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T.S.H Chapter 503: Swordsmanship And Haki

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Dressrosa, in the palace.

Doflamingo, one of the seven Shichibukai, was sitting there resting one leg on the other while reading the newspaper with an evil expression.

“Fuffuffuffuffu, a tie with Mihawk, isn’t this a bit too much? He probably didn’t fight him seriously.”

“Doffy, do you want to try and contact him?” Trebol squirmed in with his disgusting nose, then wriggled to Doflamingo’s side, and said, “Even if Mihawk didn’t fight seriously, this guy shouldn’t be weak, if we can recruit him to our family…”

Doflamingo put down the newspaper then said, “It won’t be easy. This guy’s appearance was out of thin air. Let others try it first. Whether this guy is strong or not, we will have to wait for a bit more to know.”

“Fuffuffuffuffu, this era is getting more and more chaotic, and I have some itchy hands.”


The first half of the grand line.

Alabasta, Baroque Works, the sand alligator, Crocodile, was reading the newspaper with a cigar in his mouth.

“A newcomer as strong as Mihawk? This kind of nonsense can also be on the headlines?”

Crocodile seemed irritated. Whether Mihawk fought seriously or not, the fact that this news reached the newspaper’s headlines made him lose it. Such information will make everyone think that taking on one of the Shichibukai is easy.

“Huh! It seems that Mihawk has lost his spirit. It’s better if he already withdrew from Shichibukai and leave his place before someone comes and claim it.” After a cold snort, Crocodile threw the newspaper into the trash can.


In the second half of the Grand Line, an Unknown Island.

It’s now twenty years after the start of the great pirates’ era. Twenty years have passed since Roger’s death, the pirate king, two years before Luffy went out to the sea. Fire Fist Ace has reached the new world around this time.

After the battle with Mihawk, Naito, who had shaken the entire world, stayed on a small island, sitting on the edge of a cliff.

Ninety-nine percent of Naito’s power was consumed in the Void, but with the remaining one point and his insufficient swordsmanship, he managed to tie with Mihawk!

Mihawk is worthy of being the world’s greatest swordsman. He’s at the very top. Naito didn’t know how strong he really is, but it is estimated that he’s stronger than an Admiral. Otherwise, Zoro’s goal in the Original would be too small.

However, even if Mihawk is stronger than an Admiral, he won’t be way stronger, and there are also admirals stronger than others, although the difference is small.

Whether it’s Mihawk, an Admiral, or even one of the Yonko, these people were all at the top. The Yonko might be stronger than the Admirals, but they’re also not that stronger.

Naito himself doesn’t care much about who is stronger. He’s only concerned with his own strength and his full recovery.

His strength is comparable to that of an admiral, and he only needs to recover a little bit of it to become above everyone else.

“It seems that this gonna take a bit longer than I’ve predicted. The recovery’s rate is relatively slow.”

Feeling the situation in his body, Naito murmured, but he didn’t worry about anything. Even though he lost 99% of his power, he still had enough to stand on the very top of this world.

Even if Naito didn’t have a trace of power left, non one could hurt him at all. You must know that even the power of the Chaotic Void couldn’t harm his body.

There is no need for Naito to do anything. His body was recovering on its own. It was just like a person who has exhausted all of his energy. And all that he needed to do is rest for a while and let his body slowly recover.

Although the battle with Mihawk was terrifying, Naito didn’t consume any power. Unless it was the kind of space-shattering technique, it wouldn’t consume much energy.

“Swordsmanship, this kind of technique is actually very useful.”

Recalling the previous analysis and knowledge of swordsmanship, Naito’s eyes flickered slightly, and he couldn’t help but mutter to himself.

Although the swordsmanship in this world is strong, even someone like Mihawk can hardly shake Naito, but how it uses the person’s pure physicality to release a strong attack looked a lot like Naito’s style.

If the swordsman is strong enough, he could even launch an extremely powerful slash without consuming much energy, which is very useful.

“Sword Glow, Sword Pressure, Sword Intent, Sword Domain.”

The field Naito is standing on is too high. He doesn’t need to start from the most basic swordsmanship. He can already infer the entire realm of the sword.

After the battle with Mihawk, Naito began to understood what Swordsmanship is.

The lowest-level is the Sword Glow, and also the threshold of a swordsman. After stepping to it, holding an ordinary sword is enough to cut steel.

And by comprehending the Sword Pressure, you can send out that kind of terrifying sword aura attack, powerful to the extreme, and with practice, you can even condense the sword energy and launch it like Mihawk did.

Further up is the unique sword intent of each individual.

Everyone has a different Sword Intent, such as the Flowing Water Style of the former swordsman Yamishi, And the Flower Sword Intent of Vista, the Fifth Division Captain of the Whitebeard Pirate Crew, and so on.

And the last is the Sword Domain that it’s formed by fusing the sword glow, the sword pressure, and the sword intent altogether.

The sword domain is not an existing domain or field. In fact, it’s simply the range that your sword can reach or the range that you can perfectly control in it your sword aura.

In this area, you can cut everything you want to cut!

Naito quickly relied on his power to directly comprehend the sword intent, then reversely reasoned, and learned the sword glow and the sword pressure, but the sword domain’s step wasn’t so easy.

Moreover, Naito knew in his heart that, with his physical strength, once the sword light, the sword pressure, and the sword intent were utterly integrated into the sword domain, it would far exceed the Mihawk’s sword domain. Without using any other powers, relying solely on his swordsmanship, he might even cut the space!

In terms of swordsmanship, both sword glow and sword intent need to be refined.

As for the other powers, Naito was also very interested in learning the Observation Haki and the Armament Haki.

Naito felt that the Observation Haki worked the same way as his Ultra Perceive, so he managed to learn it quickly.

But this wasn’t the case for the Armament Haki.

To be precise, Naito can already use the Armament Haki, but it was so difficult to control because his Armament Haki was actually too strong!

The Armament Haki is a power related to the body, and Naito’s body is so powerful, immortal, and even ever-changing!

Armament Haki’s strength with such a body is almost unbelievable, and because of this, it’s difficult to control.

At this moment.

On the edge of a cliff, a terrible aura was surging from all over Naito’s body. This was the power of the Armament Haki that was almost fully condensed!

Because it was too powerful, Naito couldn’t control it perfectly, and no matter how many times he tried, he just couldn’t fully condense it.

However, Naito could feel that even in such an unfinished state, his Armament Haku wasn’t inferior to Mihawk’s!

What an incredible scene!

It’s easy to learn the Armament Haku, but it’s difficult to control. As for the last of the three, the Conqueror’s Haki, Naito has never seen it, and he couldn’t understand how it works.

However, in Naito’s opinion, the Conqueror’s Haki should have the same effect as his Spiritual Shock. As long as he sees the Conqueror’s Haki with his own eyes, perhaps he can analyze it and learn it.

“The Conqueror’s Haki, although it’s not easy to see, I’m sure that I’m gonna encounter a lot of people who can use it, at least I’m sure that the Yonko can use it…” Naito suppressed his Armament Haki, then he looked to the distance.

Looking at the far horizon, Naito’s brows suddenly raised out of surprise, then he smirked.

“Interesting. Why is this guy here? Is it because of me?”

“Admiral of the Marines… Kizaru.”

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