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T.S.H Chapter 505: Speed Is Power

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The golden rays of light bombarded the cliff, and countless rubbles were launched in all directions. The impact was so great that it attracted all the Marines’ attention on the warship to look over there.

Seeing this scene, everyone looked stunned.

“What is going on?!”

“Are they fighting?”

“Is that guy really a pirate?!”

Several marines soldiers couldn’t help but swallow, watching that horrifying explosion.

Suddenly someone subconsciously said, “Do you think we should support Admiral Borsalino?”

When he said that, some of the surrounding marines immediately looked at him as if he was an idiot.

Didn’t you see that terrifying explosion? If they were there, they would have died.

Moreover, Kizaru is an Admiral, one of the strongest marines, that guy, although he tied with Mihawk, he isn’t strong enough to be a worthy opponent of Kizaru.


“Very quick, you managed to avoid this old man’s attack?” Kizaru said with a sarcastic tone as he watched Naito avoiding his attack.

“However, this old man is an Admiral of the marines; I can’t let you foul around. Otherwise, I won’t be able to hide this old face of mine…”

Kizaru is taller than Naito. In fact, all of the admirals are tall and big, so his gaze, when looked at Naito, was quite disdaining.

Suddenly, Kizaru’s body turned into a bear of light, rose to the sky, then crossed his hands in front of him.


Dazzling golden rays of light gathered together as if he created to small suns in his hand, then instantly, countless golden rays of light were launched down like a storm.

“Yasakani… no Magatama!”

“Oh, so you’re finally serious?”

Naito looked at the sky faintly, while shinning golden light rushing down. The look in his eyes suddenly seemed sharp, and he swung the sword in his hand.

Naito’s sword intent was invincible and even more domineering than Mihawk.

This kind of sword intent isn’t something ordinary people can have, impossible even for one of the Yonko, and even for the World’s Greatest Swordsman, Mihawk.

Only by reaching the top of the world, only by standing in the sky, and becoming a god you will possess such an invisible sword intent like Naito.

Naito’s sword intent advances but does not retreat, attack but does not defend!

Because one it advances, one it attacks, it never needs to defend or retreat!

Even in the face of Kizaru’s Yasakani no Magatama, Naito had no intention to defend, but swept across his sword, and waved it to the sky.

Boom! Boom!! Boom!!!

The golden sword aura and Kizaru’s laser continuously collided in the sky, and countless explosions roared for a while.

Although this is an island located in the second half of the Grand Line, such a battle level isn’t something they casually see every day. The civilians on the island looked all horrified.

Someone recognized the Kizaru’s golden laser.

“Isn’t that an Admiral of the Marines?! How come he’s on this island?”

“The admiral was dispatched personally. Could it be that there’s one of the Yonko on this island?!”

Seeing the terrifying explosions roaring in the distance and the destroyed cliff, some of them looked shocked.

Except for one of the Yonko, there are almost no pirates who can face an Admiral himself!

In the sky, the golden rays of light kept constantly exploding.

Naito’s sword blocked most of the laser beams, but one of them passed through Naito’s sword energy and hit his body.

Kizaru obviously didn’t expect Naito to actually try and resist it. He was initially thinking of scare Naito and teach him that it isn’t good to try and provoke an admiral.

“Ah, oh, it’s bad this time, he’s gonna die for sure, the Fleet Admiral will surely be unhappy.”

As he spoke, Kizaru stopped his attack. With his observation Haki, Kizaru could sense that Naito isn’t dead yet, so he landed on the ground once again.

However, when he stepped on the ground and saw Naito, he was suddenly startled.

Unexpectedly, Naito wasn’t covered in wounds; in fact, he didn’t even have one scar!

“Terrifying, so you’re a Logia user!”

Watching this scene, Kizaru suddenly widened his eyes. Although he kept his sarcastic tone, his eyes finally looked serious.

There is almost no Logia Devil Fruit that is particularly weak. They can become powerful if they are probably developed. Even Smoke Smoke Fruit can become invincible.

“Are you gonna stop now?” Naito said with his sword still pointed at Kizaru.

“Since you’re a Logia user, then this old man must take this seriously. This is no longer a joke.”

Kizaru’s gaze became more solemn, and no longer used his laser beam from a long distance. Instead, he rushed toward Naito at an incredible speed, lifted his leg, and kicked Naito, turning this into a head to head battle.

“Speed is power, have you… ever been kicked by the speed of light?

Even in this situation, Kizaru still sounded sarcastic.

Hearing this familiar sentence, Naito’s mouth twitched, and decided not to dodge or evade, letting Kizaru kick him.


Kizaru’s kick landed, but as if he has kicked the air, he suddenly penetrated him, and a golden light blasted into the distance, causing a deep hole in the ground.


Seeing this scene, Kizaru couldn’t help but doubt, because he sued Haki, even if Naito was a Logia user, it would be impossible for him not to connect and penetrate him directly.

But before Kizaru could react, Naito in front of him slowly disappeared!

It’s an afterimage!


Kizaru was shocked. Using his observation Haki, he wanted to fall back, but it was too late.

If there is anything faster than the speed of the light, then there’s no doubt… the power of space!

Suddenly, a familiar sentence emitted in Kizaru’s ear with a kind of joking tone.

“Speed is power, have… you ever been cut by the speed of space?”



It was as if this the entire world was cut into two halves along with Kizaru’s body, and for a moment, it seemed as if the world as a whole stagnated!

Silently, Naito’s figure stepped out of the void and appeared behind Kizaru, who looked horrified.

After a moment, the staggering world suddenly returned to normal, as if nothing has happened, as if everything was an illusion.

But Kizaru’s body was still divided into two halves!

The two halves fell to the ground simultaneously, but they turned into a golden light in mid-air, and after a sudden flash, the light retreated to the distance.

“This, this is…”

Kizaru, who had recovered, was filled with horror that he found it hard to hide, even though he didn’t seem to have any scars on his body.

This was the first time since he has eaten the Pika Pika no Mi that someone has launched an attack that made him unable to react!

This is simply incredible!

“Elementalization is really a magical power. It seems that only the Armament Haki or elemental attacks that have mutual restraint can eliminate it. Otherwise, it will not work, even with space power.”

Seeing Kizaru recovering his original state unwounded, Naito pondered.

The space slash just now wasn’t caused by his sword, Naito hasn’t fully recovered his strength, and he cannot shake the space yet.

The space slash is an ability he can use after his body blends into space.


Kizaru didn’t say anything, and he seemed to have drops of cold sweat on his forehead. Even if Naito’s attack didn’t hurt him, it still scared him.

Just now, he didn’t know that he was being attacked until it was too late; neither his speed nor his observation Haki could react or be in any use to him.

This completely scared him.

If Naito’s attack just now contained Haki, wouldn’t he have already cut him into two halves and killed him directly?!

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