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T.S.H Chapter 502: Shaking The World

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Marines Headquarter, Marineford.

Sengoku was sitting on his desk in the fleet admiral’s office looking through the documents, yet a seagull was standing above his head, which looked a little strange.

At this moment, after a marine soldier knocked on the door, he walked in, saluted the Fleet Admiral, and put a piece of information on his desk.

“Sir, this is vital information from the New World!”

“Emergency report?”

The fleet admiral raised his head with a somewhat troubled expression. After taking a look, he suddenly looked shocked.


The report stated that the World’s Greatest Swordsman, Dracule Mihawk, fought a white-clothed boy on a particular island in the new world, and he drew with him!

This little information made the fleet admiral’s mind buzzing.

It’s not uncommon to see powerful newcomers. Not a long ago, they knew about a kid called Firefist Ace who ate Mera Mera no Mi, but he was a newcomer who has just stepped into the New World.

However, this report stated that the battle between this guy and Mihawk was a tie. Doesn’t this mean that another unknown strong pirate is standing on the top of this sea?!

This kind of thing will make the entire world fall into chaos!

Shocked, the Fleet Admiral asked his soldier to look into this matter even further and confirm if Mihawk was actually using his full power. Soon, he received some pictures from the island the two fought on.

The entire island was divided into two from the middle!

This alone confirmed that Mihawk was fighting seriously, and even if Naito’s actual strength was a bit exaggerated, he would become trouble soon.

“What a troubled autumn…”

Seeing this, Sengoku put down the picture and couldn’t help but sigh. After a while, he took a deep breath, and his expression became solemn.

“Gather me all the information about this guy!”


The marine soldier in charge of the intelligence looked distressed, saying, “Fleet Admiral, I couldn’t find any information about this guy… he seemed to have appeared out of thin air!”


Sengoku frowned when he heard this, and then thought of something, and immediately asked in surprise, “In other words, this guy isn’t a pirate?!”

“It seems to be the case. Among the pirates’ records, there isn’t such a person.”

Hearing this answer, Sengoku pondered.

In the end, as if he has made a decision, he ordered in a deep voice, “Inform Borsalino to come to my office.”

“Yes, Sir!”

Soon afterward, Kizaru, one of the three admirals, came to Fleet Admiral’s office with a teacup in his hand. After walking in, he sat directly on a chair.

“Fleet Admiral, what’s so urgent?” Kizaru said slowly, then took another sip of tea with an indolent expression.

Sengoku has been long accustomed to Kizaru’s character. He glanced at him and said solemnly, “I’m sure you’ve heard of it.”

“Well, it’s terrifying to be able to get a tie with Mihawk. Surely, this means that there’s another monster in the sea.” Kizaru narrowed his eyes, took another sip of tea, then casually put it down.

“I need you to go to the new world.” Sengoku said to Kizaru in a deep voice, “That guy doesn’t seem to be a pirate. If you can find him, see if you can recruit him to the Marines.”

“Otherwise, if he ends up joining one of the Yonko, it will be really troublesome.”

Even if Mihawk wasn’t using all of his power to be able to tie with him, you’re more than qualified to receive a visit from an admiral.

Hearing these words, Kizaru stood up reluctantly and said, “It’s really troublesome. I’ve just returned from the New World. I was thinking of taking a vacation.”


The Fleet Admiral sighed but still nodded and said, “You can have one later. But if that guy caused you any trouble, you can be tough.”

He meant by this sentence that if Naito wants to be a pirate, or if he finds him dangerous, he can also catch him on the spot or kill him directly to avoid future threats.

Listening to these words, Kizaru suddenly shook his head helplessly. Although he looked reluctant, he still walked out of the Fleet Admiral’s office, boarded a warship, and left the Marine Headquarter to the New World.


The Second Half of The Grand Line.

This is was the territory of White Beard, one of the Yonko and the strongest man in this world.

On a colossal ship, the first division’s captain of the white beard pirates, Marko, stood against the railing, holding a newspaper in his hand, showing a slightly surprised expression.

“He tied with Mihawk! It’s been a long time since I saw such a fierce newcomer. Hey, Vista, come and look at this.

Vista, the fifth division’s captain, took the newspaper from Marco, and from just a glance, he looked shocked.

“He tied with Mihawk! I had never heard of such a guy before.”

Vista was also a swordsman, and he also wanted to challenge Mihawk, but as the captain of the fifth division of the Whitebeards Pirates, his identity makes it difficult for him to directly challenge Mihawk.

Because he will be representing one of the Yonko, and the other is one of the Shichibukai, they cannot just fight; otherwise, a war might break.

And hearing that an unknown kid has tied with Mihawk made him a bit irritated.

Whitebeard was also looking at the newspaper. After reading it, he threw it, took a sip of wine, and then looked at the endless sea with a longing expression.

The tides are becoming more intense.

Such a young kid, who was born yesterday came and immediately tied with Mihawk, even he was moved, this guy cannot be just called a genius, he’s a complete monster!

However, although he drew with Mihawk, it wasn’t enough to make Whitebeard feel threatened. At least in his view, his era has not come to an end yet.

This era belongs to him, and no one can shake his position!


The Second Half of the Grand Line.

Another Yonko, Red-Haired Shanks, looked at the newspaper in his hand with an irritated expression, then yelled, “Hey! What kind of a joke is this?! A newcomer tied with Mihawk?!”

“Nah, that’s impossible!”

“Stupid captain, what are you saying?!”

Shank’s voice made his crew gather around, looking at the newspaper’s content, that shocked them the moment they saw it.

The ones who had the most contact with Mihawk are undoubtedly the Shank’s crew because Mihawk and Shank were friends and foes, often meeting up to drink.

Shank’s crew are naturally very aware of how strong Mihawk is. Because of this, almost all of them were shocked when they saw the news.

“I’m sure Mihawk didn’t fight him seriously,” Shanks said and suddenly laughed, “Hahaha, I would really love to meet this guy.”

“Idiot captain, stop laughing. Do you know how serious this is? I’m afraid it will make the sea fall into chaos.”

Shanks continued to smile and wave, “Alright, alright, we’ll just have to find him first, then we’ll see if he would like to join our crew.”

“I’m afraid that won’t be easy.”

Benn Beckman took a puff of his cigarette, then shook his head with a wise profound look on his face, then said, “I think he’s the troublesome kind of guy. It’s best if we look for more information first.”

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