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T.S.H Chapter 555: Wine

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After taking a jug of wine, Shanks shook his head and suppressed the confusion that he was having, then turned to look at Naito and smiled: “This wine is made in my hometown. I traveled everywhere in the sea, and I’ve never tasted a better wine than this.”

Upon saying that, Shanks was about to pass a cup.

Naito glanced a the wine in the cup that Shanks was about to pass, shook his head slightly, and then suddenly stretched out his finger. Suddenly the wine was attracted by some kind of force and flew out, floating in the air.

The crystal clear liquid was shining brightly under the sunlight. Even his strong crew members couldn’t help but look surprised.

“So it’s true, this is… gravity?”

“But even so, it’s impossible to pull a star from the starry sky. That story was a bit too exaggerated. Yet, this guy is still very dangerous.”

The Red-Haired Pirates’ crew members didn’t retreat far away but gave both Shanks and Naito and stood around in a circle.

In fact, everyone here knew that since Shanks as one of the Yonko, and Naito who defeated two Yonko are here. A battle is inevitable.

Shanks is one of the Yonko. If he chooses to avoid war in this situation, then he simply cannot bear the title of an Emperor!

The current scene is just a prelude to the coming storm.

Looking at the indifferent Naito in the field and Shanks with a dumb smile on his face, everyone else in the place looked solemn.

“When they fight later, do you think the Captain can win?” One of Shank’s crew members whispered.

“Hey, why are you taking our captain so lightly?” The other person hummed.

The person who spoke before took a deep breath, shook his head, and said, “No, I just… that guy killed Kaido after all!”

“It’s okay. This can only prove that his strength is stronger than the Whitebeard, but nothing else. Kaido and Bigmom… neither are flexible enough.”

Another crew member spoke in a deep voice.

During the battle between Naito and Kaido, because they were fighting in the center of the island, most people didn’t know what exactly happened during the battle, so they didn’t know what trick Naito used to destroy the island. All that they saw was a meteorite falling from the sky and bombarding Kaido.

The battle between Naito and Big Mom was on the Cake Island’s edge, so there was a Den Den Mushi that recorded a video and transmitted it.

And based on these few footages they had, after countless analyses, people believed that Naito should probably be a high offensive and low defensive type. The attack power is even stronger than that of the Whitebeard. So even the Kaido couldn’t withstand his attack and was defeated by Naito!

As for Naito’s defensive abilities, most people believed that it wasn’t great.

In this sea, the person who has the strongest defense is probably Kaido, the strongest attack, before the emergence of Yuu Naito, was the Whitebeard, and the most bizarre and dangerous ability goes to the Big Mom.

And the most flexible one is undoubtedly Red-Haired Shanks!

“Yes, although his attack power is very strong… he may not get to the captain, and don’t forget, the captain is also very strong swordsmanship, I’m worried that the boss is the one who’s gonna end up showing him mercy in the end.”

“Hey, that guy killed Kaido, don’t make him look that weak, the captain must go all out, but yes, based on that, the captain should have a better chance of winning.”

Several crew members talked, but the vice-captain, Ben Beckman, who’s said to have the highest IQ in the world, didn’t say anything and kept bowing his head pondering.

In the field.

When Shanks saw how Naito’s finger moved, his eyes flashed as he looked at liquid floating, revealing a hint of wonder.

“Oh, this is the first time I have seen such a thing.”

“Really? Gravity-Gravity Fruit, Float-Float Fruit, haven’t you encountered these people before?”

Naito flicked his finger, and the wine suspended in the air turned into a ball and fell into his mouth while smiling at Shanks.

“I’ve heard of the Gravity-Gravity fruit, and the last one… I have indeed seen it.”

Shank picked a cup, and then he poured all the wine inside it in his mouth, smiling, with flashes of nostalgia and regret in his eyes.

The Float-Float Fruit was the Golden Lion’s ability. Shanks was once a part of the Pirates King, Gol.D Roger’s Crew. Of course, it’s impossible that he didn’t encounter Shiki.

The Gravity-Gravity Fruit should be Fujitora’s ability, the new admiral in the original. Looking at Shank’s eyes, it seemed that he has encountered Fujitora and asked him to join them, but he refused.

Thinking of this, a thoughtful expression appeared on Naito’s face. Of course, this was only his guess, and Naito didn’t bother to ask.

“This wine is okay.”

After tasting it, Naito nodded slightly.

Although he always prefers tea, he could still tell the difference between Naruto and One Piece’s wine.

The Pirate world, after all, is the world of water. There are no lands, only islands. The water element is far superior to other elements.

The tea or wine in this world seems to be lighter.

After thinking of the world of Naruto, a trace of nostalgia flashed in Naito’s eyes, and then suddenly smiled and pointed at the wine floating in the air.

“Try this.”


As if rays of energy were attracted from heavens and earth and constantly being injected into it, the crystal clear wine was covered with an even more dreamlike luster.


Seeing this strange scene, Shank’s eyes lit up, and without any hesitation, he took a sip.

This small sip made Shank’s eyes brighten, and after carefully tasting it, a hint of surprise was revealed on his face.

“What a great wine! What did you just do?!”

“It’s nothing. I just added a little bit of life to it.”

Naito smiled slightly. Just now, he took an amount of natural energy from the world and poured it into the wine. It wasn’t a surprise. After tasting the tea that was full of Natural Energy in Mount Myoboku, Naito could never get his mind over it.

After he could freely control the Natural Energy, he often made it himself.

And Shanks, who didn’t understand the concept of Natural Energy, had no signs of petrification after drinking this wine. It seems that he could easily absorb the Natural Energy inside it. He was indeed at the peak of this world.

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