Unlike any other Space-Jutsu techniques, she doesn’t use it to move her body to the other realm, but to bring the dimension to herself, which is similar to the Limbo. But what Kaguya brings becomes the main realm, while the Limbo works as a shadow to the original world.

Naito’s power has reached the level of destroying the world, but creation is much more complicated than destruction.

Naito studied the Limbo, just to observe this power.

“The world of the Limbo… is still a bit interesting. Physical attacks are ineffective against these shadows, but shadows can attack and interact with things in the real world.”

Madara is thinking about how to deal with Naito’s Shock Force, while Naito is studying Madara’s Limbo.

Strictly speaking, the Limbo technique is a kind of Space-Ninjutsu. Madara’s ability to swap position with the shadows has proved this.

However, the Limbo World is a realm that overlaps the Shinobi World, and the Amenominka summons a world to take place inside this world.

As for Kaguya’s Yomotsu Hirasaka… Naito didn’t see it yet, so he can’t be sure.

When Madara saw that Naito didn’t do anything, he naturally didn’t rush into action too, but he still couldn’t find a way to defeat the Shock Force. After a long period of thought, he concluded that this power has always been the problem.

“That force is really troublesome. If I want to defeat it, it seems that the only choice is to use my strongest force to conquer it from the front!”

The thinking process has finally stopped, and Madara was about to take action.

Naito has also finished observing the Limbo World. Hearing Madara’s words, he looked at him and said lightly: “In a way, your answer is right.”


Madara was very annoyed by Naito’s attitude to him. He acted as if he was in control of everything, so after taking a deep breath, his hands suddenly performed a hand sign, and the power of the Six Paths all over his body surged violently.

At the same time, his eyes were surging a horrifying power, and under this gathering of energy, it seemed as if the entire world was trembling!

To be precise, it was the Limbo World that has started trembling.

“This is…”

Naito looked a little surprised. In his perception, he could sense the Limbo World shrinking, but at the same time, an extremely powerful force was bursting out of it.

All of this was extremely hard to describe, but it only took less than a single breath.

“Limbo: Extinguishing The Prison’s Borders!”

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