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T.S.H Chapter 508: Sengoku And Garp

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“It’s Naito, right? You’re really a talented young man.”

Although he felt that intelligence was wrong, and this young man would never get a tie with Mihakw, Sengoku still smiled at Naito. After all, he’s so young, and he has great growth potential.

But at this moment, Kizaru, who was pouring a cup of tear from himself, said, “He’s not just a talented young man, Senguko-San.”

After a pause, Kizaru took a sip, then sighed, “Naito-San here is very strong and terrifying.”


When Kizaru said that, Sengoku’s eyes flashed.

However, Sengoku wasn’t particularly concerned.

After all, Kizaru has a kind of playful character, so he can sometimes say such things even if he doesn’t downright mean it.

“I’m the Fleet Admiral of the Marines Headquarters, Sengoku. Please come in, and sit down.”

Sengoku introduced himself, then invited Naito in. A marine next to him came over and poured tears for Sengoku and Naito.

Looking at Sengoku’s familiar character, Naito’s eyes flashed with interest, as he leaned on the back of his chair a little lazily.

It has to be said that the marines are indeed the strongest force in this world, and it’s difficult for a single Yonko to stand in their way.

“So did you invite me to the Marines Headquarters only for a cup of tea.” Naito took a sip then said.

Sengoku was straightforward and said, “It’s the Pirates Great Era, and the marines will always benefit from having such a strong young man like you. As the Fleet Admiral, I would like to invite you to join the Marines. What do you think?”


Kizaru’s proposal didn’t exceed Naito’s expectations. And he suddenly smirked, then said with a playful tone, “Join the Marines?”


Sengoku nodded, “If you join the Marines, I will make an exception and promote you directly to a Rear Admiral.”


These words made Kizaru shock on his tea, while Naito sat there quietly, and it seemed as if he’s smiling a bit.

“What’s wrong?”

Sengoku turned to Kizaru with a confused expression.

He thought since Naito should at least have a Commodore’s strength, if he promoted him to a higher rank such as a Rear Admiral, it would be more than enough.

After all, he can’t give him a higher rank with more authority when he still didn’t prove himself.

And Naito looked too young, so even if he was as strong as some of the Vice Admirals promoting him for a Rear Admiral should be more suitable for him now, and he can be promoted to a higher rank later when he gains more experience.

Looking at how puzzled Sengoku looked, Kizaru put down his teacup with an annoyed expression.

Naito is so powerful to the point that even Kizaru doesn’t want to admit that he probably doesn’t have a chance against him.

His strength is already extremely terrifying!

Even though the Marines already have three Admirals, with Naito’s strength, even promoting him to Vice-Captain won’t be enough. They should find a way to give him a special status.

“Fleet Admiral, I told you before, Naito-San is very strong, even I’m not sure that I can beat him,” Kizaru said helplessly.

When Sengoku heard this, he couldn’t help but feel stunned. When Kizaru said that Naito is powerful the first time, he thought he was joking, but since he repeated it, then this indeed the truth!

Moreover, Kizaru actually said that he’s not sure he can defeat Naito… how is this possible?!

Doesn’t this mean that Naito really drew with Mihawk?

Sengoku widened his eyes, looking at Kizaru in disbelief, while the latter shrugged.

The atmosphere was a bit awkward for a while.

At this moment, a voice suddenly emitted from outside.

“Sengoku, where did you hide the Senbei?!”

As soon as the voice stopped, the marines’ hero Monkey D.Garp and Luffy’s grandfather walked in, eating donuts.

After taking two steps inside, Garp first looked at Sengoku and then looked at Naito sitting next to him with a doubtful expression.


“Marines’ Hero Garp, I’ve always wanted to meet you.” Naito took a sip out of his tea, then looked at Garp while putting the cup down and smiled.

Listening to Naito’s words, Garp blinked, dug his finger in his mouth, then walked over and said, “You should be that kid, the one who drew with Mihawk.”

“Yes, it’s him, Garp,” Sengoku confirmed.

“Bwahaha, you’re younger than expected.”

Garp laughed, showing a look of interest. He was shocked too when he heard that Mihawk had a tie with a kid, an unknown newcomer.

It has been a long time since such a person appeared in the sea. The Yonko, the three Admirals, Garp, and many other people witnessed Gol.D Roger’s fall, and since then, they hardly heard of a strong young man like him sailed in the sea.

“Garp, it’s okay, you can leave.” Sengoku glared at Garp. This guy can give Naito the wrong image of the marines.

Naito smiled slightly but still replied out of respect for Garp, “Sometimes, you can’t judge a person by his look.”

What he meant is that although he looks very young, he lived for so many decades.

However, to Sengoku and Garp, this sentence arrogantly stated that appearance has nothing to do with strength.

“Buwahahaha, really young and energetic.” After Garp froze for a moment, he laughed out loud, and at the same time, casually tried to reach out and pat Naito’s shoulder.

It looked like a friendly tap on the shoulder, but it actually contained a lot of strength.

Garp has always been a straightforward person; he hates twists and turns. And since he felt that Naito was a bit vigorous, he wanted to test his strength.

Sengoku also felt that he needed to get a bit sharpened, so he didn’t stop Garp but watched from the side.

Aware of Garp’s movement, Naito sat there calmly, as if he was going to take that shot head-on.

The look on Naito’s face made Garp’s eyes flash, and suddenly his hands fell on Naito’s shoulder.

However, to everyone’s astonishment, Garp’s hand passed through his body and slapped the air.

Naito’s body seemed to have turned into a phantom!


Garp’s eyes widened in surprise. He could clearly feel Naito’s presence, he was sitting there, and he could sense it, but his palm passed through Naito’s body as if he was a ghost.

This looked a lot like the Logia’s elementalization, but Garp could tell that this wasn’t the case!

This felt bizarre.

Naito was obviously sitting there, but his body seemed to be in another dimension!

In order to confirm, Gap used Haki and once again tried to grab him with the back of his hand, as expected, he still caught nothing!

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