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T.S.H Chapter 501: Split Island

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On the blade of Yoru, a black color shined due to the Armament Haki’s subtype, Hardening, which was precisely why it didn’t suffer any damage.

Kusanagi no Tsurugi was Naito’s sword. In essence, it must surpass all of the 12 Supreme Great Swords. Even if it’s Yoru, it will be cut or broken when it is directly confronted.

However, Hardening seems to be able to effectively resist the sharpness of Kusanagi no Tsurugi.

Ding-Ding Dong Dong!!

Mihawk’s first strike was ineffective, so he started a barrage of attacks, while Naito kept swinging Kusanagi no Tsurugi and continuously blocking. At the same time, Naito kept analyzing Mihawk’s sword intent to understand the power of this swordsmanship.

The two swords collided again and again, and the aftermath of their slashed reached the ground from time to time, and a bottomless abyss kept spreading.

At first, Mihawk had the upper hand, but the more they fought, the more frightened he got.

Naito’s swordsmanship was too insufficient, and it seemed that it has flaws everywhere, but Naito was faster than him, stronger than him, which helped him block every attack.

Moreover, as the battle continued, Naito’s swordsmanship seemed to be continually improving, growing at an extremely terrifying rate, and gradually, without the help of his speed and strength, he could fight back!

In the distance, the pirates watched the clash between Naito and Mihawk with dazzled expression; they were almost speechless. They never expected Naito, who looked so young, to be a worthy opponent to Mihawk!

It completely overturned their previous opinions.

“This guy…”

Compared to the idea of continually improving his swordsmanship during the battle, Mihawk found it more believing that Naito didn’t use all of his power from the beginning but slowly displayed his full strength.

If this is the case, then he should also go all out!

A fierce color flashed in his eyes, and a strange power suddenly appeared on Mihawk’s body, spreading instantly in all directions, like an invisible field, covering everything in it.

This is… Sword Domain!

Within the sword domain, a swordsman can cut off anything he wants to cut. One sword swing is equivalent to swinging thousands of swords, and thousands of swords can also be condensed into one blade.

“A higher level of swordsmanship? As expected, you didn’t use all of your power earlier.”

Perceiving the surrounding area and how it seemed to be enveloped by a strange sword intent domain, Naito looked at Mihawk and smirked.

Mihawk looked at Naito and replied in a deep voice, “You didn’t show your full strength too.”

“As you wish!”

After taking a deep breath, Naito was ready to use his full power. Although it was one of ten, or maybe even one out of hundred, he was still extremely powerful.

Naito himself didn’t know how powerful he’s now, but since Mihawk was about to his full power, Naito also wanted to treat him with mutual respect since he was the World’s Greatest Swordsman!


When Naito started to gather the power in his body, Mihawk’s gazes suddenly changed. He was shocked. He could actually feel intense oppression!

Who is he?

Mihawk is the strongest swordsman in the world, standing on the very top!

Even when he faced an admiral or one of the Yonko, he never felt such oppression.

Yet the white-clothed boy in front of him, who seemed to be less than twenty years old, could make him feel such terrifying oppression. Could it be said that this man in front of him is stronger than the Yonko?!

This is incredible!

With a deep breath, Mihawk cleared his mind then focused all of his senses on Naito while holding Yoru in his hand.

The light flickered on the sword’s blade, the sword intent permeated, the sword intent dominated, and the sword aura rushed to the sky!

All the sword’s power seemed to have gathered together, bursting out with a dazzling light.

Mihawk held Yoru with both hands and rushed toward Naito.

It seemed that endless rays of light converged together in the field, leaving the world in darkness.

It cannot be described in words, but it seemed that under the pressure that Naito has brought, Mihawk swordsmanship was unlocked, and his swings became perfect, surpassing his past-self.

Facing the stunning, Naito took the same stance, held his sword with both hands, and swung it simultaneously with him.

If Mihawk’s sword was bright and dazzling, then Naito’s sword seemed ordinary and had no light.

However, space seemed to tore with each strike, causing endless ripples that spread away instantly.


Naito and Mihawk exchanged blows while the bright light and the invisible crack interweaved behind them, then disappeared at the same time.

The breeze was cool, then clouds were light, everything looked normal, but for a moment, it felt as if everything was stagnant, and a leaf that was falling abruptly froze in the air.

Suddenly, the leaf split from the middle.

At the same, clouds above the no one knew how far they were split into two… No the entire sky itself seemed to have been torn apart!

Facing each other, the ground between Naito and Mihawk suddenly cracked. And the moment that crack appeared, it spread instantly to the distance, and a horrifying abyss run between the two of them, which abruptly split the while island into two parts. Even the sea on both sides of the island was cut off!

In the distance, everyone looked shocked.

The sky split, the island split, even the sea on both sides of the island was cut, and then the sky was turned upside down, setting off a monstrous wave.

What… kind of power is this?

This young white-clothed boy is pushing the World’s Greatest Swordsman to such an extent. This is simply incredible!

“It’s a tie.”

Naito was unscathed. He didn’t have any wounds on his body. He slowly turned around after he said this, glanced at Mihawk behind him, then walked away, and instantly disappeared.

After he left, Mihawk slowly put away his black sword, returned it on his back, then turned around and looked to the ground.

“A tie, huh?”

After shaking his head, Mihawk also turned and left.

The people in the distance were still shocked even after both of them left the place.


The world’s greatest swordsman, Dracule Mihawk, drew with that boy?

“The sea is going to be stormy again…”

The moment this thought flashed in everyone’s mind, they found it difficult to calm down for a long time.

All of a sudden, a powerhouse comparable to the world’s greatest swordsman has appeared!

As expected, the news of Naito’s draw with Mihawk spread all over the sea almost instantly.

Countless forces had their eyes locked on the white-clothed boy who appeared out of nowhere and drew with Mihawk.

Above this sea, the wind was surging…

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