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T.S.H Chapter 504: Sharpening Swordsmanship

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On the sea, a warship coming from the west gradually approached the small island. On the deck of the warship, the Marine Admiral Kizaru stood there, looking ahead.

“Is this the island?”


The marine on his side nodded.

Kizaru titled his head with a lazy expression and said: “It’s really troublesome. It’s not a joke to keep coming to the Yonko’s territories like this. The Fleet Admiral should also be aware of this.”

Under normal circumstances, even if Naito managed to drew with Mihawk, sending a vice-admiral on behalf of the marines would have been enough.

But Naito’s location was on the second half of the Grand Line, and they had to also cross Shank’s territory to reach him, so sending someone as fast as Kizaru was the right choice.

If Naito was thinking of becoming a pirate, Kizaru would also be able to finish him. And if he couldn’t, he would also be able to retreat.

“If he wants him that bad, then that old man should be the one meeting this monster.” Kizaru was still reluctant, but the orders were clear, and he had to follow. After he said this, he sighed, turned into a golden light, left the deck instantly, then landed on the island.

Naito was standing on the cliff’s edge, and he saw the warship coming from a distance, so he naturally noticed that Kizaru has landed on the island.

The island wasn’t big, there wasn’t any special people living on it, only a small island, so it was reasonable that Kizaru came alone.

What Naito was more curious about is how the marines knew he was on this island.

Naito didn’t show up in the village and stayed on the edge of the cliff the entire time. With his immortal ever-changing body, it didn’t matter if he didn’t eat or even sleep.


Kizaru flickered a few times on the island, appeared below the cliff, saw Naito above, and then with another flicker, he came to Naito.

“Oh, it the mister newcomer.”

“I’m Yuu Naito.”

Hiruzen looked at Naito with a smile, still revealing a kind of wretchedness in his smile, and said, “I’m an Admiral of the Marines, Borsalino, this is the first time we meet each other.”

While talking, Kizaru looked at Naito with a bit of surprise. He didn’t expect him to be this young.

He initially thought that Naito would be at least twenty years old, but looking at him, he seems younger, so he kind of started to believe that Mihawk wasn’t fighting seriously.

Kizaru kept looking at Naito, while the latter also looked at him. Although he was a familiar character to him, seeing it with his own eyes was another story.

Moreover, Naito was still a little curious about Kizaru’s ability, the Pika Pika no Mi.

There are three types of devil fruits, Paramecia, Logia, and Zoan. Among them, Logia is the strongest. The elementalization alone is enough to defeat people who don’t know how to use Haki.

Of course, this isn’t a rule. For example, Edward Newgate, the strongest man in the world, doesn’t possess a Logia Type, but the Gura Gura no Mi and Naito the God Tree Fruit that Naito has eaten basically has the exact same power!

However, the strength that the God Tree Fruit grant isn’t comparable to a devil fruit.

Naito, who had eaten the seeds of the God Tree, was still getting strong to this day, and his body reached the level of immortality, and can even change indefinitely, whether it’s light, ice, thunder, or lightning, he can easily transform to it instantly.

This is almost equivalent to possessing the power of all Logia Devil Fruits at the same time. Such power is obviously not comparable to any kind of devil fruit.

“How did you find me?” Naito asked casually while looking at Kizaru.

“Well, the marines have its own special intelligence agency. If you join the Marines, you will understand it.” Kizaru looked at Naito shrugged, saying, “That’s right. I’m here this time on behalf of the Marines to invite you to the Marines headquarters as a guest. So what do you think?”

“An invite to the Marines Headquarters as a guest?” Naito was a little surprised, but after thinking for a bit, he understood and smirked, saying, “It just happened that I’m bored, but…”

“But what?”

“But because I’m really bored, I was thinking we should do something first, before going to the Marines Headquarter.”

As Naito said, he suddenly stretched his hands, and a glass-like sword appeared out of thin air and fell into Naito’s hands.

Seeing that Naito didn’t disagree, but still drew his sword. Kizaru didn’t react and said in amazement, “What do you want to do?!”


Naito held the Kusanagi no Tsurugi in his hand, and with his sword intent surging, he waved it.


With a swing that swept across the cliff instantly, the edge what cut!

Damn it!

It’s no like Kizaru wasn’t being attacked like this before, but he had just met Naito a moment ago, and the latter drew his sword on him. This was the first time he encounters such a guy.

“He didn’t even say hello… wait… it seems that this is his way to say hello? But it still feels weird… Wait, even if this is his way to say hello, it isn’t right!”

It has always been his duty to find people like Naito. But this the first time he has been troubled to this extent.

Just a second before an inventible death, Kizaru evaded Naito’s sword energy, and his body turned into a golden light, then flashed back for a certain distance, and stood on the cut off half of the cliff.

Watching this scene, holding his sword, Naito swung it lightly.

Whoosh! Whoosh!! Whoosh!!!

The sword energy burst out continuously, cutting the cliff into countless rubbles in a flash, but Kakazu evaded and dodged again and again, then fell back in the distance, with a troubled expression.

“Really, boy? This old man came to invite you friendly, and this how you treat him? It seems that you didn’t know that I would do anything to stop you if you chose not to come.”

Kizaru squinted his eyes slightly as he looked at Naito, then said with a smirk, “This young man is powerful and talented. His swordsmanship is abnormal but still insufficient. You’re not an opponent of this old man.”

Naito deliberately wanted to use Kizaru to hone his swordsmanship, so he didn’t use other powers but simply attacked with his sword.

In Kizaru’s view, of course, he’s very weak, so it’s natural to think that Mihawk didn’t fight him seriously.

The moment the crisscrossed sword energy rushed over, Kizaru’s body turned into a golden light and let it go through him unharmed.

If Naito was a pirate, Kizaru could have done it without saying a word, but the Fleet Admiral asked him to invite Naito to join the Marines, and he is actually so young and talented. If Naito joins the Marines, he will definitely become an admiral, so Kizaru continued to evade and didn’t fight back.

“If this continues, the old man is going to fight back.”

Seeing that Naito didn’t mean to stop, Kizaru felt that Mihawk has really gone easy on this kid. It seemed to him that Naito was getting arrogant. If that is the case, then he needs to teach him a lesson… “What it’s called again? Oh, the Sky is high, and the Earth is thick.”

Suddenly, Kakuzu evaded Naito’s sword energy and finally pointed his finger toward him.


The dazzling golden light gathered and condensed on Kizaru’s fingertip, then burst out suddenly targetting Naito, who was standing on the cliff.


Instantly, Naito’s figure disappeared, and the golden laser bombarded the cliff, causing a terrifying explosion that blasted it into pieces.

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