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T.S.H Chapter 507: Marine Headquarters

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Hearing the rear admiral words, Kizaru felt irritated.

Are you kidding me?!

Heavy-hearted, Kizaru wanted to say something, but it was hard to explain. He can’t say he failed to teach Naito a lesson and also suffered a loss!

If such a thing is said, he will really lose his status.

However, even when the rear Admiral saw Kizaru’s expression, he didn’t cut it off and said: “Well that’s alright, even if there isn’t a bone left, he was still a pirate, even if you’ve executed him directly, it’s fine.”

As he said, the rear Admiral turned around and prepared to return to the warship again.

However, when he looked back at the ship, the Rear Admiral got stunned, because an extra person that he didn’t know was standing there!

Dressed in a loose white cloak, it looked like a less than twenty-year-old teenager was standing there casually.

After a few seconds, Kizaru came to him, “This is a warship, and it will take us to the marine headquarters in not time, but let’s have a cup of tea while we wait.” His tone was a little unnatural.

Although he always sounds sarcastic and arrogant, Kizaru couldn’t just relax after Naito showed him his strength.

“That’s fine.”

Naito nodded lazily and walked into the warship with Kizaru.

As for the Rear Admiral, he was still stunned there and couldn’t help but rub his eyes.

Is this… right?!

That boy, could it be… but how? He was killed by Admiral Borsalino!

Thinking of this, the rear Admiral finally woke up. It seems that he misunderstood the entire situation!

What made him even shocked is that Naito didn’t even have a scar on his body, and he has never seen Kizaru talk to someone that way!

Even when facing the fleet admiral, Kizaru was always acting arrogantly. Relying on his speed of light, even if he can’t beat his opponent, no one can threaten him.

But just now, Kizaru was clearly cautious facing that guy!

In fact, too cautious!

As one of the three Admirals of the marines, he’s never cautious even in the face of one of the Yonko, or one of the other Admirals, or even the Fleet Admiral himself.

The more the rear Admiral thought about it, the more he felt shocked, and he couldn’t help but think of another terrible thing that he didn’t dare to think about a second ago.


Kizaru was indeed a little cautious facing Naito because even facing people like Akainu, the Whitebeard, Garp, their abilities have never been a threat.

No matter how strong they were, it’s difficult to threaten his life.

But Naito’s mysterious abilities to manipulate space almost killed him.

God knows whether Naito can use Haku, and god knows what kind of a dangerous guy he can become if he ever fights seriously.

He hasn’t lived enough yet.

Faced with a person who can threaten his life, dangerous, and unpredictable, Kizaru naturally was careful and acted around him with caution. However, that arrogant expression he always had was something that wouldn’t change only with plastic surgery.

“Well, when I came here, I brought with me some good tea from the headquarters of the marine because I didn’t know how long it would take to find you.”

“Well, this isn’t bad.”

The tea in One Piece world tasted a bit different than Naruto.

After all, this world was composed of sea and islands.

The Admiral’s tea might not be as good as the World Government’s tea, but it’s definitely the best in this world. Naito tasted it, and it was very good. Among these admirals, Kizaru seems to be alright.

Speed of light… and he also has a very powerful ability.

Naito also wondered if he should find Akainu when he goes to the Marines Headquarters and practices with him or something.

However, people like Akainu and Sengoku aren’t swordsmen.

Most of the swordsmen seem to be Vice Captains. Almost every Vice Captain is a strong swordsman.

A Vice Captain swordsman should at least be ranked as a Provost, the one above it is a Master, and the one above it is Mihawk’s swordsmanship.
(T/N: Historical Ranking of Swordsmanship: Scholar, Journeyman, Provost, and Master)

The current Naito is only a Journeyman, which is the level of an ordinary swordsman, there’s still a big gap between him and Mihawk, and this is the gap is what he need to cross if he wants to learn the Sword Domain.

The warship sailed all the way peacefully. Even in the New World, only a few crazy people would take the initiative to provoke the Marines, not to mention a warship carrying an Admiral.

They sailed all the way back to the Marines Headquarters unimpeded.

It was the Naito’s first visit to the Marines Headquarters, and sure he was amazed by that colossal fortress.

Although he has seen this place more than once in his previous life, it was completely different from seeing it with his own eyes. Such a magnificent fortress cannot be seen in Naruto World!

There were more than 100,000 Marines elites gathered here!

Naruto World, during the Fourth Shinobi World War, the Allied Shinobi Forces were less than 80,000.

However, these 100,000 were only elites. If you count the ordinary marines soldiers, the number would be hard to estimate.

Kizaru took Naito with him for a tour around the place, no one stopped them along the way, and every marine soldier who saw Kizaru saluted him respectfully.

As for Naito, he was directly ignored by everyone.

Kizaru brought Naito to the top of the fortress, then they entered a leisure hall where Sengoku was already waiting for them there.

Although Kizaru had not reported back the situation to him, the news that Naito followed Kizaru to the Marines headquarters had long reached him.

Seeing Kizaru coming in, Sengoku stood up, and after nodding at him, he looked at Naito on the side. He first smiled friendly, then carefully observed Naito.

This guy… is even younger than what the intelligence has stated him.

Initially, Sengoku thought that he might even be older than what was stated in the intelligence.

In this case, he’s indeed from the new generation.

Because all of the three Admirals are over forty years old. And those pirates standing on the top of this world are rarely under thirty.

However, after seeing Naito with his own eyes, Sengoku could tell that Naito was even younger than twenty years old, maybe eighteen!

Moreover, judging from his handsome face and body shape, it was impossible to think that he’s strong.

He originally suspected that Mihawk didn’t fight him seriously, but judging him by the appearance, it might be the truth.

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